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Wizard of Oz Fluxx

Updated on December 29, 2014

I am a big fan of board and card games, and my favourite film is the Wizard of Oz. I used to watch the Wizard of Oz 3 times a day apparently as a child! When I was given the Wizard of Oz Fluxx as a gift from my friend, I loved it. It combines two of the things that I love most in the world.

If you have never played Fluxx before, I really recommend it. Wizard of Oz Fluxx is a fun card game that is suitable for all the family. It often works best when at least one person has played it before. It is a great game for the festive season. There are many different versions available, and although I am focusing on my favourite one - Wizard of Oz Fluxx, I will also mention some other versions at the end,

How to start the game

  • The cards are shuffled
  • Everyone starts with three cards
  • The basic rule card goes down in the middle of the table o that everyone start with those
  • The deck is placed in the middle next to the basic rules card

How to Play Fluxx

Do you know how to play Fluxx? Generally it is simple - follow the instructions on the cards. Keep some cards in your hand and play some 'keepers' to get you towards a the goal on the table. But here's the catch - the rules are that there are no rules!

The main card types are...

  • GOAL CARDS - this sets what you are aiming for
  • NEW RULE CARDS - change the rule at any time
  • KEEPERS - play these to reach the goal
  • CREEPERS - generally these are bad and can stop you from winning, but sometimes they can go in your favour!
  • ACTIONS - do whatever it says on the card!

The goal can change at any time of the game. One minute you are trying to get all of the Witches, the next you might be trying to get rid of them!

The way that you play can change at any time too, because someone could play a rule card. For example, you may start by playing one card per turn, then you need to play 5 per turn!

How do you win?

You win by playing the 'keepers' that fulfil the goal. But as it can change so quickly, you need to be quick! You might also find opponents taking your cards for different reasons so watch out!

What is unique to the Wizard of Oz Fluxx?

  • Specific goals could be to get Dorothy AND the tin man, or a Wicked witch AND a house!
  • Actions are OZ specific - beware of 'it's a Twister!'
  • Creepers include the Winged Monkeys and Wicked Witch of the West
  • You may be forced to view things through Green Spectacles which could change the nature of the game!

Zombie Fluxx
Zombie Fluxx

Zombie flux for those Zombie fans out there!

Monty Python Fluxx
Monty Python Fluxx

Be prepared to be a little bit silly in this one - you might end up singing a Monty Python song or talking with a foreign accent!


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