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10 Child Authors You Might Want To Read

Updated on May 30, 2010

How many of us out there want to write a book one day? We say that we’re going to do it. We may even start one here or there. A handful of us finish them but never go on to edit them or get them published. Most people just keep thinking in the back of their minds that they’ll write a book “one day” but that’s about as far as the thought goes. At the other end of the spectrum are those rare child prodigies of literature who don’t just dream of writing a book one day but actually go ahead and put pen to page to create a book that goes on to get published before the child has even turned 18.

Let’s look at ten examples of such child authors:

1. Thomas Chatterton. This boy was an interesting poet and author of literary mysteries who lived a brief life during the mid-eighteen century. At age 17, he faced the possibility of starvation and decided to poison himself with arsenic so his life was cut short. In the bit of time that he was alive, however, this child authored poets and stories which were published in places like The Bristol Journal and Middlesex Journal. He also wrote history books and various other stories that were widely published under several pseudonyms.

2. Marjorie Fleming. Another amazing child author who died before she could produce a complete body of work but who nevertheless made her mark on history was this Scottish girl who died in 1811 at the young age of just eight years old. She kept a diary that was widely published but not until half a century after her death. She also wrote poetry.

3. Hilda Conkling. Poetry seems to be a great medium of choice for child authors. This author is a great example. She began writing poetry at the age of four via collaboration with her mother who would then submit the poems to magazines for publication. By age 10, she had over one hundred different poems which were collected into a book of poems published in 1920.

4. Lope de Vega. This man was a prolific Spanish playwright who is believed to have written over 1500 three-act-plays about a third of which have survived to this day. He didn’t write all of these plays in his childhood, of course, but he did get his start young by authoring his first play when he was only twelve. In addition to plays he wrote both poetry and prose fiction.

5. Francis Hawkins. This man is considered by many to be the youngest child author to have ever published although there is some debate about this title. In any case, he wrote a book of etiquette for children when he was only eight in the mid-seventeenth century so record-holder for the youngest published author or not, he’s certainly got some impressive literary accomplishments to his name.

6. Dorothy Straight. The person who is more often considered to be the youngest published author ever is actually a girl who wrote a book when she was four. The book was called How the World Began and it was simply supposed to be a child’s gift to her grandmother but her parents contacted Pantheon Books which published the piece in the 1960’s.

7. Gordon Korman. This author is interesting because he’s not only a child author but an author who continues to write to this day. His first book was written as part of an English assignment when he was just a young teenager in the 1970’s and was published when he was 15. From that point on, Korman has made a career as an author. He’s written many different books that are both series and individual titles.

8. Maddy Johnson. One of the newest child authors on the literary scene is ten-year-old Maddy Johnson who wrote a book with her grandmother last year at the age of 9 which has now been published. The Arizona child is doing book signings to promote her work. The book is a book for kids and it’s all about the pets that Maddy has. She told the story to her grandmother who wrote it down for her. Maddy’s a star but she’s no diva; she’s donating the money that she’s earning from the book to a charity that helps kids with cleft palates. Wow!

9. Michael Brasier. This is another modern day author who wrote a travel book based on personal experience when he was just twelve and which was published one year later a couple of years ago. It is called “The World Through a Child’s Eyes” and it is a compilation of his written observations from the age of 6 to the age of 12 during which time he traveled to over 35 different countries.

10. Anne Frank. No list of child authors would be complete without reference to Anne Frank. Her diary about the Holocaust is one of the most widely-read diaries to this day. Her way with words was amazing for a youngster. She was only thirteen when she kept this journal and she wouldn’t live long enough to know its impact on the world but it did indeed have an impact.

So what do you think of these child authors? Do you find these kids to be inspiring? Do they make you want to be more creative and more productive in your own writing? Or is it just plain frustrating to see kids publishing books when you yourself just keep thinking that one day you might?


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  • profile image

    Maurice Frank 2 years ago

    This list has been around for a while on various pages. Now here it is on one that has comments.

    The entire media are committing a mass child abuse and emotional endangerment, upon all kids, unless by automatic right without claiming any power of choice, they give coverage and recognition to an issue they have not been giving it to. WRONGED CHILD AUTHORS.

    I ask all the commenters and every reader who has seen how passionate their ambitions are, to contemplate what it is like to be a wronged child author, whose chance to make it as a child author was destroyed by the evil behaviour of adults, by no fault of your own. At minimum you can see that all my adult life I am still living the continuation of this abuse until I get by automatic right the same recognition as I could have got if allowed to make it. And many kids' chances may be destroyed by the same atrocity as mine was - abusive school homework pressure swamping all your time. Which itself is another issue that for a generation has not received the notice that child protection entitles it to, from media and politicians.

