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Tell Me Something Sweet, I’ll Easily Be Forgotten

Updated on December 12, 2011
Calgary, Alberta. August 2011. (C) Sarah Haworth. Koi Fish.
Calgary, Alberta. August 2011. (C) Sarah Haworth. Koi Fish.

We took the time to figure it all out and we made sure of this.

And so mutually we eagerly awaited me I guess too much.

On edge, for once

You forgot what you meant to me,

You forgot what you said to me

And you went and picked on me - I though you were there for me?

And here I cry out and here I sigh out loud to let me know the truth.

I thought we had so much more coming!

I thought we were more too.

But now I’ve gone and wasted you away

I guess it’s just because I know I’m easy to forget

I’m small and weary, and like a faceless penny - nothing worth more to you

But here you go; I give you me, why can't you take the lead?

I guess I only thought you said that we could have it all?

But I’m easily forgotten and easily amused from, so you got cruel

Why did we this to me?

I’ll go out and take another

But just to let you know,

There is a sliver inside my soul

It’s a place reserved for you, and

If you like you can take it back

I’ll always be here for you, but I’m easy to forget

Small and timid, i hide behind myself from you

And i made myself disappear from you

I take the blame - je suis perdue

I didn’t know what to say when I was so let down,

But please don’t look at me that way

With a face full of kindness, rage, hatred and confusion from me

A face I desperately wanted to say I know, one I wanted so bad

Which now looks at me as if I were a sin from the holy,

As time passed, I once asked for kind words spoken

Because I often hear none of that when I need it the most

So you follow, and the day after and so you will tomorrow until I let myself fade

But I am easy to forget, forgetting me is nothing new

But as I regret to say, and will be burned and scorched if I must do - forget me and be forgotten.

That will be life for you.


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    • streetdancer profile image

      Sarah H 6 years ago from Canada

      Angelsfire - thanks :)

    • profile image

      Angelsfire 6 years ago

      So sad. Striking. Filled with anger yet sorrowful. And truthful as to how easily one can be forgotten by those who say they love us. Painful yet powerful.