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Audrey Hepburn's WAIT UNTIL DARK Movie Review

Updated on August 23, 2015
Audrey Hepburn Wait Until Dark Movie  Review
Audrey Hepburn Wait Until Dark Movie Review

Wait Until Dark, A Very Suspenseful Psychological Thriller

Trapped in a New York apartment is a blind woman played by Audrey Hepburn who single handedly faces three men determined to retrieve a heroin-filled doll, which has come into her home accidentally.

A suspenseful, psychological thriller. A thriller with little in the way of blood and gore. An excellent, edge-of-your seat movie.

On this page, you will find more information about Audrey Hepburn's Wait Until Dark. You will find reviews by both ordinary movie watchers like you and I as well as reviews by the experts. You will also find the original movie trailer.

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Audrey Hepburn,

the role you're going to remember,

whenever you're alone...

Wait Until Dark Movie Trailer

Wait Until Dark Movie Facts

  • ACTORS: Audrey Hepburn, Alan Arkin, Richard Crenna, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Jack Weston
  • DIRECTORS: Terence Young
  • RATED: NR (Not Rated)
  • STUDIO: Warner Home Video
  • DVD RELEASE DATE: August 5, 2003
  • RUN TIME: 108 minutes
  • FORMAT: Wait Until Dark is available on VHS videotape and DVD but not on blu-ray.

Audrey Hepburn in Wait Until Dark with Doll
Audrey Hepburn in Wait Until Dark with Doll

Wait Until Dark Plot

Wait Until Dark is a film version of a stage play that features a blind woman, con artist and a doll filled with heroin. Hepburn is gifted a doll that is filled with heroin and the bad guys want that doll back. They win up visiting and terrorizing Hepburn. It turns out, however, that she is quite capable of defending herself.

Wait Until Dark Reviews

Reviews include comments about this being a very scary movie when it came out and that people went away haunted by the movie. Audrey Hepburn was simply fantastic in her role. Wait Until Dark is a scary movie of the suspenseful sort rather than of the gore or slasher type.

Beverly Kaynes says, "Here is a thriller sure to make the hair on the back of your neck stand upright."

Wait Until Dark Black and White Photograph
Wait Until Dark Black and White Photograph

Wait Until Dark Rated

Is Wait Until Dark Appropriate For Children?

As a 1967 movie, this one comes, unfortunately UNRATED.

The idea of the movie is certainly great for tweens looking to watch horror movies but I am not sure if it is appropriate or not. If I were looking for a scary movie for a child in the tween age bracket, I love the idea of one that is suspense filled rather than gore and blood filled.

In the case of Wait Until Dark, I am sure a 16-year old would be fine. A 12-year old, I'm not so sure. I know 12-year olds have often seen a lot of murder and mayhem in today's blockbuster movies but that is somehow different than the tenseness that exists in this movie. Besides being extremely tense, Wait Until Dark also contains violence and the violence does occur to real people. My children always found that harder to deal with.

Remember that Wait Until Dark features an ending which is considered one of the MOST INTENSELY FRIGHTENING in movie history. There are also several deaths including a man being run over by a car several times and a couple of stabbings. Most of this action happens off screen but happens nevertheless.

I searched in vain online for information or any sort in terms of age guidelines for Wait Until Dark but could find almost none. Therefore, this is one of those movies that I feel you should watch BEFORE you allow your tweens to view it.

Wait Until Dark Movie
Wait Until Dark Movie

Wait Until Dark Movie Soundtrack Review - Henry Mancini's eerie, frightening and unsettling movie score for Wait Until Dark.

Henry Mancini's movie score is exactly what you would expect for a phsychological thriller like Wait Until Dark. This soundtrack is considered some of his best work but it was not released for more than 40 years.

"...the fight between Roat and Suzy is incredible - dark, throbbing, insistent and unforgettable. Then the tension is relieved with a soft and sweet piece that tells you everything will be OK. Amazing that this score was kept under wraps and not released until quite recently." ~ N. North

Wait Until Dark Photograph
Wait Until Dark Photograph
Wait Until Dark Photograph
Wait Until Dark Photograph


Then TURN OUT all the lights.

Movie theatres in 1967 did.

I won't tell you why

but it will be worth it...


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