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Fun & Colourful Halloween Wigs for Women & Girls

Updated on October 26, 2015

Colourful Halloween Wigs for Women to Top That Perfect Outfit

Colourful Wigs for Halloween help finish off that amazing costume you have planed for your Halloween party. Halloween wigs come in amazing colours with everything from pink Halloween wigs through to the more traditional black wig.

There are also lots of styles to choose from unless of course you want to buy a long wig and style your own. There are some styling tips too just in case that is what you want to do. Also the beautifully designed Nicki Minaj Wigs for Halloween are very popular.

Lens Photo by Amazon

Witches Halloween Wigs - Long Dark Wigs

Halloween Witches Wig
Halloween Witches Wig


Photo by ~*Leah*~

Witches wigs don't need to be black or grey. This amazing blue wig stands out really well against the witches robes.

Great Halloween Witches Wigs on Amazon - Black Halloween Wig

Rubie's Costume Extra Long Witch Wig, Black, One Size
Rubie's Costume Extra Long Witch Wig, Black, One Size

This flowing long wig is great for both witch and princess costumes. As it is extra long it would be like Repunzle's hair


5 Fun Ways To Spice Up Your Wig

Why not go that extra bit to make your wig stand out. Below are some fun ways to spice up your wig for a bit more pizazz!


  1. Add additional hair pieces to it in blocks or strands that will stand out. Either use a contrasting colour or pink, purple or red for a black wig.
  2. Add coloured glitter to make it shimmer.
  3. Add bows or ribbons. Again use contrasting colours for drama.
  4. Add a hat or hood.
  5. Style it. See the Video for tips on how to style your wig.

Red Halloween Wigs

Red Halloween Wig
Red Halloween Wig


Photo by j.lee43

Red Halloween wigs are great for devils or if you want a hot look. Go for long and sexy or short and sassy.

How To Style Cheap Halloween Wigs Video

I think this is a great idea. This way you will have something more personal and you can fit it to your personality and Halloween character better.

Nicki Minaj Wigs Halloween

Why not try the popular Nicki Minaj wigs for halloween?

Long two toned Wig

Color Dipped Wig Costume Accessory
Color Dipped Wig Costume Accessory

This is a bright and fun long wig


Pink Halloween Wigs

Pink Halloween Wig
Pink Halloween Wig


Photo by jasoneppink

Hot pink wigs look fantastic for Halloween parties. They give a completely different look so you can be anyone you want to be. This wig perfectly suits the shape of the woman's head. A longer wig might have been too much. When buying or styling your wig think how you would for any other outfit.

Blue Halloween Wigs for Women

Rubie's Costume Blue Glamour Wig, Blue, One Size
Rubie's Costume Blue Glamour Wig, Blue, One Size

Electric blue can be fun too. A very bright and bold style.


Which Colour Halloween Wig Poll

Which colour Halloween wig do you like best or intend to get?

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Black Halloween Wigs

Photo long black hair

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Black wigs, the traditional colour for witches looks great on its own but you can spice it up with some of the tips on this lens to make something a little different.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Eerie and hilarious, these wigs make awesome costume accessories for Halloween.