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Updated on July 3, 2017
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The Queen of Halloween (or at least Princess) friends want me to do their make-up, I even scared Captain America as a Mummy!

Around a couldron boil; brewing a rotting toil

Some of us love witches, other's are still in the dark ages thinking we are the devil's servants. NOT!

Here's as much as I've been able to gather (so far) here for you.

I'll teach you a few things how Witches are for the most part NOT bad,(although there are some that do practice black magic but i think it is safe to say the consensus is Good) also a little brew and Magic, some basic supplies and gifts, witchy names and whatever else I come up with.

"a Witch without a spell, is just a Bitch"

(this was either from American horror Story Coven or Witches of East end)

The Wiccan Rede: Couplets of the Law, Teachings, and Enchantments
The Wiccan Rede: Couplets of the Law, Teachings, and Enchantments

This should be the first book you should get (or maybe along with the Buckland's workbook) This literal Pocket (sized) book includes the full Wiccan rede, a bit of history on the old religions, the teachings of the read and is better explained as some only remember part, or just don't understand the meaning of the couplets. There's a few spells in it,


Afraid of Witches?

Why?! The Green faces long warty nose is more hag & a myth than the Witch. Witches can be light or dark (or sometimes grey as they may use both types of magic)

One of the symbols witches use

The Pentagram? There's 2 variations

1. the one with the star (aka Pentacle) pointing up is a 'good' sign.

It is a protective amulet against evil. The pentacle normally means the 5 elements (or 6 as I put it) Earth, Air Fire, water & at the Top Spirit (with the center to me meaning heart (otherwise noted Love)

2. The inverted version where the point is pointing down ...

this is normally worn by satanic worshipers and worn during Satanic rituals with the goat head's nose being the point, their rituals usually contain conjuring & blood sacrifices however it is also used in good magic for binding spells (protection spells)

Modern Witches do a variety of Magic. There's the traditional

*Potion and spoken invocation,


casting (the circle)


cord (string),

Crystal magic,

water magic


oil & incense(as far as I can think of)

Ritual (but I consider that as 'traditional' when you have an altar, and have a spoken spell and have to burn candles, casting a circle & so forth) Blessing & Spiritual


There's also Elemental magic, (Earth, air fire water) Love, singing & dancing & sky magic.

There's also death magic (but not really sure if its only considered black magic or if light magic also uses it.)

Poppet magic

There's also Hoodoo & Voodoo magic done by that religion's priest & priestesses

Beauty This witch

Madame Delphine LaLaurie (played by Kathy Bates) is one to be frightened of. She uses the Elizabeth Bathory beauty regimine, draining the blood of the Young Virgins to remain youthful looking however no matter which you use blood,wrinkle cream, or some herbal poltice; you are supposed to brush or spread it upwards (as that tightens your skin) not down which basically pulls the skin down and makes wrinkles.

Practical Magic (Keep Case Packaging)
Practical Magic (Keep Case Packaging)

Finally a movie with good witches in it

stars Sandra Bullock as the mother of 2 and Nicole Kidman who is in a relationship she needs out of. When said boyfriend goes missing a cop.

comes around to investigate. I love that the mom from the Lost Boys is in it. There are 3 generations of witches under the house, and those on the outside that always wondered if it is true of the rumors that they are witches.


the Witch house

Ya think we all live in candy coated Gingerbread houses? Maybe little hovels with thatched roofs? I have an assortment of Books, movies and shows in my library of them. Sadly I live in a 2 family house and not my own little hut. (would rather a Viking long house though!)

My spells book library is hexed if you touch them it has mostly books of good spells but I have a few a little more 'naughty' I will imentionsome of my favorites here

TV series

Bitten was a show mostly about a family of Werewolves but the last 2 seasons had witches in it You might be able to view episodes free on Syfy

True Blood from HBO had a season or 2 with the witches in it. Can't remember what season it was season 3 or 4 though.

Vampire Diaries and The Originals have witches or covens in them

FX American Horror Story's 3rd season is subtitled 'COVEN' and one of the best seasons

Witches of East End formerly on Lifetime can be found on a few platforms


Practical Magic

The Covenant

It seems the only people I have come across that like this movie are 'witches' or likely for the wrong reason....It can be pretty cheesy with the posing and the hammy grinning but for those of you who know who Taylor Kitsch is... well 4 words.. He's in a Speedo!


Buckland's complete book of Witchcraft

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

The Wiccan Rede

I have to include Shakespeare's Macbeth here as well

Me as a witch (I put the doorknob on fire)

Me as a witch (I put the doorknob on fire)
Me as a witch (I put the doorknob on fire)

Witchy Supplies

It's one thing to purchase a broom also known as a Bosoom or a wand for a costume but it's another thing if you intend to actually use it for ritual.

As for the Atheme, which is a ritual knife for cutting herbs, and stirring etc. That can be purchased but should ONLY be used when working and prepping spells. (this is not to be used for dinner)

A few examples are this Dragon Neclace with a 'hidden' atheme a Silver mini atheme an Ahnk

Wiccan Wand Wiccan Wand Chakra stones & Crystals wand it's usually better to make your own wand like if you come across an interesting branch or twig. Some prefer to use one that has already fallen from the tree, others like to 'ask' the tree if they may have the particular one that is still part of the tree.

