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What My Teenage Girl Daughter Wants for Christmas

Updated on April 24, 2016

An interview with my teenage daughter about christmas

I was thinking how hard it is to think about what to get for my teenagers christmas. so i had a brainwave and thought i know...... i will interrview my daughter about what kind of stuff she would like and the talk of trends she talks about with her mates. so i sat her down and had a lengthy discussion and here are the results......

What Do You Want for Christmas

I want a touch screen phone because all my mates have one and i think they are cool also i would like too keep in touch with my mum and dad while i am out.

What Touch Screen Phone Would You like

I want the iphone because you can do lots of stuff on it and its cool

Apart from the Iphone What Else Would You Like

I love doing my hair so please can i have some hair accessories and i also want lots of makup.

What would your ideal christmas be like

I would like to spend our christmas in london..... why i thought and than she told me because i think london is cool and i want to stay in a posh hotel and for it to snow so we can have a snowball fight.

Do you know what christman means

Durh... that's easy it means the day jesus was born and a day of forgiveness where i get to spend more time with my family.

What would be your christmas humbug

To wake up to no presents

Are you looking forward too christmas

yes... very much

What kind of food would you prefer to eat on christmas day

First i would eat my breakfast cerial then i would have my christmas dinner with lots of vegetables and mint sauce and then i will eat my chocolate selection boxes

I asked her to write a list of wat she wants

1: Touch screen phone

2: MP3 player

3; Hair sets

4: Makeup

5: Hair straighteners (G.H.D's)

6: Clothes

7: Nike air max trainors

8: Hair dye (always read instructions)

9: D.V.D's

10: Perfume

Well that's her christmas list now for more questions

Would you prefer to have money

Definitely not..i would rather have gifts because i would spend money all on rubbish.

What gift would you buy your mum if you had £50.00 pound

Oh it would have to be a gold chain with mum on it and a nice bottle of perfume...................

And Your Dad..!

 a gold ring with dad on it also a deodarant set and pyjama and slipper set.

What about your brothers and sisters

 I am not buying them nothing they will get enough as it is

Whats your best christmas song

 Definetly "Jingle bell rock" because its on home alone

What about best christmas film

 Home alone its so funny

What type of games do you like to play on the day

 I dont cos i have too much to do and presents too play with

Do you like sprouts

 Yes but they make you fart

What are your last thoughts on christmas day

 Hope i get everything on my list and bring on the new year

 So there you have it an interview with my teenage daughter hope it gives you all some ideas on what teenage girls want. Have a good XMAS.


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    • profile image

      lulu calberson 4 years ago

      I do not agree with your daughter. I am a teenager and makeup is not cool. We are way to young for all this technology and beauty products. I think that crocs are a sensible choice for a young lady instead of the makeup because they will look like clowns

    • profile image

      Daddy kitty 4 years ago

      That's right like who wants to share there own device with you trouble makers that always get you in trouble

    • profile image

      Koolkid 6 years ago

      I am a teenager myself and I could defentaly relate to your daughter on most of the things. LOL

    • profile image

      jasmine 6 years ago

      i would like for xmas is every think hahaha lol

    • profile image

      crystallynn99 6 years ago

      if you can't afford an iphone there's this phone called the optimus v. Its on an android running system 2.2. You can also get it as a pre payed phone where you buy a min card every month so ur not stuck to a plan! Its great becuz if you are paying ur daughters phone bill and she does something you don't like ur not stuck paying for it!

    • henderson0683 profile image

      henderson0683 7 years ago

      This article is just a guide for parents to give ideas about Christmas so no more bad comments from kids please as they will only be deleted as spam


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