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Why Christmas?

Updated on December 23, 2015

An Argument for Christmas

I've been watching and listening much more intently than usual lately to the conversations about Christmas. It's quite interesting to be the by-stander as you walk past someone or wait in line at the checkout. There are all sorts of things people talk about in public, and some of them amaze me.

At the onset of the Christmas season, the regular dialog between people seems to filter out the true meaning of Christmas. I read a letter recently of a person who enjoys all the festivities of Christmas, but doesn't believe in it. That seemed quite strange to me.

As I was researching material for my December teaching I came across some content that I would like to share with you that answers the question as to "Why Christmas."

Image by favored1

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When Christmas Became a National Holiday

It wasn't until June 26th, 1870 that the Christian celebration of Christmas was declared a federal holiday in the United States of America.

Have you ever asked this question...

Why is there a Christmas Day?

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Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

C is for the Christ Child

...which made it Christmas Day.

It was at the time of the Roman Emperor Augustus who had decreed for a census to be taken of all the citizens under the Roman Empire. All the residents would have to travel to their ancestors place of birth to register for this census. This would be quite a task for some had moved far away from their homeland.

Now there was a man named Joseph who was from the line of King David in Jerusalem. He would have to return to Bethlehem in order to be counted among those in the census.

At this time Mary (his promised wife) was about to give birth to a a child. God had chosen Mary, a virgin, to give birth to the Holy Child that was to be called Jesus our Emmanuel, interpreted God with us. He would be the Christ, which means the Anointed One of God, the Messiah that was promised to them by God. The two would travel with a caravan of others as they returned to Bethlehem for the census.

While they were in Bethlehem, the time came for Mary to give birth.

Christ (the Anointed One) Mas (the Messiah) was born that night in a little town called Bethlehem.

Image by favored1

Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

H for Herald Angels

It was a warm night in Bethlehem so the shepherds took their flocks out to the fields. While they were guarding their flocks there suddenly appeared an angel in the Heavens. The brightness was the glory of the Lord God, and it was all around them lighting up the sky. When the shepherds saw this, they were terrified, but the angel called out to them and said, "Do not be afraid, because I have a good message from Heaven for you. It will change everything forever."

The angel continued to proclaim, "The Savior, yes the Messiah you have been waiting for has been born on this night, in Bethlehem. This is how you will recognize who He is. The babe will be sleeping in a manger, and will be wrapped in strips of cloth."

At once the Heavens were filled with more angels that began saying, "Glory to God in the highest Heaven, and peace on Earth good will to all men."

Image by favored1

Angels on High

For centuries people have placed an angel on the top of their Christmas tree representing the light of Heavenly angels that first announced the birth of the Christ child, Jesus.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing - Sing along with me as we welcome the KING of Kings

Sung by Amy Grant

Poll: Angels

Do you believe in angels?

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Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

R means our Redeemer

The angel of the Lord God had spoken to Joseph in a dream telling him to name the baby Jesus, which means, "the Lord Saves."

A child will be born of a virgin and conceived by the Holy Spirit.

He will save the people from their sins.

This will be done so the scriptures can be fulfilled as the prophet had said. Jesus the Son of God is the Redeemer of sins, and He will come to live among you.

Image by favored1

Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

I for Israel

Where Christmas was born ...

Israel is the place God chose for Jesus to be born. It was in the state of Jerusalem, in the City of David which is Bethlehem, where Mary gave birth to the Anointed Messiah (Christ-mas).

King Herod demanded to know where Christ was going to be born. The chief priests and scribes immediately told him, "It was written by the prophet that the child would be born in Bethlehem of Judea." (from Matthew 2:4-5)

"But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall He come forth unto Me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from old, from everlasting." (Micah 5:2)

Image by favored1

Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

S is for the star that shined so bright.

Many have believed that there were only three wise men known as Kings of the far East. We are not sure of how many wise men actually traveled to the birth place of Jesus since the Bible does not mention names, but it has been recorded that many others brought gifts as well.

What we do know is that they, the Kings of the East known as Wise Men, heard of the birth of the Messiah and wanted to go worship Him. When they saw the brightest star in the sky they were filled with joy. They began to follow it as it was continually ahead of them guiding their way to the Christ child.

Image by favored1

Stars that light the way

Even though the presence of an angel adorning a tree is comforting, I usually select a bright star for the top of mine.

Poll: The Angel or Star?

Which do you place on your tree top?

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Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

T is for The Wise Men who Traveled

The Wise men had traveled far by night. When the star stopped moving, the travelers knew they were at the birth place of the Christ child. Once they arrived the Kings entered the house and found Mary and Jesus.

