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Witches' Broom Decoration

Updated on May 21, 2015
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The Queen of Halloween (or at least Princess) friends want me to do their make-up, I even scared Captain America as a Mummy!

Broomhilda Besom

Besom is a the name for a witches' broom.

Brooms are not just for sweeping out the dirt, & a Witches' broom isn't just for flying (or at least those powerful enough to).

A broom is also a 'cleansing' tool. The witch sweeps out any negative energy as well.

You must take heed though as a wives tale states that if a broom sweeps over your feet, then you will never marry.

Since I made this, I've taken apart my broom. I really didn't care for the way it looked so I'll keep the stick that was the handle, and try to find some twigs and bind them together.

The Witches' Broom - a poem (credit is on the picture and a link to site)

Decorative Broom Supplies

You need to get a brach you like from outside then you can use these items (pencils to plan it out, or you can put one as part of the handle so you always have something to write with when you need to write down a spell.)

What you need

& Instructions

To make the brush- Hay, Twigs, about 6 inches to a foot long

for handle- That depends on your use, & taste:

If its for decoration use a short medium thick branch about the size of your forarm or from wrist to shoulder for decorations

There's no need for the handle to be straight as long as if you are going to use it to sweep dirt or sweep out the negative energy that its long enough that you are comfortable to use it.

to tie branches- Twine (like hemp) (you can buy the perfect amount at a craft store) or a vine, cotton string. Something natural.

Ribbon or the vine for decoration.

Knife, box cutter if you want to 'clean up' the twigs & branches.

Make a broom

I will be making own, I just need to find the right branch, and already have found a couple twigs to make one.

I have yet to decide if it will be decoration, or a life size broom.

I will either include my own pictures, or a video of it.

Brushing the Negativity away

Where will you hang yours?

See results

So how'd you do? I'd love for you to show me how yours came out! Best yet, with your permission,

I'll post up to 3 pictures of the ones I like best, and of course include your screen name for credit if you do not want to use your real one

Something Wicked this way comes - guest book

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    • christylsalas profile image

      christylsalas 5 years ago

      Love the lens!

    • Rosetta Slone profile image

      Rosetta Slone 5 years ago from Under a coconut tree

      Great idea for a lens. I had no idea what the broom represented, but I love the idea of sweeping away negative energy.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Very cool lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Awesome Lens, I love witches brooms.