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Mercy Me

Updated on May 5, 2015

The night that my true love passed away, is the night that I lost my life too

I wandered aimless through the night, not knowing what to do

The noises of the city streets just blurred into my ears

Completely clouded vision as my eyes welled up with tears

Thoughts of past and future were just too much to bear

to never hold her hand again or smell the fragrance of her hair

My existence on this earth without her left me so alone

and with thoughts of suicide, to take my life, my own

I trudged onto a bridge that crossed over a sea

concluding dissolution was in the cards for me

I leaned over the bridge's railing and reasoned jumping in

pondering self - destruction ~ comparative to sin

My contemplation was interrupted by something I heard stir

and detected something nearing me, something made of fur

The manifestation collapsed and I went to get a closer view

At first glance it looked human but unlike me or you

I knelt beside the figure and was in awe of sight

Before me lay a fallen angel graced with wings of white

I laid my palm upon her head and she opened up her eyes

I swore I felt the tears of God as rain fell from the skies

I lifted her up in my arms and she made attempt to speak

I placed my finger on her lips and told her she's too weak

I carried her to my home and laid her down to rest

Unconfident of what to do with my sacred guest

I sat next to where she lay and clasped my hands in prayer

and when I lifted up my head, the angel wasn't there

Dematerialized without a trace ~I still could sense quintessence

There was no doubt in my heart or mind of her timely presence

I didn't actually rescue an angel, she clearly salvaged me

and gifted me tomorrow amongst humanity.


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    • Linda Cassini profile image

      Linda Cassini 5 years ago from Las Vegas NV

      Bloody Welcome to you Prey ! :) Thank you for being one of my first followers :)

    • prey profile image

      prey 5 years ago from places you should hope we never meet

      Linda, HI! I thought I would pass on some constructive advice meant in the kindest of ways. If you could stop writing so well,,,, maybe some of the rest of us could make some money, play craps and black jack and enjoy writing. You are robbing us of these opportunities LOL

      Girl, we are very similar, on my other account I just closed after 3 years, I feel like your hubs are like mine. We think very similar but the way you compose your creativity in which order you place your thoughts in words is not just fantastic but also very inspiring, thank you for that.

      Voted way UP!