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Updated on December 28, 2011


You told me last night

you wanted to be with me

It wasn't very light

your expression I couldn't see.

I don't know if you meant it

but, why would you lie?

if you did,it didn't seem it

I'm not sure I'm ready to try.

Right now were such good friends

should we really take a chance?

On letting our friendship end

for the possibility of romance.

Our friendship means so much

I don't want it to fade away

sometimes I need your touch

in a very loving way.

So what should we do?

What should we say?

Should we just assume

It will work out either way?

VLH 1990


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  • IN2Deep profile image

    IN2Deep 7 years ago

    KristenGrace- Thank You!

  • KristenGrace profile image

    KristenGrace 7 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

    The final two lines flowed the poem to a perfect ending. Lovely and easy-to-read poem.

  • IN2Deep profile image

    IN2Deep 7 years ago

    Kennynext-LOL- You are so right! I wrote this in 1990- we were married in 94--and still--Thank you!

  • kennynext profile image

    kennynext 7 years ago from Everywhere

    Very good. If we never try, we will never know. Take a chance and it could be the best thing ever.