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10 Foods People Eat Others Find Disgusting

Updated on March 2, 2016
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Barine Sambaris is a an entrepreneur and freelance writer. Her post revolves mainly round business, success, entrepreneurship and writing.

What do you eat?

Food and cuisine differs from culture to culture. Some people are used to a certain food so eating it doesn’t bother them, while others are not. To the latter, the foods might be disgusting. But there are some weird food that people eat that are just disgusting. Maybe because these foods are not acceptable generally or because of the nature of the food. But here are 10 foods, people eat that others find disgusting.

10 Dogs

Most of us consider dogs to be pets. They live with us in our houses, have their own spots and names. Killing and eating a dog is akin to cannibalism. How do you enjoy eating something you give a name? But the people of China do not share these sentiments. There is a dog festival in China, where dogs are killed in their thousands and eaten. In Nigeria, the Ibibio and Anang people are fond of dog meat, which the rest of the country find nauseating. Although many parts of Russia, and some parts of Europe also eat dog meat.

Bosintang is a common Korea food made with dog meat. In Nigeria, dog eaters claim that dishes with dog meat has immunization against malaria.

The primary health concern of eating dogs are rabies. A dog must be considered clinically clean for it to be eaten.

9 Cats

9 Cats
Cats are also house hold animals. Though not all cats are domestic. But in Asia- China, Taiwan, Hawaii, people eat cats. It is prepared with white wine and garnished with garlic.

8 Monkey/Bush Meat

Bush meat/monkey meat is widely eaten in Africa. Even though there are tamed monkeys, monkeys generally live in forests and bushes and are actually hard to catch. Monkey hunters spend nights trying to catch them in the bush. Some reports claim that monkeys could be the next HIV, but that has not deterred monkey eaters. Because they eat wild fruits, they are also carriers of deadly diseases like Ebola.

A lot of Africans enjoy Bush meat. Popular dishes like Nkwobi, Afang, Ukang, and even vegetable stew can be prepared using Bush meat.

7 Termites

Amongst the Igbos in Nigeria, this insect is a delicacy. Termites that fly close to houses in the night, attracted to bright lights are caught using nets or water in bowls. Other times, the kids go out to small bushes to catch them. They are fried, steamed or boiled according to taste. Funny enough, UN has listed termites amongst edible insects, and are encouraging people to try insects in their meal instead of meat. Especially since insects like termites are rich in protein, iron, calcium and amino-acids. They make for a rich meal.

6 Snake

The thought of ingesting the vemon or flesh of snakes- the poisonous, belly-crawling reptiles is revolting. In fact our initial reaction to seeing a snake would be to kill it, or run as far away as possible from it. Some people can’t even bear to look at in the eye or touch its slimy, slippery body, yet Snakes are a rare delicacy in most parts of the world. There are so many reasons why people eat snakes. Guess what, snakes are highly medicinal and are said to contain lots of proteins. Pythons, and brown snakes are common to find amongst snake lovers.
In Nigeria, in some parts of the North, snakes are a regular delicacies prepared mainly in soups. In some parts of China, the gall, skin and bladder are eaten half-cooked or raw.

Snake soup Cantonese is a popular Cantonese delicacy and health supplement in Hong Kong which contains at least two types of snakes. Snakes can also be prepared and served with fresh herbs.

But the downside of eating snakes is the high risk of parasites causing infection in these snakes. In Guangzhou, half the local restaurants serve wild snakes which are either half-cooked or raw thereby causing an infection called Sparganosis.

5 Snail

Snails are regarded as a great substitute for meat since they are rich in protein but low in fat.
Snails are slow, slimy creatures. They belong to the large phylum of invertebrate animals called Mollusca. They can be found in moist areas, under leaves and on the barks of trees. They are best hunted at night. The ones found in Africa are called Giant African Land Snails (GALS). The Africans and French find this animal very delicious. It is eaten as a main meal or used in place of meat.
The cuisines vary from place to place. To the French, snail is eaten as an appetizer, while the Africans eat it as a main meal or use it as substitute for meat.
Many scientists are concerned about the risk of eating wild snails especially those found in Africa. For it to be eaten, it is advised that it be properly washed, with salt or alum to remove its sliminess. Then it should be cooked properly to kill parasites. Snails can be cooked and seasoned according to taste.

4 Earthworm

Did you watch that series on Weird Tv where the guy eats lots of earthworms to show his weirdness and you’re like ‘Ewww, that’s gross!’ Well don’t be shocked. Some persons actually enjoying eating earthworms. Perhaps because of their uncanny resemblance with noodles. You can just slurp them up.
Earthworms are slimy, squiggly lumbricidaes, known for boring holes into the earth. Their bodies are always covered with dirt and they are generally unpleasant to look at especially when en masse in a place.
They have to be squeezed hard to purge the dirt from their bodies before they are eaten. Then they can be fried, chewed raw or added to stew.

3 Maggots

Maggots are disgusting. They are gross and revolting. You would wonder who would relish the thought of eating a maggot.
But they are also high in fat and are a rich source of essential amino acids, making them nutritionally valuable than meat.
One of the known meals with maggots is the Casu Marzu, an Italian cheese. It is notable for containing live insect larvae (maggots), which is best eaten when the maggots are still alive. There are also other meals eaten in Japan, Korea and Spain with maggots.

2 Rat

Rats are smelly, dirty pests. They eat human garbage, carry parasites around and are irritating. There are so many reasons why anyone wouldn’t want to eat rat.
But rats are gradually becoming a regular diet for the poor people in India, as they are being encouraged to eat rats. But these people might get something out of it after all as rat contains zinc.

Which of these foods have you eaten

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1 Vulture

Vultures are eerie birds. People find them creepy because of their associations with death. They are also one of the ugliest birds around. In Northern Nigeria, people kill and eat vultures. Vultures are also sold to unsuspecting buyers in place of chicken.

© 2016 Barine Sambaris


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