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Witchy Sleuths

Updated on August 4, 2013

Wickedly Good Reading

Mysteries have always appealed to me. I loved reading Nancy Drew as a little girl, and now as a "slightly older" girl I find myself enchanted by magical mysteries, especially the ones with witches.

There are so many wonderful series to choose from, some of them are really dark with lot's of evil creatures mukking things up, while others are just light fun...the girl next door that discovers she has magical powers and then has to hide them from everyone. For the most part I prefer the lighter mysteries but I do sometimes take a peak at the darker ones ...just for fun!

Below you will find a sampling of witchy series that I really like, hopefully you will find some to your likeing too!

A Witchcraft Mystery - By Juliet Blackwell

Lily Ivory, a powerful witch who has spent much of her life both hiding from and running from what she is, decides it's time to settle down. She chooses to do so in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco where she opens a vintage clothing store and attempts to have a normal life. But the local witchy community soon zeros in on her and she gets caught up in some very dangerous situations while using her magic to help others. This is a rather dark series about a very strong and very likeable witch.

Chintz 'n China Series - By Yasmine Galenorn

In this series Emerald O'Brien the town witch is also a mother of two and the owner of the Chintz 'n China tea shop where she does Tarot readings. She also communicates with the dead and makes magic potions when she is not busy helping her kids with homework.

I like this character a lot, she is very strong and principled, a self confident witch and mother!

Ophelia and Abby Mysteries - By Shirley Damsgaard

Ophelia is a librarian who also happens to be a reluctant witch, feeling that her psychic abilities let her down when a friend was in need she wants nothing more to do with them. She inherited her powers from her grandmother Abby who fully embraces her magic and even makes her living brewing herbal concoctions. Together they make an interesting team as their powers involve them in dark secrets better left alone.

Bewitching Mysteries - By Madelyn Alt

Growing up in a small town Maggie O'Neill didn't even know people like her new boss Felicity (a self proclaimed witch) existed. She soon discovers a whole new world of magic exists and that she herself has some magical powers. As she becomes fast friends with Felicity and her witchy crowd her family becomes increasingly concerned and Maggie has to decide between going back to her old boring life or diving headfirst into this enchanting new one.

"Circle" Mysteries - By Dolores Stewart Riccio

The Circle series is about a small coven of New England witches who perform magick and solve crimes at the same time. Cass, the narrator, is a middle-aged divorcee who has inherited her grandmother's cottage by the sea where she has a mail order herbal business. Cass is the psychic of the group and there are many hilarious moments when she "hears" the thoughts of her dog Scruffy. The other members of the circle are women of all ages leading perfectly normal lives with the exception of being crime solving witches. This is a fabulously well written series complete with mysterious plots and likeable characters!

Red Dress Inc Novels - By Mindy Klasky

This trilogy follows a young librarian on a journey that leads her to discover her raw talent for witchcraft (accidentally of course, after she stumbles upon a hidden cache of powerful spell books in the basement of her cottage). When she inadvertently awakens her familiar her life changes forever. Jane Madison never thought of herself as a witch, but she was pleasantly suprised to find that she was ready to fully embrace this new and exciting side to herself.

Magic spells abound in this fun, heartwarming series!

Katie Chandler Mysteries - By Shanna Swenson

This series that is so much fun to read is a twist on the standard tale of a smalltown girl in the big city who is totally unprepared for the adventures awaiting her there. Katie's adventures begin with her new job at MSI (Magical Spells & Illusions) it turns out that Katie's special power is her ability to be unaffected my magic.

Adults that love Harry Potter will love this series that is filled with romance and magical creatures...some quite famous ones that you will recognize!

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Many thanks to 24websurf for the Squid Angel Blessing!

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    • TapIn2U profile image


      6 years ago

      I love reading those. Sundae ;-)

    • toriphile81 profile image


      7 years ago

      I read several of those series, but there are a few I haven't checked out yet.


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