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Vampire Diaries Costumes and Accessories Ideas

Updated on November 13, 2014

Vampire Diaries Costumes

Vampire Diaries costumes are easy to do at home. These ideas are suitable for Halloween costumes, fan's conventions, cosplay events and various costume parties.

The key element for easy Vampire Diaries costume making is the plot of the series. Characters live in today's world so they dress up like regular teenagers.

Do you want to look like your favorite Vampire diaries character? It is very easy to do this. Explore this article to find best accessories.

Choose the best character, look at your wardrobe, and take the closes that matches your character well. It is not important, which character you choose. All Vampire diaries characters dress up fashionably. So, after reading this lens, you will be able not only to make your Vampire Diaries costume, but also, you will have really cool look.

Photo by watchwithkristin via Flickr

Vampire Diaries Costumes for Ladies

Vampire Diaries Poster (Amazon)
Vampire Diaries Poster (Amazon)

Elena Gilbert

Character Played by Nina Dobrev

Elena Gilbert is the main character in Vampire Diaries TV series. Her clothes are always fashionable and cool. On the other hand they are casual, but looks nice. Elena has nice long and dark hair. So if you have a long hair, use them. Depending on your body shape, you can choose a short denim skirt or nice jeans. Try some layered tank tops. The most classical Elena's look would be a black motorcycle style jacket with jeans, red tank and sneakers. Do not forget, that Elena always wear a locket with vervain. This can be your key accessory to finish your look

Vampire Diaries Trailer - Watch how cool Elena is dressed

Pay attention to the scene in 0:13. This is my favorite Elena's look!

Vampire Diaries Costumes for Men

Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore

Character played by Ian Somerhalder

Damon Salvatore is charming, bad, sexy and handsome vampire. He is the Bad Brother. Damon usually wears dark clothes. His favorite colors are black, grey and other similar. The key accent of Damon's clothing is black leather jacket. So find one in your wardrobe if you want to dress up like Damon. To fit your jacket try massive dark boots and black or dark jeans. Find black shirt or t-shirt and you will look like Damon Salvatore. To finish you look, you should wear massive ring, that allows Damon to walk in sunlight.

Vampire Diaries Trailer - Watch How Cool is Damon

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