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6 Gifts Edward Cullen Would Want for Christmas

Updated on April 9, 2016

Welcome to my Holiday Gift Guide!

Do you have a Twilight fan on your gift list and are struggling to find the perfect gift? Well this is a list of 6 things Edward Cullen would want for Christmas. It is the essential list for the vampire who already has everything.

If you have a Twilight gal who loves Edward Cullen on your Christmas list, she might enjoy some of the same things Edward does. So check out the list to find the perfect Edward inspired gift for that special Twilight fan in your life.

#1 Lion Crest Leather Journal

The crest on this journal looks very similar to the Cullen family crest. Edward loves to write his thoughts and ideas in journals. This nice leather journal with the lion crest would be a wonderful place for him to record his life. This journal would be great for anyone else who likes to write.

100 Years Worth of Journals

The first time Bella visits Edwards room she comments on how many journals Edward has filled with his life story.

More Journals

Edward might also like these journals. A hundred years worth of life can fill up a lot of journals. These beautiful journals make great gifts.

#2 Composing Software

Edward loves to play the piano and compose his own songs. Make it easier for him to compose with this software. It would be great for anyone else on your gift list who is an aspiring musician.

Edward Cullen Playing the Piano

Music Gifts

Here are some more musical gifts Edward would love. More composition software and connector cables would be handy for him. He also likes listening to the great pieces of classical music to inspire him. This relaxing classical music cd would be perfect for him. It has one of his favorites, Clare de Lune.

#3 Guide to Reading Body Language

Since Edward can't read Bella's mind, he has to use body language to try to understand what she is really thinking. Make it easier for him to understand her with this body language reading tool. Anyone who wants to understand other people better would also like this dvd.

Edward's Mind Reading Ability

Body Language Guides

This books would also help Edward be able to read Bella better. He wants to understand her better since he can't read her mind. Using body language clues, he could get in tune with what she is really thinking.

Midnight Sun

Have you read the Midnight Sun draft? It is Twilight from Edward's perspective. Any Edward Cullen fan would love reading it. The draft is available to read in pdf format on Stephenie Meyer's website. It is 264 pages long and cuts off just before the meadow scene.

Midnight Sun Inspired Video

#4 Haunted Chicago

Some of these haunting stories may have been about him! Edward was born and raised in Chicago. He was about to die of Spanish Influenza before he was turned into a vampire . He would enjoy hearing about his old homeplace and seeing the places that are supposedly haunted. Of course he may know more about how these stories got started. This dvd is great gift for anyone who enjoys ghost stories.

The Cullen Vampire Origins

Chicago Books

Edward might also enjoy reading books about Chicago of the past. That is the Chicago he knew and grew up in.

Edward's Christmas List
Edward's Christmas List

Edward's life changed when he became a vampire. His destiny changed forever when he met Bella.

#5 New Baseball Gear

What vampire doesn't love baseball? Edward could use some new baseball gear. The Cullens are pretty hard on their equipment. So next time it thunders he'll be ready to take a crack at the bat. Any fan of vampire baseball would love to sport one of these Cullen crest baseball hats.

Vampire Baseball

More Baseball Gear

Edward would also love to have this baseball gear. The reaction ball and the bat will put the Cullen's skills to the test. He will be looking stylish while he plays with the great Cullen baseball jersey.

Edward Poll

There are a lot of things we love about Edward. What is his best characteristic?

What is Edward's greatest quality?

See results

#6 Bella's Scent

As a human, Bella smelled like lavender and freesia. The scent drove Edward wild. Buy Edward this perfume to remind him of Bella's scent. It would be a great present for anyone who would want to have the same scent as Bella. You never know who it might attract.

Bella's Scent

Bella Perfume

Here are some more great Bella perfumes so Edward can always have Bella's scent. The beautiful perfume bottle would also make a wonderful present for any perfume lover.

Edward's Christmas List
Edward's Christmas List

Edward's Christmas List

Hope you have a happy Christmas and your Edward enjoys all of his gifts.

Comments? - Happy holidays!

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