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Secrets to success in life.

Updated on July 20, 2015

Its not that I don't work hard but things are not working out well for me, i have tried different ventures, different works and have lived in five different cities within a space of three years. I have also visited more churches than any of my age mate in search of answers about my life and my predicaments. Everyday seems to be the same and my regular meal formula is 0-0-1 though on a different day, that is a day his grace will shine on me it will be 1-0-1.

Skipping meal because of lack of avenue to arrange it is nothing but evidence of poverty. I woke up feeling dizzy and weak so i decided not to go out that day,there was no food and no money to buy anything so i remained on my bed, i began asking myself a particular question; "What are the secrets to success in life?" So many things began happening inside me at the same time then somehow i heard a voice inside me; it said Look around your room.

I looked around my room then the same voice asked me to stand up which i did then i looked up at the ceiling and immediately put myself together, i have heard about people hallucinating and some that just became mad because of stress but the more i tried to get my mind at peace the more the voice spoke."Look at the properties in your room". It said.

I took a closer look at my small table fan and the voice said,"Be cool", i looked at the ceiling once again and it said, "Aim high", gazed steadily at the window and it said, "See the world" ,then i turned to my wall clock and it said, "Every minute is precious", then i turned to the mirror and it said, "Reflect before you act".

I didn't know what was happening to me but all i knew was that something extra ordinary,some kind of supernatural experience was taking place because my attention was drawn towards the calendar and the voice said, "Be up to date".

Then i went towards the door,the voice sounded louder,it said, "Push hard for your goals". Then i remembered that i was standing on a rug i bought on credit, as if being drawn out from what was happening to me,the voice became crystal clear and it said "Kneel down and pray".

I became a little bit scared but somehow held myself then a kind of force moved me so i took a step and entered in the toilet,as i looked at the toilet sitting, the voice hit me again and it said "Flush the Bad habits that will deter you from becoming someone influential in life.

I shook my head then ran back into the room but as i got closer to my small stool,i realized that my Holy Bible was open as if someone was reading it, i didn't know what happened but i smiled and immediately the voice said, "Read me for direction".

I couldn't but feel on my knees and prayed to the king of kings because,he made me to understand that the answer to my question was right on my finger tips. Believe me, from that day onwards, everything about me changed because i began taking life serious but very cautious of what i do and who i associate with. I also began praying fervently which was nothing but an open door for me.


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