    I am historical evidence to vindicate the real existence of other wronged child authors, because I did achieve a public record to posterity of being a child author with a work in progress. This was in 2 newspapers in Wales, South Wales Echo 20 Aug 1980 and Western Mail 19 Jan 1982, in reports airing the propaganda about "giftedness" by the same authoritarian rubbish school whose intensive loading of work and forcing of it by fear would defeat all its own hopes and promises. Balfour House, St Athan, whose decline and closure followed my case wrecking its propaganda machine. It worked me to a stress collapse within the 8 months following the second press story. Cardiff's so-called Young People's Unit for troubled teenagers, where I spent the next school year, also had an authoritarian culture swamping your time with its efforts to change every distinctive feature of your character nothing to do with why you came there. Conduct which failed to protect me from rotten Balfour because forced me to return there just to escape from the unit. This unit's role in destroying my child authorship included by a doctor who was also a successful author himself, Harri Pritchard-Jones.

    I have Asperger's, in the generation who were not recognised as kids. As well as explaining why I was not as able as forceful shouty teachers expected at higher level schoolwork, it is linked to child authorship: Kenneth Hall, Luke Jackson, Tito Mukhopadyay, Naoki Higashida.

    Get it recognised more widely.

  • profile image

    Benson 5 years ago

    The guy my ex girlfriend left me for dropped her for someone he works with! Your spell works fast! Of course she called me but I want nothing to do with her. I love knowing I had everything to do with this, is the best spell caster in the world.

  • profile image

    Ideyah Ricketts 5 years ago

    Hi, I'm 9 years old and I have two published books. I am also a speaker.My new release titled Lyla Lyte and the Li'berry Fruit is for ages 7-11. Its about books growing on a tree. With in three months, I sold 1000 books. You can go to my website I jusy came from a book tour in Philladelphia, Anne Arundel County, and Baltimore. I spoke to around 500 KIDS and signed over 400 books...and yes my fingers still hurt. Lol. The message iI tell kids is when you can read and write anything in life is possible and never, never give up when following your dreams.

  • profile image

    theycallmetor 5 years ago

    im tori and i've been writing a book and i now have 6 chapters and i plan to publish and make my dream house with my friends its called lockdown and its about children who have a lockdown in school and discuting men come and take 2 children each and put them away in this huge factory i musnt say more u can email for suggestions or question at plzzzzz email me

  • profile image

    Anna 5 years ago

    I am 12 and I would like to be an author one day. The thought of getting a book published...and seeing my own written words on a page would be unbelievable. I'm not saying that I just want to be an author to see my words on print for everyone to see, I want to inspire people to write, just as I was inspired to write when I read books of my favourite authors. I believe writing is an art, because it inspires and captures people's attention, right? Like any other piece of artwork. To be an author, it must mean a huge amount of effort, like you said, Raita. I completely agree with you.

    At the moment, I'm still brainstorming inside my head for a plot. I think that, even though I want to get a book out there perhaps when I'm in my teens into my twenties, the plot is very important to the story, as everyone would think. But, it makes SUCH a huge difference to both the book and the popularity of it.

    Take the Hunger Games, for example. I found the plot is very unexpected and pretty original, and hence why it's so popular. There's a new problem in each chapter. I'm annoyed how some authors, even though they're writing for young children, such as 8 to 12 year olds, don't seem to bother much with their plot a all. It's always the same old drama. Boys, clothes, high school cliques, bullies, and parent break ups. Not saying that parents splitting up and bullies aren't important things that need attention, because they are to children and adults alike, but the lack of creativity that authors maintain in their books is just irritating for me. Of course, they are free to write their own books with their own plots, make a profit, and keep on writing. I have no problems with it.

    But I just want to create a book that is highly original and gripping, both emotionally and through the essence of the writing in the book. Because I want to get out there with my writing, because I believe I'm going to get further with it than without a good plot.

    By the way guys, I found a site that you can get your own books published in actual hardcovers, paperbacks..... in print, it's called and it lets you publish your own books for the world to see. It also says that they can be published to be read on devices such as nooks and iPads too! I'm planning to use it someday.

    And I thought some of you may be interested in because it's where you can store your writing for others to comment and feedback on it too. It's got a good little community in there and it's nice to read other's writings.

