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World Sauntering Day - 19 June

Updated on October 17, 2014

Slow down - if only for one day

When did we turn into a speed-traveling, multi-tasking society?

Our modern world is full of hurry, hustle and bustle but, for once, let's enjoy a simple saunter, with no reason for rush and no hurry to get anywhere. Take a stroll along the beach, a wander through the woods or a gentle ramble down the road.

Stop and smell the roses

It's not snake oil

If you saw a bottle of pills on the supermarket shelf that promised to strengthen your heart, manage your weight and boost your spirits, you would surely dismiss it as snake oil. Walking does this!

I'm a Walker

Walking is simple, natural, and doesn’t cost a cent. If you haven’t been active for a while, it’s a gentle low-impact exercise to ease you into a higher level of fitness and health.

I’m a walker. The time came when I had to seriously take up some form of exercise to counterbalance my spreading middle, an exercise that didn’t require me to part with large amounts of money for equipment, gym fees or special clothing. I invested in a medium priced pair of walking shoes and took my first walk – out my front gate, up to the corner and back. My first daily fitness walk lasted a good five minutes.

The Benefits of a Saunter for the Overweight

Walking slowly burns more calories and saves wear and tear on joints

Why Do You Burn More Calories at Low Speed?

At low speeds, you lose the efficiency of already being in motion - momentum, as one step is the springboard to the next step. This makes your muscles work a little harder with each step.

Walking is best taken one step at a time - Irish Proverb

Could you walk (slowly) to New Orleans? - Fats Domino could

The Benefits of Walking

Walking benefits my heart so it can pump more blood around with less effort, it lowers my blood pressure and reduces my risk of developing type 2 diabetes by improving glucose tolerance. Walking burns calories helping me manage my weight and keeps my bones strong.

As if this isn’t enough, walking, like any other regular physical activity, reduces the feelings of depression and anxiety.

I’m staying strong and active too. I want to maintain my independence into my nineties. And so should you.

Enjoying a Leisurely Stroll

These people are enjoying their saunter, plenty of time to soak in everything around them. Try it!

Anywhere is in walking distance, if you've got the time

Saunter on!

10,000 steps a day. The title says it all.

These days all of us have become sedentary, even our children, and we all need to walk more.

It's how our human bodies are designed - for walking. Not for running, not for jogging but for a sure and steady saunter.

If you're planning to increase your walking, this is a very practical book, with ideas on how to increase your steps. (and excellent if you have a dog)

Take a stroll to a new you, one step at a time

You can Saunter a Long Way

Here's another sauntering couple, this time over the cliffs of Dover

All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking -Nietzsche

© 2012 Susanna Duffy


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