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Winning a Dream

Updated on October 21, 2014
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I was previously a writer on Squidoo 2008- folded. I write about entertainment, crafts, writing & beauty and anything else that inspires me

What would I do if I won the lotto

What ONE thing would I do first if I won the lotto?

First, that would depend on How much I win,

*if its less than a hundred I'd put it in my rainy day jar.

* 100 or over donate a few dollars and treat myself to something & put a bit away.

*1000 or more donate 100 or 2, go away for a weekend or week (depending on if I know someone where I decide to go so I don't have to stay at hotel & instead buy them groceries & pay for mine as well etc.

*a million or more? Just retire, donate $5 thousand to a few fave charities & buy a humble home (if I can find one I like. I do love the old looking living rooms with the high bookshelves, spiral staircases and (hopefully) a secret room or some form of secret hidding places.

Top 8 things I'd do with the money

Depending on how much I won, Plus after taxes how much I'd have left....

Most likely any & esp. all would take a million to a few million

  1. Donate a million to each of the following charities...



    *to the local animal shelters (so they won't euthanize the animals)

  2. I guess the logical next thing would be take a trip to all the places I'd like to see

    (no specific order)





    *Salem, Mass (around Halloween)

    *Montreal, vancouver & Edmonton Canada





    *Czech Repulic

    (or just wait til November, and go to my cousin's wedding on some small island somewhere between New Zealand & Africa) or visit her at another time in New Zealand

  3. Buy a house
  4. Make one of those rooms a 'game room' / "man cave" type room & another an in home movie theater
  5. Buy (or Build) my own Movie theater (one for others to enjoy) that will show the newest movies as well as old & Independent
  6. Throw a HUGE Halloween party
  7. Actually have fun at a casino (Mohegan Sun, In Conneticut) and bet on black jack (instead of boring slots!)
  8. Buy my cat the biggest cat tree I can find! (or maybe just have a custome made one done as well! or both)

    Maybe even make it one of those apartments or houses that have the stuff set up for the cat throughout the house

    ('stairs' going up the walls, & planks for the cat to walk around maybe even a few hiding spots in doorways etc.

novelty Lotto items

Novelty tickets & a pick your numbers pen

The most famous winning lottery ticket. From Lost (& most played numbers during the series!)

The most famous winning lottery ticket.  From Lost  (& most played numbers during the series!)
The most famous winning lottery ticket. From Lost (& most played numbers during the series!)

Money Trees - what would YOU do with the money?

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