    I'm so surprised by the amount of other writers the same age as me here, it's so cool to see other aspiring writers too that also want to pursue a career in writing. Looking forward to seeing your stories get published one day! :) :D


  • profile image

    karla 5 years ago

    there is nonthing

  • profile image

    billian 5 years ago

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  • profile image

    ola oluwa oluwanifemi 5 years ago


    says she like reading story book

  • profile image

    Ella 5 years ago

    Hi I 'm Ella and I 'm 10 years old and I don't know how to get my book published. I am almost done with my book called A Fairy Tale The Disbeliever about a girl who believes in magical creatures and her brother does not believe. But I 'm not going to give away to much.

  • profile image

    Alyssa 5 years ago

    I am a 12 year old girl in the process of finishing my first piece called "The Evening Gown". It is about a 16 year old girl who lives in the 1800s. I won't reveal any of the exciting parts because you never know when someone will take your idea. I hope to be published in a year or so. Keep your eyes on the shelves because I'm not stopping until they are filled with my books! ^-^

  • profile image

    Jayla 6 years ago

    Ummm...Kate...Dog Diaries is already a book since like before you posted.....the same thing and everything...sure you didn't just rip it off??

  • profile image

    Raita 6 years ago

    Dear Aspiring Young Authors:

    I do not mean to be rude, but about half of you that have posted seem incapable of producing proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. If you truly wish to be a writer and get published, you have to pay attention to such things. If the rest of your writing is as--forgive me--sloppy as these posts, you will be hard-pressed to find a single publishing company that will look at your manuscript for longer than a moment. Before you even THINK about publication, you must learn to write correctly.

    Also, you may have won contests and gotten praise from your English teachers and even had poems published in some magazine, but that does not mean that your writing is perfect. Far from it. You may be talented, immensely talented, but never forget that there is always room for improvement.

    I do not mean to be discouraging. It has been done before, and it will be done again, so who is to say that you will not be the next? However, you must remember, those child prodigies were just that--prodigies. They were remarkable, but sheer talent did not get them published. They had to work HARD, and so do you.

    For starters, doubt yourself. People will always tell you not to, but that will never get you anywhere. How could it? If you never doubt yourself, you will never improve, for you will never see the need to try. But if you do doubt yourself, you will always work harder to reach the next level.

    Second, and this is even more important, DO NOT GIVE UP. Ever. For anyone. Including yourself. ESPECIALLY yourself. If you are truly a writer, deep down in the depths of your soul, then you are your own worst critic. That is a good thing--it means that when others say your work is perfect you will still strive for better--but it can also be a bad thing. You should criticize yourself regularly, because that is healthy, but if you do so too much, you will discourage yourself. Sometime you need to listen to that little voice in your head that tells you that you aren't good enough, because it is usually right. But other times...other times, you need to tell that voice to go jump off a cliff and die. Don't defeat yourself. When you're thinking that your writing will never be good enough, don't give up--simply try harder. If you do not keep trying, you'll never get anywhere. Ever.

    Third,WRITE. Write all the time, and everywhere. On the bus on the way to school, in the car on the way to Grandma's, in your room early in the morning, while walking through the halls on the way to class...Just write, everywhere and always. When you've finished, set it aside for two months. Don't look at it, no matter how strong the temptation is. Then, take it out, read it again, and REWRITE. Edit. Write more. Write whenever you get the chance. Carry a pencil and notebook with you everywhere. Write. Write. Write. Write. WRITE! ...No, seriously, stop looking at this post and go write something. NOW.

  • Mona Germain profile image

    Mona Germain 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    Very interesting hub and looks like you have some young authors keyed up. yep Young folks are awesome! stay with it young folks.!!

  • profile image

    Emily 6 years ago

    I am 12 years old and am striving to publish a book.. these kids inspire me immencly!

  • profile image

    Tracey 6 years ago

    My son is 6 and is having his first story published in his school newspaper. His teacher and I see great talent even at this early age. Where can I turn to get guidance for him and myself for his writing and story telling? Any info would be greatly appreciated. My email is

  • mistifields profile image

    mistifields 6 years ago

    Excellent information. Great hub.

  • profile image

    shraddha patel 6 years ago

    I am of 14 and writing my musings in a bundle of pages. It's a novel for the future generation that would be light years ahead of our this little world in technology and living standard. "A TIME CAPSULE". it will take nearly one year to get complete. I am working on it since last three months and already had written 60(app.) pages.

