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Heart of Mine

Updated on January 27, 2014

If you could see into my heart,

My heart beats slowly

View the pain that surrounds it,


See the cracks on the surface

How well they are seen

Look a little deeper now you

See the breaks

Irreversible damage has been done

Now it's to late my heart has one less beat

Fate has been sealed, my heart is slowly dying

If you could see into my heart witness

Tears repressed, tears, mine don't exist

A story not shared, a story unread

Violence and abuse

Blood seeps out from

Unhealed wounds

Lacerated over and over again

If you could see into my heart

Watch as it withers and dies

Untouched, unloved, forgotten

Cast away, discarded

Battered, deep memories

Holds the pain unseen

To the naked eye

If you could see into my heart

I know longer have one


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