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Fast Pain/ Slow Pain

Updated on June 4, 2017


The sharper the blade

The deeper the cut

The slice is surprising

It’s cold and it’s clean

Blue blood turns to Red

And alarmingly streams

I caught a quick glimpse of Hell

But Fast Pain drowned my screams

Fast pain has a point

Slow pain still makes me ask why

Easier to get up off the floor

Than to still hold my head high

The crashes often don’t kill

It’s the terror on the way down

Fast Pain’s what I’m missing

Slow Pain’s what I’ve found

Slow Pain’s dagger is dull

But still continues to try

The gash left is jagged,

The wound leaves nothing to stitch

The cup that it offers

Drops strong men to their knees

Claiming danger in hope,

It hides the Forrest with trees

The blood long since clotted

The scar can barely be seen

Tears are no longer accepted

I have relearned how to smile

But even though buried by years

True Sorrow doesn’t forget

Though I’ve moved on, it still haunts me

Slow Pain remains in my veins

Fast Pain is failing

Slow Pain’s not able to try

Though Fast stops your breath

Slow- each day again die

While Fast Pain brought shock

The Slow Pain still makes me cry


SUMMARY: "Fast Pain/Slow Pain" is a dark portrayal of frustration, lonliness, and sorrow. I wrote it probably 3 years ago, when my world was significantly darker and more bitter. It wasn't really written to be a good read, in fact it was more of a diary entry than a poem that might be displayed someday. So if this is a bit of a shock and a downer, then it's not written for you; but just know that there are people that you bump elbows with everyday who are hiding behind a smile, but inside, feel this Pain.

My wish for ALL is Blesssings, Joy, and Peace; but since this is an imperfect world we live in, I hope that the Pain that you will face is Fast Pain and NOT Slow Pain! God Bless!


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    • LetsSayGrace profile image

      LetsSayGrace 7 years ago

      This is good. The last picture reminds me of two things 1. How I picture the cover of the book Happyface 2. An artistic expression by Eric Timm called re-painting Jesus. View this video

      fast forward to about 12 minutes in.