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Valentine Gift Ideas for Women

Updated on May 20, 2011

Need a Gift Idea for your special Lady?

If you're anything like the men I know, you are probably trying to think of a great Valentines Day gift for the woman in your life. Or hopefully, you will be thinking about it soon. For most women, it's much easier to make them happy than you may think. We're happy just for the fact that you remember. Anything else, that's a bonus. I put together a few things that I like personally, and would be more than happy to receive for Valentine's Day. Every woman is different, but these are pretty general ideas that most would appreciate.

Now, in all honesty, you can look at all the websites with gift ideas all you want….but it really does help to know what she likes. It’s really not difficult. Look around at her things. Does she have anything she collects like figurines, angels, crosses, etc? What are her hobbies? Does she ever stop to glance at something as you’re out in the stores? There is a big hint right there. Most women, at least I don’t, won’t come out and ask for anything specific. We just expect you to know because we make the common mistake of thinking that you’re attentive to things like that. Keep that in mind the next time you’re out with her. We sometimes will stop to look at something that catches our eye, and secretly hope you pick up on that :) so be sure to pay attention.

A few ideas to get you started

Valentines Gift Idea #1: Purses - Women love handbags, and if you get the right one, Score! Know her style, not hard, again, just look at some of her other bags she may have and go by that. Look into a store that sells discounted designer handbags, like 6pm where you get 70%, or If you need to, ask her best girlfriend for recommendations.

#2 Jewelry: Make it funner by putting it into a new jewelry box. You can find all types of pieces of jewelry anywhere you look. Bracelets, charm bracelets, locket necklaces, rings, earrings, diamond necklaces…..and if you shop around you can find very good prices that most likely fit anyone's budget.

#3 Candles: I love candles. I’m sure most women do. Some of the better known candles are Yankee Candles or even flameless candles called Scentsy. With Yankee candles, you can customize the labels with pictures and messages.

#4 Upgrade the last gift idea by turning it into a large gift basket with spa products, bath oils, body lotion, shower gels, a really good loofah sponge, moisturizer, a cute wrap towel, things like that.

#5 Lingerie: Now the thing about lingerie is that firstly, you only need to do this if and only if you know specific sizes, and secondly, when you’re shopping for this, don’t just make it about what YOU want to see her in, make it something that she will like, something that she’ll be happy to wear, and even think about the more comfortable pj’s. Places like Victoria’s Secret have very cute, but still sexy pajamas.

#6 Name a Star after her. That has to be one of the sweetest things I think anyone could do. It’s also different than your average gift. There are several different companies that sell kits on star naming. Prices vary from around $20 on up depending on the package you choose.

#7 Kindle or Nook: Is she a reader? A perfect gift for any reader, would be an E-reader such as the Amazon Kindle, or the Nook Barnes & Noble. These are both great products, and you could also preload books that she likes to read, and some magazine subscriptions.

#8 Writing Journal: A lot of people like to write in a journal. You could write the first entry telling her how you love her, and then stick in a basket with the candles above a little ways.

#9 Add to a collection, or start one: Does she collect anything? Crosses are a big collecting item, figurines, snow globes, there are many possibilities. Make it a new collection of a special item that you can add to every year. I collect crosses, snow globes, and also Willow Tree figurines. Willow Tree figurines are an excellent thing to start collecting because there is a large variety of them, they are pretty inexpensive, and they make a nice looking collection.

Thought that counts

There are just a few Valentines Day Gift ideas to get you started.  Remember that it truly is the thought that counts.  As long as you put thought and love into choosing the gift you want to give, it will make her happy. 


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  • alinadelea profile image


    7 years ago

    good article ,thanks


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