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The Negotiator (Book review) Author: Dee Henderson

Updated on March 22, 2012

This first book in the O'Malley series is a remarkable page-turner with a mind-blowing plot and some of the most remarkably courageous characters...


A remarkable read from the contemporary Christian fiction genre!

Kate O’ Malley is an independent strong willed hostage negotiator. She is beautiful, with a voice as smooth as honey, yet tough as nails when it comes to protecting the lives of innocent civilians. Yet, beneath that hard-hitting exterior is a woman who is harboring a dark secret and hurt so deep, it leaves her with a spiritual void. She has changed her name and created a new life for herself, surrounding herself with her adoptive family, who are all like her, from a foster home. Together, the close-knit O’ Malley’s, who all coincidently have high risk occupations, cherish and nurture each other through a myriad of trails and tribulations.

Dave Richman is an FBI special agent with a passion for justice and faith strong enough to move mountains. When Dave and Kate’s paths cross in a death-defying hostage situation in a bank, he is drawn to her, yet disheartened by her fearlessness and the emptiness mirrored in her eyes. They befriend each other, despite his reservations about her being a non-believer. Kate becomes a victim when someone sends her black roses and leaves eerie messages on her answering machine. Fear paralyses this courageous woman once more when a plane with over two hundred people on board is blown up and she is linked to the incident.

Another tragedy strikes the O’Malley clan, the characters are drawn into a whirlwind of investigations and secrets Kate never thought existed are revealed. In order for her to solve the mystery and prevent an innocent man from being convicted, Kate must reach into the depths of her soul and find God, who is the only One able to put her life back together again.

The first book of the O’Malley series, it is definitely a page turner as Dee Henderson is in a class of her own. A cross-genre filled with romance, drama, suspense and undertones of spirituality about one woman’s journey of pain, love, faith and the God-fearing man who loves and helps her.

American Rita Award winner Dee Henderson is a superlative writer! She creates a mind blowing plot with numerous twists and some truly remarkable characters. I recommend this book to anyone with a keen interest in fiction and found it to be the perfect companion on a chilly autumn day.


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