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Zodiac Birthstones Chart - What Gemstone Are You?

Updated on July 9, 2014

If you are interested in astrology, this zodiac birthstones chart shows the traditional gemstones and minerals associated with each of the twelve star signs.

You can use the chart to find a unique and personalized birthday gift based on someone's sun sign.

I also have a chart of birthstones based on the month of birth and even the day of the week.

Depending on who you speak to, the dates of each of the signs can change slightly. Those with birthdays around the beginning and end of each sign are said to have been 'born on the cusp', and you could choose the birthstone from either sign.

In a similar fashion, the birthstones are not 'set in stone' - so to speak! There are a number of differing opinions about which birthstone goes with what sign.

My list is of the widely accepted zodiac birthstones, but if you prefer an alternative, it's perfectly okay to be flexible.

Aries - Bloodstone
Aries - Bloodstone

Aries Birthstone

21 March – 20 April

Bloodstone - dark green in color, with flecks of blood red. This unusual mineral is also known as 'heliotrope'. Bloodstone looks amazing when set into jewelry such as a ring, pendant or earrings.

Taurus - Sapphire
Taurus - Sapphire

Taurus Birthstone

21 April – 20, 21 May

Sapphire - perhaps most famously blue, however sapphires can also be purple, pink, orange, green and yellow. There are also red sapphires, but they are called rubies.

Sapphires are popular jewelry gemstones, With such a wide range of colors, a gift for Taurus is one of the easier ones to find based on zodiac birthstones.

Gemini - Agate
Gemini - Agate

Gemini Birthstone

21, 22 May – 21 June

Agate - a silica mineral characterized by colorful bands, loops and whorls. It is used for carving ornaments and jewelry. Thin slices of some agates make artistic gifts - they are translucent when held up to the light, allowing the colors and patterns to stand out. An agate mortar and pestle is a useful and beautiful present for any Gemini interested in cooking.

Cancer - Emerald
Cancer - Emerald

Cancer Birthstone

22 June – 22 July

Emerald - rich green in color, true emeralds are rare and precious gemstones. Green beryl is also considered to be emerald in the United States, which makes gift buying a little more affordable.

Leo - Onyx
Leo - Onyx

Leo Birthstone

23 July – 22, 23 August

Onyx - this beautiful silica mineral is characterized by parallel bands of almost any color. It can be engraved, carved or set into jewelry. As it has been used since ancient times, an onyx antique piece would make a great Leo gift.

Virgo - Carnelian
Virgo - Carnelian

Virgo Birthstone

23, 24 August – 22, 23 September

Carnelian - this mineral is polished to produce a semi-precious gemstone. The color ranges from a light orange to brownish red to almost black.

It can also be carved to create wonderful effects.

Libra - Peridot
Libra - Peridot

Libra Birthstone

23, 24 September – 22, 23 October

Peridot - a green gemstone whose color ranges from yellowish to olive to brownish. The most valuable color is a rich olive green. Peridot has been used in jewelry since ancient times.

Scorpio - Beryl
Scorpio - Beryl

Scorpio Birthstone

23, 24 October – 22 November

Beryl - this transparent to translucent crystal can be clear in color, or be tinted white, yellow, green, blue or red. The gemstones emerald and aquamarine are both forms of beryl. It is traditionally used in jewelry, although you can purchase large beryl crystals.

Sagittarius - Topaz
Sagittarius - Topaz

Sagittarius Birthstone

23 November – 21, 22, 23 December

Topaz - when completely pure, this mineral is colorless and clear. However, it often has impurities creating zodiac birthstones of many different colors, including white, opaque, and pale blue, pink, gold, green and yellow.

Capricorn - Ruby
Capricorn - Ruby

Capricorn Birthstone

22, 23, 24 December – 20 January

Ruby - a stunning gemstone that can range in color from pink to deep blood red. In fact, more red the stone, the more valuable - particularly when the stone also has clarity.

Aquarius - Garnet
Aquarius - Garnet

Aquarius Birthstone

21 January – 19 February

Garnet - found in a whole range of colors including clear, red, green and blue. Some even change color depending on the light. This makes it easier to match an Aquarius birthstone with a favorite color for a personalized gift.

Pisces - Amethyst
Pisces - Amethyst

Pisces Birthstone

20 February – 20 March

Amethyst - ranging in color from light to dark purple, this is a beautiful crystal in jewelry.

You can also purchase gorgeous amethyst geodes as gifts. These are rocks that have had the crystals form inside. When cut in half, they create stunning natural works of art.


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