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Summary of 'The tempest' Act IV & V

Updated on November 3, 2014

Summary of the Tempest Act IV

A conversation between Prospero and Ferdinand,admonishing Ferdinand to beware of his actions with Miranda lest he mar the sanctity of marriage ,through his lustful desire to defile the bed with her.On account of such a deed, Prospero would withdraw his consent to hand over his priceless daughter in marriage to Ferdinand .Ferdinand confirms his oath to keep the chastity and virginity of Miranda ,his desire to have a long peaceful life with wife and children.Thus it would refrain him from causing any damage to the relationship with Miranda.

Nothing would prompt him to cause the beauty of his marriage to be scandalized.Prospero permits him to talk to Miranda and is quick to employ Ariel in another spell and commands him to bring every soul on the island for the grand finale.

Ariel assures Prospero of his prompt obedience .Iris is a rainbow - colored messenger,Ceres is a flower used in garlands for lovers . They are called to entertain the lovers -Miranda and Ferdinand, and to celebrate the pledge taken by the couple.Ceres assures them that she has avoided the scandalous company of Venus and her blind son.

Iris, Juno and Ceres each one sing their blessings for the marriage of Ferdinand and Miranda.Ferdinand wishes to live forever in the blissful dwelling with Miranda which he refers to as Paradise.

The reapers dance and the spirits, Juno, Ceres and Iris disappear.

Prospero has to take action on Caliban and his helpers who have made a vile device to murder Prospero.His temper is stirred and Ferdinand begs him to rest.Their next step is to counteract Caliban .Ariel takes up the form of Ceres ,inquires about the presence of Antoni and his group.

Ariel reports of their gait ,that they were staggering drunk and followed him as he drummed the music through thorny briars ,sharp bushes ,prickly grass,and into the dirt covered pool wallowing up to their chin.

Prospero is bent on troubling Caliban. Trinculo and Stephano in the pool are outraged at Caliban. while Caliban is heading toward the cave ,Prospero's cell to kill him lest he would cause them to writhe in pain.

Alonso Gonzalo, Sebastian Antonio ,Adrian and Ferdinand are on scene .Alonso is reprimanded by Prospero for his evil deed and the treatment to Miranda .Sebastian his own brother, who sought after ambition.Prospero forgives him .Gonzalo is amazed at the sight and wonders if he was dreaming

Prospero sets a bait for the trio - Caliban ,Stephano, and Trinculo, whom he addresses as thieves .Caliban has promised to them to be their faithful slave .They are nearing Prospero's cell and are ready to carry out their wicked plot and kill Prospero.He persuades Stephano to accomplish his task and get his kingdom the Island.Their eyes catch the pile of royal garments and they halt to secure it.

Summary ofThe Tempest Act V

Summary of Act V 'THE TEMPEST'

The scene is before Prospero's cell.He inquires about Alonso and his followers.They are repenting of their evil deeds and the story is reaching its climax where forgiveness paves a path to new relationships and a bright future.

Prospero is now determined to put away his tools - the magic wand , to bury it deep under the earth and the book of spells which he would cast into the depths of the sea.Prospero introduces himself to Alonso ;the sight of Prospero and his daughter Miranda with Ferdinand is incredible to Alonso. Miranda and Alonso's son Ferdinand are playing chess.Ferdinand discloses Miranda to his father as the Divine provision.Gonzalo is awakened to the fact that the Duke of Milan had to be driven from his state of honour in order to receive the great blessings for his child ,Miranda.Each one has discovered their true selfish nature;resolved and transformed,

The Boatswain finds the mystery unravelled :the ship they were sailing on is well rigged and intact ,their royal gallant ship .Stephano Trinculo and Caliban in their stolen dresses draw near Prospero who orders them to get back to the cell and tidy up.

Prospero unveils his story and the sea is calmed down for the company to sail safely home to conduct the solemn marriage of Ferdinand and Miranda , whereas Prospero himself would return to Milan and spend the rest of his days in meditation..


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    • olgakhumlo profile image

      olga khumlo 6 years ago from Mira Road Mumbai India

      Dear Juliet ,I'm ever ready to help you .If you need any more summaries please let me know.I'm glad you are blessed.God bless you .

    • profile image

      Juliet 6 years ago

      Thank you Madam , these summaries have made me understand better.