    I am from India. I think to be more creative I need networks with other child authors and their suggestions.

    post me suggestions and contacts on:-


  • profile image

    Anonymous 6 years ago

    I'm 12 years old and I am currently in the process of writing a book... Here's what is going on the blurb, tell me what needs improvements please!

    Rebirth plan

    ‘I have dreams talking to my subconscious. And from it, I learn more than I could possibly imagine. It feels weird, finding out things I shouldn't know. But they're explanations to things I've thought, things I've said and done.’

    When Sheroz begins to experience frequent OBEs and lucid dreams, he begins to wonder what's really going on in his head. And when he does, he wishes he never knew. But then he finds out something important. A piece of knowledge worth dying for. But will he find out what it truly means, or will he lose himself in the depths of insanity?

    Deception, damnation and death await him. 

    In his dreams.

  • profile image

    An author 6 years ago

    Crap. An 8 year old? I'm 11 and trying to get published....... Guess I'm behind. And Anne frank wasn't writing her diary to have it published, especially at first

  • profile image

    Aisha ☺ 6 years ago

    I would love to publish a book but I have no idea how I would set about it as I'm only eleven. Nobody seems to understand how serious I am about writing and there is no-one I can trust to give me good critical feedback. Does anyone here know how I can try to get published?

  • profile image

    fashion 6 years ago

    What a great hub.Thanks for this educational, encouraging hub .There are a lot of really talented kids out there.I am pleased and surprised reading about writer kids.

  • profile image

    Hannah 6 years ago

    In Heaven

    Even in heaven we may not find a haven. For even there you find the very things you need to escape from. Though in my early years may I have realized. Or may I just have needed a comfort away from comfort. I created place. I found a place. I found, created solitude. In a cave. In a palace. In a world unknown to so many. In a world where no one sets expectations. In a place where I can be me. Even if through times I don't know who me is.

    My wings yearn and ache to come out. To taste the air. If for one last time. If for one more time. I let them free. For I cannot own what I already own. I might not find peace in this journey. I have time to set my mind. Yet not set a goal. I could see a glimpse of 20 years forward, yet it does not mean I know when it is to come or what is to cause it. And I might. Though consequences be dire.

    I sit for I have run a thousand miles, heard a thousand things, witnessed a million things, yet no one has offered me a seat that won't leave me tied for eternity. I have no goal. I have a plan. It might be to live. It might be too love. It just might be to give up. My body has tired from the journey I had promised to take. The one I promised I would see through. Oh what hurt it has caused.

    "And I remain right to your whereabouts."

    "Aliana. Only you would know a secret."

    "That's because I know where to find them. What exactly are you doing here at this godly hour. Didn't already pay us a visit? Something is wrong isn't there?" She sits in front of me. Legs crossed with her attention on the teacher. Ready for whatever story comes. Good or bad.

    "I don't know. That might be the real problem. Everything is out of control and wrong these days. No matter where I turn it seems it's all wrong. Mocking."

    "Is this because of William?"

    "What do you take me for? A love sick angel?"

    "Sometimes I don't even know you anymore." She stares at me and shakes her head. As if knowing I might take that the wrong way.

    "What do you mean? I haven't changed. Not anymore that you don't know anyway." To be true. I was hurt. It was not my fault I wasn't able to be there all the time. We were closer than Lily and her friends had been.

    "That might be the problem. The Rose I used to know would change most of the time. Even she would change her appearance," her eyes were no longer focused. They stopped at a color as if not with me anymore. As if remembering better times.

    "She loved to fool people. She was lively. Would want to fit the times. Would even create her own time. She could cheer up the room. But ever since she took that assignment, she changed. She was stuck."

    "I had no choice."

    'Yes you did. He said think about it. Father made you promise you wouldn't die because of it. You broke your promise. No one ever begged you to take the job. You made a promise to me. You still broke it. You promised to keep it. You didn't. No one ever said you couldn't love. No one ever said you couldn't let it still happen. No one ever begged, or said you should do any of these things Rose. Yet you did them. So you had a choice. No one killed you but your self Rose. No one walked in your shoes except for whom you let. You're powerful. Use the power."

    I stared at her. I was hurt, ashamed and angry at what she said. Angry at me mostly. I remember those times. I never begged to forget. I never wanted to forget. I vaguely remember the promise I made father.

    "I want you to make me a promise Rose."

    I nodded. Though I was hardly listening. I was filled with thrill of what I was about to do. It may be a on and off thing but I still couldn't believe it. I never dreamed of this, though I had heard of it. It's supposed to be one of the biggest roles yet.

