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Zazzle's Halloween Creatures

Updated on December 28, 2014
naturegirl7s profile image

Here in Louisiana we say, "Let the good times roll!" Holidays are celebrated with crafts, costumes and decorations, to everyone's enjoyment.

And long-leggedy beasties, And things that go bump in the night

When the frost is on the pumpkin, our thoughts go to Halloween with its tall black cats, hooting owls, flying bats and spiders spinning webs. These are the animals of Halloween. Also featured are mythical animals like werewolves and shape shifters.

We have searched with animal lovers, like us, in mind and have featured the best Halloween animal designs. So if you know and like what goes bump in the night, then you'll love the T-shirts, Keds shoes, Ties, Trick or Treat Bags, Posters and stickers that we have gathered here. We've even added some Halloween poems and song lyrics to get you in the spirit of the holiday, as well as animal costumes.

Halloween, Halloween

Oh what scary sights are seen!

Witches hats, coal black cats,

Broomstick riders, mice and rats!

Halloween for Animal Lovers

Halloween and animals go hand in hand because so many of the Halloween symbols are animals. There are songs about witches and their coal black cats, hooting owls, bats, mice and rats. Most of the scary things that go bump in the night are animals. So we've collected our favorite Zazzle designs from a variety of talented artists and displayed them here for you to enjoy.

We hope you have a hooting, hissing, squeaking and purrfectly wonderful Halloween!

Our first stop is in the clothing department. Trick or Treaters and Moms need cool shoes and reusable Trick or Treat bags to go with their spooky costumes and Moms and Dads need scary Halloween T-shirts and aprons to wear while they're handing out those treats. And Dad, don't forget an eerie tie for the office.

Here are some of the best Halloween animal designs on Zazzle.

Favorite Creatures

Which is your favorite Halloween Creature?

Cats and other felines

Cats and other felines

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    • jasminesphotogr 6 years ago

      Between the two, I'd have to go with cats.

    Wolves including weres and other canines

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      • anonymous 6 years ago


      It's Halloween

      Strange things happen

        on Halloween night.

      A witch sails by on a broom.

      Pumpkins grin slyly

        from rickety fences

      As owls fly away to the moon.

      by Virginia P. Flanagan

      Star Cat Treat?


      Dax Cat Gimmie Treats


      Black Spider



      Witches, ghosts, and bats are seen

      out at night on Halloween.

      Boys and girls with scary faces

      peer out from many spooky places.

      Everything looks very queer

      this jack-o'-lantern time of year!by Ruth Linsley Forman




      An owl sat watching in a tree,

      Just as wise as he could be,

      Watching tricksters from door to door run,

      Trick or treating and having fun.

      After he had watched the whole scene,

      He said, "Whoo, it's Owl-o-ween!"

      Vintage Prints to Bring Back Happy Halloween Memories

      A Merry Halloween Print design and other vintage public domain prints by naturetees and vintagehalloween are available on Zazzle.


      By Richard Anderson, 1998

      A gentle breeze rustling the dry cornstalks.

      A sound is heard, a goblin walks.

      A harvest moon suffers a black cat's cry.

      Oh' do the witches fly!

      Bonfire catches a pumpkins gleem.

      Rejoice, it's Halloween!

      What's the best Creature costume ever? - Find one you like.

      Who could resist this cute baby tiger?

      Carve out a Comment.

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        • profile image

          AmbrosiaPopsicle 6 years ago

          Scary spider, great intro pic lol! Great options to shop for here and nice ideas. I like the dog costume!

        • profile image

          Jellyrolldesigns 6 years ago

          Really great lens with a lot of inspirations and choices for Halloween!

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          anonymous 6 years ago

          If you're doing your Halloween shopping at then you may be able to make use of a coupon code I found. Emmaandpete3 is worth 10% off all orders at of $50 or more >:)

        • profile image

          getbackup 6 years ago

          Great lens & great designs! I love it!

        • profile image

          anonymous 7 years ago

          you are welcome to my Zazzle site where you'll find not only Halloween products but a wide selection of different themes. I hope you pay me a visit.

        • profile image

          JuJuGarden 7 years ago

          Check out:

 halloween gifts?st=date_created

        • profile image

          DogHalloweenCostume 7 years ago

          Five stars from me to you. Fabulous Halloween Lens! I love the shoes.

        • Paula Atwell profile image

          Paula Atwell 8 years ago from Cleveland, OH

          Terrific and spooky lens. Love your choices.

        • ElizabethJeanAl profile image

          ElizabethJeanAl 8 years ago

          My husband's birthday is on the 29th so Halloween is big in our house. I love the witch-cat.

          Great lens


        • ElizabethJeanAl profile image

          ElizabethJeanAl 8 years ago

          Welcome to The Totally Awesome Lenses Group.


        • profile image

          emilyava 8 years ago

          Funniest halloween costumes lens.

        • DrRichard LM profile image

          DrRichard LM 8 years ago

          Cool costumes, great lens! 5 stars...

        • SherryHolderHunt profile image

          SherryHolderHunt 8 years ago

          Hi, I'm rolling this lens to my Art with Heart lens.

        • profile image

          bdkz 8 years ago

          Thanks for featuring dndartstudio!

        • SherryHolderHunt profile image

          SherryHolderHunt 8 years ago

          Hi! Wonderful lens, you have many of my favorites on here!! Thank you for including mine! Rolling it, favoriting it and 5*s

        • Quidicane profile image

          Quidicane 8 years ago

          Nice Work! One fact to remember, Halloween, in the Wicca religion is called Samhain and Samhain has many nice animal related designs on zazzle as well

        • Dianne Loomos profile image

          Dianne Loomos 8 years ago

          A nice Halloween Lens. I enjoyed it.

        • The Eclectic Muse profile image

          The Eclectic Muse 8 years ago

          What great ideas! Super images too.

        • profile image

          ThomasC 8 years ago

          Thanks for entering the Halloween Contest!


        • Mihaela Vrban profile image

          Mihaela Vrban 8 years ago from Croatia

          Good job! I don't mind you borrowing an idea. :) The more, the merrier! I even see here few I missed!