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Monologue With Dialogue

Updated on November 8, 2011

A Chapter in the Education of a Young Woman

He looks at me so strangely.

His gaze

strays right above

The place where I am sitting.

His eyes

Are filled with love.

You fool!

His eyes are focused on

The ceiling and the wall...

He gazes there in boredom

And sees you

Not at all.

No, no- he loves me dearly-

How plain it is to see.

His tender smile just radiates

His love and warmth

To me.

You idiot!

His ‘tender smile’

Is just a sickly grin .

The ‘love’ he ‘radiates’

Is not

Much deeper than

His skin.

His love for me is something

Only I can understand...

His shyness is the reason

He can’t offer me

His hand.

His ‘shyness’ is a cynicism

Grounded in crude stone...

He can’t commit to crushing it.

He wants to be



He sits and watches me,

Wishing I were there.

I am not blind. I can’t ignore

A lonely, loving stare.

The stare?

Part of a silly game

That he wants you to play.

Ignore it.

Soon you’ll find that it

Will simply go away.

I’ve never played a game like this

With anybody sane...

And anyway, what is the point?

What could he hope to gain?

He’s gained a lot

Just knowing that

You’re falling for his game...

And if you do,

He’ll think you’re just

Another silly dame.

I think that I am finally

Beginning- what?- to learn...

He looked away.

I wonder if

He thinks that it’s my turn.

He does.

So simply smile,

Then stand,

Then walk the other way.

He’s not much of a player

If there’s nothing


To say.


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