Witchy Books & Couldron - Learn about Witchcraft & Wiccan Religion

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft (Llewellyn's Practical Magick)
Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft (Llewellyn's Practical Magick)

I think this was the first or one of the first books I purchased when I started to read about witchcraft (and yes... it was around the age of thirteen) it's a great all around work book for beginner witches.

It helps you learn how to write spells, make your tools, How to cast the circle, Rituals, Runes and so much more. I've had mine for quite some time and refer back to it quite often, to the point its falling apart in areas!

There are diagrams for making your altar, how to choose your witch name, a short section on dream interpretation, divination, and for those without a coven that prefer to practice on your own.. there's a solitary witch section.

So i'd say this is the book to get if you are just starting out. It even has pages where you can do your work as well.


In American Horror Story COVEN

Jessica Lange plays Fiona known as 'the supreme' this means she has the strongest powers (either that or all forms of the powers)

her character is Witch 'Royalty' which means the family descended from the Salem witches, which migrated down to New Orleans after the trouble in the north.

Though the VooDoo witches (who were there first) and witches do not get along

Grimore Shadows - The Witch Book Encyclopedia

Book of Shadows- The book of witches spells, and sometimes there's notes of reference as well.

Grimore- book of Dark spells

Book of Shadows: A Spiritual Journal
Book of Shadows: A Spiritual Journal

It is really best to make your own Book of Shadows, but for those that do not know book binding or are not very crafty, some may want to purchase a journal then decorate it for their own needs, but then there are those who just don't have the creative juice... so we buy one.

This one is already made for those of you that are not that good at book binding or hard to find that 'perfect' cover, amount of pages and so on. If that still does not help, this one has a table of contents and some very nice pages too. We all have our own version of a book of Shadows, this works for a nice general one. If you are in a coven (especially if you are the head, You might want to use it to record the rituals and spells for your coven instead of as your personal Book of Shadows.


Witchy names

Agitha Ariane Autumn

Belladonna Brenna

Corvina Cora


Echo Eiriane



Hazel Horatia Helice


Kaly Karma

Levina Lyla

Morgana or Morgaine


Raven Rhiannon


Tempest Trinity

The Witch Book: The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, Wicca, and Neo-paganism
The Witch Book: The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, Wicca, and Neo-paganism

I love this book! It's a GREAT reference book on everything from Abracadabra to Zodiac. Tools, people, events & more.It's Great for Research for witches past and present.

It's everything you you may have wanted and need to know (even if you didn't know you wanted to) at your finger tips. (I also have the Vampire and Werewolf editions.. Now if I could just find one for Zombies and Ghosts) And Scorpios/Zodiac


Write the next line to this ---Around a Cauldron / 3 witches loom....

if you don't have a line to add then please do not post a comment here! (regular comments go at the end of the hub thank you) )

Some ideas for the next line of the poem

Casting Runes

Brooms Sweeping negativity from the room



Macbeth: Act 4 scene 1

Round about the couldron go;

In the poisoned entrails throw.

Toad, that under cold stone

Days and nights has thrty one

Sweltered venom sleeping got,Boil thou first I'th' Charmed pot

Double Double

Toil and trouble;

Fire burn

and couldron bubble

Brew up more here!

Fire burn and cauldron bubble

Witch Brews

I've found a variety of recipes of what Witches' Brew is supposed to be.

So here I have included a picture of one, and will also try my best to include the others I found, &don't worry, I didn't include the one from Macbeth!

For another receipe check out the 13 Frights of halloween!


  • 1 inch stick of cinnamon {break into pieces}
  • 3 cups apple cider
  • 1 cup cranberry juice
  • 1 taspoon WHOLE cloves
  • *1 to 1 & 1/2 cup cup Rum
  • 1 tablespoon Honey
  • 1/3 cup BROWN sugar (tamped down)
  • *Butter
Cast your vote for Witches Brew


  1. Prep Time: *= Optional Serves: 10-6 oz servings (estimated)
  2. in a 4-6 inch square of DOUBLE thick cheesecloth (100% cotton) put in the spices (if you do not have one then I hope you have a loose tea or coffee filter)
  3. put all ingredients in a small Cauldron on the stove heat well but do not boil, strain out cloves and spices (Cauldron Not available? Use the modern day one a crock pot or slow cooker, is suitable
  4. combine all the ingredients except butter.
  5. Cover & Cook on Low setting for 7-8 hours or high setting 3-4 hours
  6. Discard spice bag, Ladle hot punch into cups and float about 1/2 teaspoon button on top of each serving.
  7. **You can substitute 1-1 1/2 cup apple cider for the rum.

Learn some magic - but be sure to will it as well

Have a spell you'd like to share? You are more than welcome to post it.

Just please be sure you note what it's used for.

Spell Book - guestbook feedback & comments

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