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New Year's Evil

Updated on April 21, 2016
Stella Kaye profile image

Stella has been a poet for as long as she can remember and has published a selection of her poetry on hub pages.

Here's to your health


Raise a glass?

Heavy clink of glasses
Too delicate to be smashed
Together this clumsily,
Some soon to be shattered.
Champagne spurting liberally;
Inebriated guests caught up
In the spirit of the moment.

‘More wine?
We'll open another box.
Beer? G and T?
A cup of tea?
You can't be serious!’

Why ever not?
Why not raise even an empty glass
If the sentiment is genuine?
Surely more meaningful
If your guest is still sober.
Better that cup of tea
Than a hypocritical toast to good health
And down another pint
Send you on your way,
‘One for the road,’
Fumbling for car keys
And soon to die.

© 2014 Stella Kaye


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