    Father laid a shining hand on my shoulder.

    "Be careful, my daughter. Do not lose yourself. Don't kill the spirit wee know. Things change. You have my permission to live."

    "I-I-I'm sorry."

    "You don't hate me?"

    "Why would I? You're the only person to tell me the truth."

    "Good. For a second I thought you were going to blast me. So you do have father's permission to do what I'm thinking, right?"

    'I'm sure so. He did say I had the permission too live. I also promise to keep my promise." I held out my pinkie.

    Aliana stared at it. "It might not be the most modern thing, but I am not giving up blood for this."

    "Welcome back Rose," she said before offering her pinkie.

  • profile image

    Hannah 6 years ago

    I wrote this book The Immortal and I'm trying to get it published. See I'm 12 years old. I've shown people my work and they love it. I've branched out from the people I know and even they love it. I am currently writing a second book too The Immortal.It's called Paranoia. I want to know what people think of it. If any of you know any good publishers or have heard of them, I'd like to know their names or websites. So I have a chapter from Paranoia down there. Let me know what you think.

  • profile image

    mesfin kebede 6 years ago

    i have an 8 years old who has started compiling wonderful children stories for a book. one thing i tried to help her is to schedule her work and have a deadline for it. Do you guys know any publisher who could help us sponsor the publishing part. We live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Eastern part of Africa. This is a great place to discuss thank you for most of the comments here. you can write us on

  • profile image

    theresa 6 years ago

    What a great website I am totally motivated and excited thanks everyone for using your God-given talent to leave to the world for centuries to come!

  • profile image

    Lucy Baxter 6 years ago

    Here it is!

    Chapter one

    A new dawn, a new day with my best friend, Max, my beloved puppy. Once more I spread the melt-in-your-mouth butter across my thin slice of toast, (I was never a fan of cereal) Max sat upright staring longingly up at me with his sad, soleful eyes - I knew what this meant - I tore a small chunk off my burnt toast and held it out to Max. "Wait...wait! Good boy!" Max happily wagged his tail and reached out to grab the food in his slobbering mouth.

    I could tell he was fully satisfied; he munched and he chewed the toast with delight, though he did not feel the pleasure of what you would have if you ate a succulent stake: unfortunately, we weren't the richest of people - were actually quite poor. However, I felt as rich as the royal Queen. Max was all I needed. Max was my best friend.

    I sighed heavily as Max licked his lips for the last little crumbs and lazily stumbled to his bed - the beanbag - on the floor. Max was such a quiet little puppy for a labrador - mind you - he might grow up to be Marley's twin brother! But let's keep calm for now. I want him to grow up to be a well-behaved labrador...

    Anyway, as I look over at Max, he begins snoring. See what I mean now? I never want him to change.

    * * *

    Screech! Clatter! I wildly search for my suit and tie for work. It was getting closer and closer to Eight o'clock. 8:57 Darn! I'll be late for work! (again) Where is it? I searched under my bed, in my draws, in my wardrobe, everywhere...

    8:58, the clock says. I'll have to go in non-uniform. I quickly get dressed and dashed downstairs. 8:59.

    Very funny. my suit and tie were on the sofa in the kitchen. how could I not notice them when I went upstairs?

    I moaned, annoyed, took my suit upstairs and got changed. 9:00. Come on, come on! Finally! Just need to staighten it up and put my tie on. Done! Now back downstairs. I need to comb my hair. No, not enough time. I'll be worse than a few minutes late.

    Where are my car keys? Oh, the rush in the morning! I grabbed them from the window-sill and speeded out of the door, saying good-bye to Max.

    I looked at my watch. 9:17. Great. I'll be 27 minutes late by the time I get there. Don't worry - you're a grown man. The manager will forget about it tomorrow.

    * * *

    Hope you like it. Sorry I've only wrote one chapter

    Lucy xx

  • profile image

    Lucy Baxter 6 years ago

    Oh, hi again.

    I just found this old book lying around that I havn't looked at for a long time. I remembered that I wrote it up but I have only done one chapter.

    Anyway, I like animal books which is why this one is about a dog, called Max, and his friendship with a single man who eventually gets a girlfriend, they get married and she begins to see the man's friendship with the dog and also cherrishes him. Then he starts to get older and he has problems with his joints and things like that and at the end it is very sad because he...dies. They get another dog but none could ever replace Max.

