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Viking Princess Costume

Updated on December 14, 2015

The Viking Princess Costume For Women

The Viking Princess costume for women is a great idea for a women's Halloween costume this year. Homemade costumes or store bought costumes, Viking Princess outfits are fun, fun, fun! This is also half of a great couples Halloween costume idea, and here's where you can find an outfit for him...

Valiant Viking Costume - Viking Costumes

Or you can take a look at these Conan The Barbarian Costume Ideas to match up with your Viking ladies outfit. It's not always easy thinking of unique women's costume ideas that will be interesting to you and available at mainstream costume shops, and that might mean making the costume yourself. However Viking Halloween costumes are both easy to find in a store and you can make one at home if you choose this option.

The Viking princess costume is a Viking with a dress or skirt, but includes the classic Viking clothing styles such as fur (faux usually) clothing, fur boot tops, and a matching hat with horns. If you purchase a costume from a Halloween store, it usually includes the dress, boot tops and hat. You may also find one that also comes with a cape, headpiece, necklace, gold sequin shoes, and glovelets. The look of the costume depends on the style of Viking princess costume that you choose for yourself, and there are several different styles.

Find more fun women's Halloween costume ideas on this page!

Viking Princess Costumes

Easy Ideas On How To Make One

  • There are many different Viking costume styles for women, most of them centered on the Viking princess who would be dressed in typical Viking style, just add a bit of frills with a dress and head piece.
  • It's easy to make the costume from scratch, or buy the different pieces of the costume and put it together.
  • Most costume stores will have some version of the women's Viking costume or a Viking princess costume. You will notice some are appropriate for any age, while others are more revealing and should only be worn by adults for adult parties.
  • Viking costumes have been popular for years, and continue to thrive at parties and costume contests.

More Ideas For Viking Princess Costumes

  • Group costumes can incorporate the Viking princess costume by having other friends or family members dressed as male and female Vikings.
  • This costume can be made appropriate for any age or type of Halloween party or function, but you may need to lengthen the skirt or dress if you are going to a family party, trick-or-treating with your children, or attending a work function.

Make A Homemade Viking Princess Costume

List Of Materials To Make Your Own Costume

Here are the materials you will need if you are going to make your own Viking Princess costume:

  • Tunic dress pattern
  • White fabric
  • Neutral fabric (brown or tan)
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Faux fur shawl
  • Faux fur boot tops
  • Hat with horns

Your Viking Princess Costume - Can Look Like This Outfit

The Renaissance costume patterns below are a good example of how your Viking dress should look. You can add or omit a scarf or faux fur cloak, using it as a shawl or a Viking shoulder wrap. If you sew there are some Viking costume patterns you can model your costume from.

DIY Homemade Halloween Viking Princess Costume Directions

So you've decided to have a little Halloween fun and make your own costume, and you've chosen the Viking Princess outfit. Here's how to make your own homemade costume:

1. The Viking Princess Dress: For the dress, you can either purchase a short tunic in a neutral color such as white or brown, or make one from scratch. If you know how to sew, you simply need to follow a tunic dress pattern for the under-tunic and over-tunic. The under-tunic should be white or cream colored in a comfortable fabric, while the over-tunic will also be neutral, but more of a brown or tan color as this is classic of the Viking princess style.

2. The Faux Fur Wrap For The Viking Princess: Purchase a faux fur shawl to wear around your shoulders, or you can get a faux fur cape to go over your dress. With some basic sewing knowledge, you can buy faux fur fabric and make these items yourself. You may also want to sew strips of faux fur fabric to be attached to the tops of boots.

3. Viking Princess Boots: For your shoes, boots that match the color of your dress work great, especially brown or black. Makeup can be kept natural, or any type of makeup you prefer to wear. Your hair should be kept natural as well, avoiding fancy hairstyles. Keep it long and down, without any type of updo or hair accessories.

4. Extra Viking Princess Costume Accessory Ideas: As an added option, try to find a hat with horns from your local costume store. These are incredibly easy to find and inexpensive. The hat really pulls together the Viking princess costume.

More Viking Costume Ideas - Men's Viking Costumes

There are some men's costumes that, when paired with the Viking Princess outfit, will make a fun couples costume. So grab your Thor hat and your Valhalla princess and get dressed up for that Halloween costume party.

Viking Costume Videos

Fun And Sexy Viking Boots - Fun Boots For A Princess Viking Costume

I love shoes, all kinds, all colors and I especially like costume shoes. I think they are funk-a-dacious! Here are some shoes and boots I think would go great with the Viking princess costumes shown on this page.

I know that last pair of heels is called a Cleopatra shoe but I think a Viking Princess would look just as good in it as the Queen of the Nile would.

Norse Names For A Viking Princess

Give your Viking princess persona a name with one of these Norse names.

  1. Astrid
  2. Brynhild
  3. Freydis
  4. Gunnhild
  5. Hilde
  6. Ingrid
  7. Sigrid
  8. Vigdis
  9. Eir
  10. Göndul
  11. Kára
  12. Mist

Leave your greetings to the Viking Princess here. Let her know how much you like her outfits! Or give us some great ideas on how we can make a better Viking costume using your unique ideas and suggestions.

The Viking Princess Commands Your Attention

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