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Wearable Blanket with Sleeves is Great for Cold Nights

Updated on January 12, 2013

Sleeved Blankets Make a Great Gift!

This winter, give a gift that almost everyone can use - a wearable blanket with sleeves. Cold winter nights are a wonderful time to snuggle under a warm blanket while reading or watching TV, and a sleeved blanket makes it easy to stay warm, even when you need your hands free to hold a book, use the remote control or do other tasks. You've probably seen blankets to wear on TV, but there are many other options you haven't seen on TV, such as blankets for your favorite sports teams (including NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and NCAA) and blankets featuring popular characters. Take a look below to see which one is right for you!

(Image of fleece blanket to wear provided by amazon)

The Most Popular Blanket with Sleeves

Snuggie is the leader in wearable blankets

If you're familiar with sleeved blankets, you've probably heard of Snuggie. It's arguably the most recognized brand of wearable fleece blanket on the market. Although Snuggie wasn't the first company to market a sleeved blanket (both the Freedom Blanket and Slanket were introduced earlier), Snuggie's aggressive TV marketing in late 2008 started a pop culture phenomenon. The blankets were an immediate hit, with sales of 20 million blankets by January 2009, according to Wikipedia. The blanket has sparked numerous YouTube parodies, as well as Facebook groups of devoted fans. The original blanket was marketed to adults, but there are also now versions for kids and even dogs.

Original Snuggie Blanket with SleevesCHECK PRICE

Colorful Blankets by Slanket

Another popular wearable blanket with sleeves

The Slanket was introduced before the Snuggie, but has never gained the same popularity or name recognition. But if you're looking for sleeved blankets with some flashy colors or patterns, these Slankets might be just want you're looking for.

Magenta SlanketCHECK PRICE

Slanket with Leopard PrintCHECK PRICE

Apricot Color SlanketCHECK PRICE

Keep warm on chilly nights with a wearable blanket with sleeves!

How About an Adult Character Blanket with Sleeves?

Keep warm in style!

Adult fleece blankets you can wear don't just come in solid prints or patterns. Some, like the kids blankets, can also turn you into your favorite character! Take a look at these fun options.

Superman Blanket with SleevesCHECK PRICE

Spongebob Wearable BlanketCHECK PRICE

Mickey Mouse Blanket with SleevesCHECK PRICE

Wonder Woman Blanket to WearCHECK PRICE

Batman Wearable Throw BlanketCHECK PRICE

Sanrio Hello Kitty Wearable BlanketCHECK PRICE

Marvel Spider-Man Blanket with SleevesCHECK PRICE

Harry Potter Throw Blanket with SleevesCHECK PRICE

Kermit Blanket to WearCHECK PRICE

Sports Team Blankets with SleevesSEE ALL TEAMS
Available for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA teams

Get a Blanket with Sleeves for Kids, Too!

Available in a variety of colors, patterns or character designs

Kids sleeved blankets are now popular, too, and they come in a lot of fun designs that kids will love.

Fleece Snuggie for KidsCHECK PRICE

Spider-Man Blanket with SleevesCHECK PRICE

Dora the Explorer SnuggieCHECK PRICE

Elmo Fleece Blanket with SleevesCHECK PRICE

Disney Fairies Sleeved BlanketCHECK PRICE

Cookie Monster Wearable BlanketCHECK PRICE

Disney Tinkerbell Blanket with SleevesCHECK PRICE

Original Snuggies TV Commercial - The ad that made blankets with sleeves popular

Snuggie wasn't the first wearable blanket, but it was the first one with a direct response TV commercial that appealed to consumers and made these blankets all the rage. Here's the ad that launched the Snuggie.

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    • belinda342 profile image

      belinda342 5 years ago

      I'm loving the superhero snuggies. Didn't know they made them til now. Thanks for the update. These are getting added to a few Christmas shopping lists!

    • siserou profile image

      siserou 5 years ago

      I'm wondering how that Wonder-Woman blanket keeps you warm??? lol

      Seriously, though, my Mom got one years ago with animal print and she never puts it down. She has it on her all the time. And I thought the Snuggies would just be fads!

    • pambrechlin profile image

      pambrechlin 5 years ago

      I bought my son one a few years ago, Florida Gators! He loved it!