    Anyway, I'll send the first chapter for you to read. Remember, please reply - I really need some feedback!

    Lucy xx

  • profile image

    Lucy Baxter 6 years ago

    Hi. I'm 10 and I really want to publish a book. I've already written 1 and re-wrote it again but it sounds... not fit for publishing but I let by Dad's friend read it out to 10 people and they said it was amazing. However, they might just have not want to hurt my feelings. I want to see what you think so I'll send a chapter or 2 to see if you think it is good or bad. I'm writing it up on the computer soon so please reply if you think it is any good

    thanks, cool hubpage, found it very useful

    Lucy xx

  • profile image

    sparklesky 6 years ago

    Inspiring. I am a bit jealous of these kids. I have written a few stories I wish would get published. Haven't worked up the nerve to send them anywhere yet.

  • profile image

    Kate 6 years ago

    Dear Jude,


  • profile image

    anum imran 7 years ago


    i tottaly wanna write a book and ive got it all planed up in my head but i just dont know how to get it onto the page! CAN ANYONE HELP!by the way im 11.

    and i love ur stories kate i wish i could be like u!

    i also am scared with the publishing thing how does that work?

    my story is sort of based on my life:

    a sort of auto biography

    a girl that moves to different places and her life changes and different tragedies fall on her family and stuff

    i hope i write more books after that!

    oh and kate ur totally inspiring!

  • imnotmissing profile image

    imnotmissing 7 years ago from New Mexico

    If you want to publish a book, but don't want to self publish, go to a book store or library. Get the publisher names off of books. Take the names you get and google them get there phone numbers and addresses, call them (not on the 800 number, 800 #'s are usually for sales.) talk to someone about your idea they will tell you if its interesting to them, mail them your manuscript. A lot of the publishers now allow you to submit your manuscripts online, so you can also check there websites. Make sure you have written a good synopsis that will catch there attention.

  • profile image

    Stella 7 years ago

    I'mm twelve, and I have completed a story, I'm searching for publishers and everything.

    Evie Chlebek gets the chance of a lifetime when she meets a former mentor of hers, named Talitha Abele when she's at the mall. She gets the chance to be a model, and to leave the worries of her usual life. At sixteen, she's still trying to find out exactly who she is, and is exploring New York and her new career.

    That was the description, at least for now...Um, I want this to be a series. I was inspired by the Airhead series by Meg Cabot. It's fiction, obviously.

    Anyway, thanks for reading!

  • profile image

    jigty 7 years ago

    Violet girl...I'm writing a poetry book...give me a shout.

  • profile image

    jude 7 years ago

    kate's books sound really good. Id love to read em.

  • profile image

    violet girl 7 years ago

    hi i am 13.......i love writing and am good at it.....i even write poems and a few of my best were published in magazines and newspapers....i am currently writing a book......if you could possibly suggest a good publisher i would be really problem is somewhat similar to Oindrila....i live in delhi and please do suggest something to help me.

  • profile image

    dimple malhotra 7 years ago

    dear holly, my condition is same as yours............

  • profile image

    oindrila ghosal 7 years ago

    i'm 13 n have finished almost seven novellas,a hundred short stories and poems as well as several non fictions. in sikkim imnt getting any eng publisher.i m famed among my teachers and several classes 4 ma literary work.can some1 suggest me a good publisher who'll publish free of cost since i m NOT SO VERY RICH?

  • profile image

    Holly 7 years ago

    I am desperate to publish!

    I am 14 years old, and am already working on a book that I one day hope to publish. But looking at all these people on here who are as young as 10 and already published, sort of makes me feel like I've missed my chance.

    I've been doing research into publishing, and it looks REALLY hard, and can be quite expensive. My parents don't even know that I write, and I'm frightened of telling them in case they laugh at my story. They probably wouldn't encourage me to write, but I have had this book bottled up in me forever, and I just want people to hear it!

  • profile image

    JJ 7 years ago

    hi my name is JJ i am 12 years old and have one finished book i am yet to publish. i am currently writing my second book which is a fatansy but i haven't stayed with fantasy guidelines like fairies being cute. my fairies turn into pink nd black tigers when their angry hah!i know this site clled Writers workshop that have some great tips on almost anything abot being an author. i use their advice a lot.

    by the way equinelover909 i was looking up what publishers look for in a good book and unless your book is for adults i suggest you cu down the words a little bit. fatastic and inspiring to hear all the comments though. well done everyone.

