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You've Been Boo'ed

Updated on June 6, 2015
A You've Been Boo'ed Treat Bag on a Doorknob
A You've Been Boo'ed Treat Bag on a Doorknob | Source

Boo Your Neighbor - A Fun Halloween Tradition!

One evening this October you may hear someone knock at your door or ring your doorbell. When you open the door you see that no one is there. After investigating further, you may discover a package of Halloween goodies and a message indicating, "You've been Boo'ed!"

If you've been Boo'ed, it means you have a secret friend in your neighborhood. Enjoy your Halloween treats and the fun of trying to solve the mystery of who Boo'ed you. As the recipient of a "Halloween Boo" you have also been invited to participate in the game by Booing other neighbors who have not yet been Boo'ed.

If you've never been Boo'ed, why not start the tradition in your neighborhood? Starting a chain reaction of "Booing" is fun and easy. It helps to strengthen neighborhood ties and makes a great family project for adults and kids to work on together. Your "Boo" can be as simple or as complicated as you like. On this page you will learn everything you need to know about how to Boo your neighbors!

(All photos on this page by Vicki Green - aka PNW Travels)

Hang the "We've Been Boo'ed" sign on your door!

We've Been Boo'ed Sign on the Door
We've Been Boo'ed Sign on the Door

We've Been Boo'ed

Now what do we do?

If you've been boo'ed, the first thing to do is put a "We've Been Boo'ed" sign on your door or in a prominent window to let everyone know that you've been boo'ed. Then as soon as possible - within a day or two - continue the game by booing two or more of your neighbors who have not yet been boo'ed!

If you've just been Boo'ed yourself, or if you want to start the tradition in your neighborhood, the next steps are the same. Here's what to do:

1. Select 2 or more "victims" in your neighborhood that you will "Boo" (either individuals or the entire family)

2. Make a list of what goodies you will include for each victim

3. Buy or make your goodies

4. Buy, make or recycle containers large enough for your Boo treats

5. Copy or create a "Boo Poem" and a "We've Been Boo'ed Sign" to include in each Boo

6. Deliver your Boo to your neighbors just after dark when no one is looking! Leave your package on the doorknob or porch, ring the doorbell or knock on the door, run and hide! (This is usually the part the kids love most)

7. Watch the fun as "We've Been Boo'ed" signs multiply and appear on doors and windows through the neighborhood!

Some Treat Ideas for Your Boo Bag

Halloween Treats
Halloween Treats

To Boo or Not to Boo?

Have you ever been Boo'ed?

See results

It's Time to Boo Your Neighbor!

October 1st - a great day to begin!

Normally the game is started around October 1st or sometime in the first week of October.

Whether you've been Boo'ed yourself, or are starting the tradition in your neighborhood, select your "victims" and decide on what you want to include as goodies. Remember that the fun of the game is mainly the element of surprise and mystery, so your treats can be simple and inexpensive, but try to select some things you know are particular favorites of your "victims". Here are some ideas:

Halloween Candy

Small Halloween Decorations

Hot Cocoa Packages

Wrapped Cookies and Snacks

A votive candle and votive holder in a Halloween scent

Small sample packages of hand lotion

Lip balm

Key Chain

Refrigerator Magnet



Treats for the family pets

Homemade goodies may not be a good idea, especially if this is a new tradition in your neighborhood. Since the idea is to keep the identity of the person or family who left the treats a secret, some people may be reluctant to eat homemade goodies from an unknown source.

Creating Your "Boo" Gift Bag

Boo Bag Kit
Boo Bag Kit

Start with a Halloween Themed Bag

A set of inexpensive Halloween themed bags like these will work great for your Boo Bags.

Choose a Container for Booing Your Neighbor

Bags, boxes or buckets - whatever you can find!

Although you can leave the Boo Poem, the "We've Been Boo'ed" sign and the treats on your neighbor's porch, to prevent damage from the weather or the treats being consumed by animals, it is best to place them in a container and hang from the doorknob if possible.

As long as the container is large enough to hold the treats, you can use any container you want - a bag, a basket, or a plastic pumpkin with a handle. Recycle something you already have or get the kids involved by decorating a plain paper bag with a handle.

Further down the page you will find links to several websites with free downloads of You've Been Boo'd poems and window signs to add to your bag.

Candles in Halloween Scents

Halloween Votive Candle
Halloween Votive Candle

Halloween Scented Votive Candles

Add a Candle in an Autumn Scent

Candles have long been associated with Halloween, so a fall scented votive candle in an inexpensive votive holder would make a great Boo treat for a neighbor.

For some ideas, here is a list of some popular Halloween and autumn candle scents:
Candy Apple
Harvest Time
Pumpkin Spice

Inexpensive Halloween Gifts for Girls

Sweet Harvest Lip Balm Candy Apple By Avon
Sweet Harvest Lip Balm Candy Apple By Avon
If the family you have selected to "Boo" include girls, these lip balms in Halloween flavors would be a hit!

You've Been Boo'd Gift Ideas - Inexpensive Halloween Boo Bag Trinkets and Treats

Gifts for your Boo gift bags need not be expensive. You can use halloween decorations you've made, individually wrapped treat-size Halloween candy, travel size samples of lotions, trinkets from the dollar store or individually wrapped coookies and treats. Below are some ideas for some inexpensive items you can use for your Boo Gifts.

More Fun Things For Your Bag

In case you need more ideas for things to put in your Boo Bags - I love these rubber duckies!

Halloween Gift Ideas for Boys

If the family you are booing has some boys, usually something more ghoulish will be popular.

Don't Forget that Dogs like Treats for Tricks

Chicken Jerky Treats
Chicken Jerky Treats

Don't Forget the Family Pet

If you need more items to fill your Boo Bag, remembering to include a healthy treat for a beloved family dog or cat will be appreciated.

Decorate Your Bag and Signs with Clip Art

Make it Fun with Clip Art
Make it Fun with Clip Art

You've Been Boo'ed Poems

An example of a "Boo" Poem

There are several versions of the "You've Been Boo'ed" poem. Here's one version:

There was a ghost here bringing treats to you

He flew to your house just to say Boo!

Who left this Boo Bag, who could it be?

You might find out, but not from me!

Place the "We've Been Boo'ed" sign where all can see

So everyone will know a Boo! surprise you received.

Enjoy the goodies and treats from us,

But now it's your turn to Boo! someone else.

Fill each bag with treats and fun,

Bring them to your neighbor's door, knock and then run!


Enclose a piece of paper with additional instructions if you like:

You have been Booed! Please keep it going by following these directions...

1. Enjoy your treats

2. Place your "Boo" on your front door

3. Now you have 24 hours to copy this twice, make or buy treats and copy or make two


4. Then, secretly deliver to two neighbors who don't have a "Boo" on their door.

5. Keep an eye on nearby front doors and watch how far the fun will spread.

Share your opinion about "Booing" at Halloween

Would you participate if you were boo'ed?


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