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My Father!

Updated on January 23, 2017

This is about my father
Though I not speak about him rather
Ever since he strived on his own
Lived as though by all disowned
No one ever to him even anything loaned
Though the son of a father who all over the country was renowned
To make a living on his own he sworned
Miles he walked to school
In his worn out and torn shoes
No one willing to pay even his schools dues
He once showed me the path that to his school led
Walking on which his feet bled
As his father a freedom fighter was prisoner of state
Left his and his mother's life devastate
Seeing his and his mother's plight
As his father was away and out of sight
Their life was dim and devoid of light
Took a decision to leave home outright
Worked hard to make a living day and night
Through out stuck to principles and what was right
He never ever again looked back
To live in this world and survive on his own he has a knack
And a knack to make money a ton and stack
He had the gift of a voice to sing
To make of it a career he could not himself bring
As very early life's circumstances clipped his wings
His personality and aura is such
People around are petrified of him very much
Outwardly he is firm and stern
As he wants us to life's lessons learn His heart is mild and for love does yearn
He is a perfectionist by nature
This trait reflects even in his physical stature
His friends called him Mao and Chow
As with him they never ever won a row
He has a great sense of humour
Which makes him being like mao and Chow appear as a rumour
Of politicians he pulled the strings
He always kept trimmed their wings
He is father and mother
To me my sister and brother
I pray he lives long
As he keeps all in check and never let's anything go wrong
And as ever he is with us affectionate and like a pillar standing strong !



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