  • Karen Wodke profile image

    Karen Wodke 7 years ago from Midwest

    Very interesting article. I do wish I would have started writing as a child, but it never occurred to me. I did used to enjoy my English homework, though.

  • mekaider profile image

    Kayla Roper 7 years ago from Minnesota

    voted up! i actually haven't heard of these names. i love that kids get published though. gives me some hope. im only 19 and i am hoping to get published someday too. Just goes to show anyone can write, no matter what age =)

  • seanorjohn profile image

    seanorjohn 7 years ago

    Great hub and voted up. I mostly write whimsical nonsense.But I am thinking about writing a book called "My brother Joe".I have already written some hubs on family stories.They include stories about my brother joe. Don't give away too much in hubs.Cos, why should people buy when they can read it for free on huibpages.

  • equinelover909 profile image

    equinelover909 7 years ago

    Thanks for the great, informative hub! It's neat to see that I'm not alone out there, having written a 94,000 word novel and being younger than the author of Eragon. Well, thanks again, and good luck to all the other young authors posting in the comments! =)

  • cathykennedy profile image

    Cathy Kennedy 7 years ago from Knoxville, TN

    My daughters have always been passionated writers. They are now in their early twenties. My youngest, though, continues to write. One day, I know she'll find her niche in the publishing arena once she decides to put feet to her manuscripts. They certainly aren't going to get discovered until she does something about it.

    I, on the other hand, have fullfilled my dream of writing for children in my upcoming early reader, THE TALE OF OLE GREEN EYES. But, I have to thank my children for their inspiration. As a gentle reminder to wanna-be authors, never give up on yor dreams of becoming a published author, no matter what your age is. Crafting your skill and determination to seeing your aspirations realized are important ingredients for a successful recipe. Good luck!

  • profile image

    Abie 7 years ago

    hello everyone! I like the hub pages and comments you've all done! Oh, can any of you spare the time to go onto youtube and type in 'abie villa marina' where I'm singing hallejuya. It's alright but a bit blured and my mum sings in some parts like the lask verse. I hope some of you watch it!

  • profile image

    lannal1198 7 years ago

    I am 12 years old and want to become an author really bad! But, I don't know how. I mean, what do I do to get my books published?

  • dotty1 profile image

    dotty1 7 years ago from In my world

    fab hub thank you, i like many have written since a child . . Good luck to you talented people above and never give up . . I never got round to it but now have sooo many pieces written in loads of journals . . Follow your dreams x

  • profile image

    lala 7 years ago

    I liked this I started writing a childrens book and nearly finished a teen book but I have no idea how to get it published and i don't want to self publish because thats way too pricy also some publishers wont take unsolicited submissions and ask for your age and if i write my age they won't even read it they'll chuck the submission in the bin.I wish there was a company dedicated to publishing some books by children for free that would potentially sell well!

  • profile image

    Abs 7 years ago

    Hiya! I just want to say hi to everyone!

  • profile image

    John 7 years ago

    What's all this with the ladies? Can I join?

  • profile image

    Rachell 7 years ago

    Sorry, I can't write much more now, well, not for a while. I'm going out with my boyfriend. He's taking me somewhere, but I don't know where. I think it's a supprise!

    See you all later, or tommorow,

    Rachell xx

  • profile image

    Abs 7 years ago

    Dear Kate,

    I am liking your stuff. lookin' forward to the next bit!

    I've always wanted to become an author, oh, sorry, great hub! And before, how old did it say she was? 10? Wow! I'm gonna read the comments every day!

  • profile image

    kate 7 years ago

    WOW! to you too Rachell. Thanks for putting that. I sounds like your doing some addverticing!

    I hope more people send more comments in. I love the attension!

  • profile image

    Rachell 7 years ago


    Kate's comment thingies are actually quite good! Have you read them yet? It's a good way to get to know that cirtain person. So, if you like getting to know about kids and books, read it! I'm off now...

  • profile image

    kate 7 years ago

    Told you i'd write more!

    i'll hopefully write every day. well, not EVERY day. I hope lots of people are veiwing my stuff! I want to be recodnised for once.



    OK, well, there was this other book, that I was writing, called 'dog diaries' but that had to get deleted as well because of my RUBBISH computer! Anyway, it was about these harmless dogs who lived in this awfull house with an awfull owner who kicked there dogs about and is horable to them. Each dog has a different chapter to write. Some dogs are old, some dogs are young. But it doesn't end there! On this old dogs chapter of his own, and he is the first one that is mensioned, well, i mean, the first doggy chapter. And he said that once, his old friend, who had loads of problems with his joints, begged happily for some food one day, but the awful owner kicked him out of the house, and he died later in life. It sounds really weird, doesn't it? There's more to it but i can't tell you. It ends happy, though, and they all recive a new owner.