They bowed down and worshipped Him, then opened their treasure chests and gave Christ many gifts of gold, frankinsence and myrrh. When the time had come for them to leave, they did not return the same way they came. God had told them to go another way and not return to report any news to King Herod.

Their identification as kings in later Christian writings is probably linked to Psalms 72:11, "May all kings fall down before Him".

Image by favored1

We Three Kings of Orient Are

The song tells the account of the Magi (reference from Matthew 2 in the Bible) traveling to visit the Christ Child, guided only by the Star of Bethlehem.

John Henry Hopkins, Jr. (circa 1857) wrote the music and lyrics for this song. At that time he was an ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church and served as the seminary music director. He was given credit for organizing an elaborate holiday pageant for the students of the General Theological Seminary in New York City. The program included the song "We Three Kings of Orient Are". Hopkins was ordained in 1872 as an Episcopal priest and later served as rector at Christ Episcopal Church, Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Poll: Wise Men Three or Not?

Do you think there were only 3 Wise Men?

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Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

M is for the manger where Jesus lay

Joseph was prepared to pay for a room that night. However, Bethelhem was such as small town the inns would fill up fast from all the people coming to pay their taxes for the census. The only available space was inside a cave stable that was empty.

Mary gave birth to her first child, a son. She wrapped Him in swaddling cloth and laid Him in a manger, because there was no more room in the inn that night. (Luke 2:7)

Image by favored1

Away in A Manger

Casting Crowns does a update version of this classic holiday favorite. Beautifully done.

Poll: Tell Me about the Stable

Did you know that the stable was not made of wood, but was actually a cavelike structure?

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Nativity Manger

I cannot rememeber a time when there wasn't a nativity in our home at Christmas. When I was 16 years old and began teaching Sunday School to 3rd graders.

The first gift I bought my class was a tiny .19 cent nativity ornament for their tree. This was the first ornament we hung on our tree after I got married.

Years later, I still have nativities all around my house, on and under my tree. Christmas isn't the same without remembering just how it all began, in a stable.

Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

John 3:16

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. That who ever believes on Jesus as the Messiah, will not perish in hell, but will have everlasting life in Heaven with God." (from John 3:16 emphasis mine)

All is for what He stands for ...

We celebrate Christmas because it is all Jesus stands for in a believer's life. He is God's only begotten Son that was sent to Redeem us from all our sins. He is the only one who never sinned, which qualified Him to be the Messiah, Redeemer and Savior to the world. If Jesus was never born, there would be no Christmas and if there were no Christmas, no one could be saved.

Jesus was born to die. He would come to redeem us back to God by the shedding of His blood. Without the shedding of blood, their is no remission of sin, and we would all remain sinners and separated from God forever. See we needed Jesus, so God sent Him. (Hebrews 9:22)

Image by favored1

The Heart of Christmas

Songs 4 Worship: Christmas
Songs 4 Worship: Christmas
I play this CD set every year. I know you will enjoy listening to some of the most beautiful Christmas songs ever.
Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

S is for the shepherds that told the good news that night.

As soon as the angels returned to Heaven, the shepherds said to one another, "Let's go to Bethlehem to see the Christ child." When they arrived in the village, they found baby Jesus exactly the way the angels said He would be.

After the shepherds saw the Messiah, they spread the news that Christmas (Anointed Messiah) was born and that all should go see this miracle birth and worship the newborn KING.

They returned to their flocks and glorified God, praising Him for all they had heard and seen, just as the angel of the Lord had told them.

Why Christmas? Because God loved us so much, He chose to give Christmas to us...and that's why there's a Christmas Day.

Image by favored1

C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S - ... and that is why there is a Christmas Day!

Jim Reeves sings Why we have Christmas.

Jim Reeves sings the story of why there's a Christmas Day.

Christmas Music Favorites

Included in my personal collection of favorites are some of these Christmas CD's. I listen to them not only at Christmas, but throughout the entire year. For me, the Spirit of Christmas is always with us, because we are never without God.

Heavenly Angels to Collect

Angels have long been an item that people like to collect. There isn't a year that goes by it seems that I am not buying an angel for someone.

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Angel with Nativity Gown Stone Resin Figurine, 10.5”
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Angel with Nativity Gown Stone Resin Figurine, 10.5”
Jim Shore's figurines are some of the most collected in the world. They are only around for a limited time, so it is good to order early to insure delivery.

Christmas Additions

Each year I select another special ornament for our family. Over the years I have had some very unique pieces in my collection, and I never tire of looking at them. These would be considered a good choice for any person to give or receive.

I hope this message as to why there is a Christmas has enlightened you and brought much joy. May your holidays be blessed with family and friends, and your new year prosperous. God bless each one of you.

© 2011 Fay Favored


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