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Updated on April 30, 2015

He has a relationship with himself yet awaits my caravan ~

Power and Pleasure Both stiMUlate MY man

Capricious love, my private happiness ~

Unbound passion inter wed with tenderness

Abandoned intellect ; unoccupied shelves,

court disparate destination of inner selves

The source of his strength extracted from love

for relations and convictions in a source above

I cull men of younger years, yet unlike hands of age

Cotter is cognition not summations on the page

A conscious heart, a chivalrous facade and broad mind;the three he must possess

To have and to hold an appropriate fitting with his poetess

So, he is who, behind which mask could this stranger be ?

This superlative shadow of MY man amid my fantasy.


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    • profile image

      Butch 2 years ago

      That's the smart thiiknng we could all benefit from.