    I am starting a new one now, but I don't know what to call it. And I don't even know what's gonna happen yet!

    Another huge thanks to everyone veiwing again. It's a plesure to actually have some readers - just as if I were a new auther!

    more later, kate xx

  • profile image

    kate 7 years ago

    Again! Hi! I've read all the other comments. i liked the idea of ella's book. It sounds really great!

    Much, much more later xx

  • profile image

    kate 7 years ago

    I really want to write a book, but i'm only ten. if there is any good advice, please tell me.

    in my past years i have been wanting to write my ten ideas for books, and yet, i have messed up four and managed to through them in the bin. i have only done one on my computer that managed to get towards chapter ten, page sixty. other books i have write have only met chapter three or two, but i will not give up as in my later life i would love to become an author - it is my passion to write. that book i was talking about was called 'my secret dragon' and unfortunetly i had to delete that one, as it did not go so well in the later chapters. And if I continued to write it, it would have to be deleted anyway, as my computer broke down.

    more later.

  • Granny's House profile image

    Granny's House 7 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

    Great hub. Thank you for sharing. Will rate up

  • profile image

    Ella :P 7 years ago

    Hello. I am Ella. i'm ten years old. I'm an author too....but you probably dont care, or don't believe me.

    I have wrote a book called: The Diary Of Mikkayla Lawson.

    It is about a 13 year old girl, whom parents died, and had to stay with her aunt and uncle. She has arn away to town, searching for something, or someone. A lady walks past her, turns back, noticing, its raining and Mikkalya has just a ragged top and torn jeans, she soon adopts her, and blah blah! :) I got inspired by Harry Potter.

  • RNMSN profile image

    Barbara Bethard 7 years ago from Tucson, Az

    very well done article!! thank you for such good reading!!

    its hard to get back to someone not on HP but here's a site claing to be the youngest poet from malaysia

  • ar.colton profile image

    Mikal Smith 7 years ago from Vancouver, B.C.

    Great hub! I have been writing since I was a kid but hadn't finished a novel until I was 19. I remember constantly comparing myself to other children who were published like those on your list.

    I think that so many children write poetry because finishing, editing and revising a novel, or even a short story, takes discipline that needs to be developed. It has taken me 15 years to develop that discipline.

    This a a great hub, there are a number of names here I wasn't familiar with. I'm definitely going to read them!

  • rickzimmerman profile image

    rickzimmerman 7 years ago from Northeast Ohio

    Kathryn _ Great hub! At first, I was surprised that neither Maurice Sendak, nor Jack Prelutsky, nor Shel Silverstein made your list. But I guess they fall more into the category of childen's authors f whimsy & humor. Regards, RickZ

  • profile image

    ZaynaThomas 7 years ago

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me who the youngest entirely INDEPENDENTLY published poet is. (and i mean without the help of parents or some big company or an agent.) I officially published my first book of poetry November 28th, 2007 when i was twelve. It was entirely independent using only myself as a resource and publishing through an online site that works with amazon. I was curious as to who is the youngest indie poet out there. it's something i've wondered for a long time yet i cannot find a site with a straight answer for me. if anyone could give me a legitimate answer and possibly a place i could find info on this person it would be greatly appreciated.

  • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

    Susan Haze 8 years ago from Sunny Florida

    I am especially amazed by the young age of these child authors. It makes you wonder what they would have done had they lived to be a ripe old age.

  • Ann Nonymous profile image

    Ann Nonymous 8 years ago from Virginia

    I've dreamed of writing a book for years now, but wow! These children actually accomplished it, and there are so many more out there as well! I better put the pedal to the metal! Thanks for this educational, encouraging hub Kathryn!

  • profile image

    Snezana Ulbrich 8 years ago

    My son Jasper now nearly 13 just had his first picture book published which he wrote and illustrated (with his left hand as his right arm was in a cast) when he was 11.

  • profile image

    Tim Fleming 8 years ago

    I have a talented niece who has already published one book and is now working on another. Can you provide me with information on how she can promote her work, network with other child authors, or develop contacts. Thanks.

    E-mail me at:

  • lafenty profile image

    lafenty 9 years ago from California

    My son beat me by a couple of years and was published when he was ten. There are a lot of really talented kids out there.