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10 Mysteries That I've Always Wondered Why . . .

Updated on January 30, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

This school-boy is  reading his homework.
This school-boy is reading his homework. | Source

Life (For me) Has Always

so peculiar at times. Then it can be very predictable. Never two days have ever been alike. I wonder about why this has happened to me and then there have been times when absolutely nothing has happened to me and I never tried to understand

I Tell You, Friends

that if I were to really get so involved with my personal mysteries, I might as well just give up. I mean, one mystery is active enough, but you take those 10 things that I have never been able to explain, well, I would be a wreck.

Take This For Instance Why . . .

in my junior high school year that when school was about to be out for summer vacation, the school system started sending us those "dolls," the young, educated, teachers who would soon take the place of he older ones.

Now for your enjoyment, I present you with my 10 Most-Unsolved Mysteries.

1.) As the text that accompanies the "Take This For Instance Why . . ." about the pretty young girl college-educated teachers, and how pretty they were to us guys, but on the far end of the spectrum, I have always wondered why those older lady teachers were never told to retire so the younger female teachers to take over.

2.) On the side of dog food, why is it say, "this product is not to be consumed by humans," and that bothers me because I have never witnessed any human being who loved to crawl down on all-fours and "chow down" (pardon the pun.)

3.) Why the homework in school is always harder at home than in our classroom?

4.) I noticed that on the instructions of this umbrella, "this product must be treated carefully as it will get wet if it is used in the rain." Huhhh? Now, where else is an umbrella supposed to be used? Huh?

5.) Why is it that prisoners on Death Row are always given a hearty-meal?

6.) Another mysterious sign that I seen while my family and I were spending some time in the zoo: "do not disturb animals while they are eating." I thought that the sign meant it was fine to pester the lions and tigers, but NOT while they were having lunch.

7.) Have you ever noticed the noun, Firing Squad? So what other action is to be taken than firing?

8.) Please tell me in exact terms just what does a "wing man" expected to do if his buddy has got the captain of the cheerleader squad?

9.) Why would happen if a minister were to say, "what?" if either the groom or the bride were to say, "what for?" when asked "do you take this man (or woman) for your legally-married spouse?

10.) In times of war would it be okay for a soldier (who was held down by machine fire) to use their feet to kick a hand grenade at the enemy?

I know. Life has its ways to keep people like me to somehow go and get a life. My only question about my 10 mysteries would be . . ."what are your 10 Unexplained Mysteries?"

January 30, 2019_____________________________________

Why was it that the younger, most-gorgeous girls took the places of the elderly teachers?
Why was it that the younger, most-gorgeous girls took the places of the elderly teachers? | Source

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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