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~ Whilome / Mystery ~

Updated on March 18, 2020

~ ◊ ΜΨΣΤÊΡÿ ◊ ~

In truancy of light be'eth darkness;

'Pon absence of darkness shines light;

Pray show thee abodes whereth mystery goes,

Whenst umbrae doth shirkest the wight.

Is she there in the wind where the feathered song blows,

In a corner of sky where the glistener glows?

Peradventure the graces where hopeful hearts dwelt,

Aye, affectionate chases that twain lovers felt?

Dost she surf 'pon frothed arch as spumed crest greets yon breeze,

'Hind knave patches o' pirates who remonstrate seas?

Wilt she pitch up her yurt in thine own devlish heart,

Amble brume-laden paths hewn on unchartered charts?

Sail invisible craft betwixt fear and its tear,

Will she shoo thee away if ye usher her near?

Wilt she fain to be charmed by tranced swain of her ilk,

As she shimmies in gauzes of dancing-girl's silk?

Will she turn back the clock on the world's longest day,

Does she step to the fore when there's nothing to say?

Must she rule vivid realms beyond poetry's eyes,

Don the womanly mask of thy chosen disguise?

Read the soul of your muse with her tittle and jot,

Furnish erudite flow for your criminal plot?

Yea, in all of these things she won't fail to alink,

All the twists ye have thought flown on wings of your ink,

To alight on the world, tote a colour to your race,

Citing ensorcelled words via her unspoken face.



—— ‡ † Whilome † ‡——


" What pageant subtle didst I espy,

As dawn broached dusks' skeletal sky?

Whenst suntide fleshed night's stony eye,

In lunelight's troth of tender sigh? "



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