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Poem About Confusion :: Confusion in My Mind

Updated on May 17, 2011

Confusion in my mind

Don’t know what to do

Turning, fidgeting, cooling

Warm, dark clouds above

Illusion of the mind

Feel at lost and floating

The alley where there is dark

Illumination, shining in dark

Needed help confusion

Love swirling in the dark

Lace interlocking outside

Repeating, reverberating

Wind blowing at night

My mind swirling

Wanting to run

Away from the morning

Surely the night

Will disappear

And day will appear

To finish this confusion

Give light to my mind

And make me sleep

What will I do

Will I turn the lights off

Will I open my mind

I hope darkness will fade

And I can sleep

Screw the light

Turn off the light



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    • aware profile image

      aware 8 years ago from West Palm Beach Florida.

      hugs , and a hope for your new year. keep keeping poetry alive.