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Warm Bodies Costumes - R Halloween Costume

Updated on February 13, 2018

Warm Bodies Costumes For Halloween, Including Zombie R Costume and Makeup

I think this Halloween it would be really fun to dress up as R from Warm Bodies. Putting together a R costume for Halloween is actually really easy as zombies aren't really fussy about what they wear! However, if you want to look like the main character from the movie it is really simple.

What I love most about this costume is that you probably already have some of it in your wardrobe or can get the different items on a budget. This outfit won't break the bank and you could even wear some parts of it again after the party as everyday wear.

It's not just boys that can dress like R. Girls can get in on the action too! I don't think zombies are picky about who they feast on, so I am sure there are female zombies out there too.

You can check out the Warm Bodies Halloween costumes below and even check out the makeup tutorial to look exactly like R.

R Zombie Halloween Costume

How to Look Like R This Halloween

If you are looking for a costume this halloween, or for a fancy dress party, then making your own R costume couldn't be easier. And everyone will know exactly who you are trying to be. Plus zombies are really in just now. You can be a sexy zombie this year with more Mmmm that Grrrhhh.

Of course, it's not just guys that can dress up like R from Warm Bodies. Girls can be sexy zombies too!

To dress like R you will need the following items of clothing. Check them out below!

A red zip hoodie, a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers. You might have some of these in your closet already.

R Accessories

R also wears some rubber bracelets. Here are some that are similar. He wears at least 2 on his right wrist.

If want to make your hair look like R's then try this wig too!.

How to Make Your Clothes Look Like R's

Add a little Grrrr for extra effect!

Warm Bodies Makeup Tutorial To Look Like R - Use Makeup to Complete the Warm Bodies Costume

Check out this really cool makeup tutorial on how to look like R from Warm Bodies. This is one hot zombie and it looks really easy to do too!

You'll also learn how to give your clothes that distressed look so you can look like a zombie too, without the aweful smell! Just make sure you take the clothes off before doing this. And you can apply these techniques to your red hoody and your jeans too!

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