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1 acre of realestate why I am king of my back yard

Updated on March 6, 2010

Lord of my Domain

Sometimes when I have things on my mind I like to pace around my back yard.Sometimes when I need to work things out I'll sit in the backyard just me a twelve pack of coors light and my thoughts.Over the years I have seen many things in my little wild kingdom.I was caught by surprise one day when I was putting in a little yard work I was a first hand witness to the brutality and the beauty of nature.As I was going about my business of trimming the hedges and raking my back yard I noticed a pigeon flying back and forth from the neighbors roof to the tree in my back yard.Back and forth back and forth I assumed that the pigeon must have been building a nest or something and resumed my yard work.I start bagging up the leaves and the trimmings from the hedges I trimmed and the pigeon decides to land in the center of my back yard,about ten feet away from me surprised that the bird would land when I was out there I stared for a second and in a flash four cats came out of no where hit the pigeon causing the bird to flip and land on its back.the cats covered the poor bird and within a matter of minutes they had eaten everything all that was left was the pigeons head wings and feet everything else was consumed.The cats vanished just as quickly as they came.While I was standing there looking at the situation thinking "damn that was amazing!poor bird!!!why did you have to land?"

that was a couple of years ago fast forward to today

A couple of days ago there I was sitting in my "office" better known as my back yard,thinking about the new direction that my life was taking.Sitting there with a six pack of beer and my servsafe text book,relaxing and just skimming through a few chapters loading up for the next "surprise quiz" to come.Which is always on Tuesdays,(I think I'm the only one in the class that has figured that out.)Sipping on a Coors light mellowing out with the breeze and my thoughts,I start focusing on what my life will be like as a cook,I start imagining myself flipping steaks on the grill at a nice restaurant.I start Imagining myself walking through a nice kitchen dressed in full chefs garb.I start imagining myself reaching over and receiving that great big, nice and fat and juicy paycheck.Focusing really hard on the subject I begin dressing and undressing myself in me minds eye trying on different chef clothes different designs and I came to the conclusion that I was going to be the best cook,and the best dressed cook where ever I start working at.Then in a snap I was brought back to reality.My little work session was interrupted by a baby blue jay falling out the nest for the first time.I sat there watching the tiny fellow hopping and sputtering his way around the back yard "come on champ,you can do it." I thought.I became almost hypnotized by this baby birds first attempt at flight,as my eyes was following the little guys erratic flight pattern I caught  eye contact with a cat on the prowl in the small wooded area in my back yard.In that brief instant I knew that the little bird didn't have long to live.I sprung into action grabbing one my beers and hurling it fastball style scaring the cat back into the woods.I stood determined to let all the cats that I didn't see know that there was no touching this little bird today.I'm standing there with two beers in my hand talking very low "come on little guy,you can do it."After a good fifteen to thirty minutes the little fellow burst from one side of the yard to another landing on the fence and from there he flew and landed on my neighbors roof.In that instant I felt like the king of the world.I sat back down cracked open another beer smiling,thinking "yeah this is my domain,and in my domain I am king."


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