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10 Reasons Why HubPages is The Best Writer's Website

Updated on May 22, 2020


as you are typing up the daily reports in your office and in walks a guy wearing a brown overcoat. Your  mind starts to work by asking "why are all overcoats mostly black?" And there you have another Hub idea.
as you are typing up the daily reports in your office and in walks a guy wearing a brown overcoat. Your mind starts to work by asking "why are all overcoats mostly black?" And there you have another Hub idea. | Source

(Disclaimer: this non-solicited, non-commissioned, free hub was not written to sway, influence or direct any member of the HubPages’ staff into somehow voting “this” hub suitable for the Hug Nuggets email that members receive. This hub is just an honest confession that I felt that I needed to make. Kenneth).

As you have read, this hub is lovingly-entitled “10 Reasons Why HubPages is The Best Writers’ Website,” and it is all the truth with absolutely no exaggeration.

Not to sugarcoat the obvious, HubPages is, by far, easier to understand, navigate and work with than any other writers’ websites that “I” have encountered.

I hate complexities. Especially when I don’t know how to unravel them. I am totally at-peace each time I am on HubPages, reading other writer’s works or just searching for some needed-inspiration for my next hub, or in laymen’s terms, story.

I still view myself as a “newbie,” on HubPages for in June 2013, I will have been a part of this world-wide writer’s interactive website for four years that I can easily describe in one word: Adventurous.

I doubt if I should be blessed to stay on HubPages for 40 more years that I will be able to “master” all of the intricate and sometimes-comical avenues that pro-hubber’s use to give their hubs a more-attractive look and tone to attract more readers.

That, my friends, is the key. More readers. The more readers hubbers get, the liklihood that they will get more interest in their future works and click’s on the national companies who run their ads on the side and bottom of hubs.

Funny, I guess, and I am being truthful, I never entered HubPages “just” to make some extra “scratch,” (meaning: “cash,” Simone). I just wanted to share select portions of my childhood, teenage and adult adventures that until now, only the readers of the newspaper (Journal Record) I worked for in my hometown, Hamilton, Alabama, were used to reading.

Honestly, writing for HubPages is more fun as we, the hubber’s have a bit more control on how our hubs look via the use of digital photos or those from photo and art websites that can be used by permission.

Truth is. Not many readers read anything, newspaper, magazine or a hub story “just” for the wording unless I have overlooked “a” flourishing protege to the legendary Hunter Thompson or J.D. Salinger.

And me overlooking someone with these “literary icons’” talents, is very possible.

I could rave on and on about the great things I have already fell in-love with pertaining to HubPages.

But I won’t. Not this way.

If you are familiar at all with any of my hubbing, you will soon discover that I love to make lists of things. “Things You Can Do,” and “Things You Shouldn’t Do,” and I think I have pretty much covered all of life’s enjoyable areas, love, relationships, blind dating, almost-erotic text about meeting a hot girl in a classy restaurant, “How to Not Diet,” and others.

This just may be my calling in life.

So it stands to reason that “me” loving HubPages more than Facebook, My Space and Twitter should evolve into a list-type of story.

And look here, folks. It did.

I gave this offering the title, “10 Reasons Why HubPages is The Best Writers’ Website,” and I meant to say that I narrowed my list “down” to 10 reasons. I started with 20, but Simone, one of the sharp editors at HubPages, once said that a short-but-concise hub gathers more readers.
Thus “10 Reasons,” and not “20.”

I love female editors.

1.) CREATIVE OUTLET - you don’t need to be a professional writer to enjoy HubPages. Just be able to type or have someone to type your hubs for you and with some creative energy, you are on your way. I love the creative aspect of HubPages because I do not want all of my hubs to read or look the same. TIP: Neither do the readers.

2.) A GREAT HOBBY - if you can refer to Hubpages as a hobby. In my case, I have accelerated fibromyalgia and neurothopy, both are incurable muscular/neurological diseases that have stopped my working and now I stay home alone while my wife works. I say this next part with the risk of sounding cheesy, but it’s true. “Before I discovered HubPages, I was going nuts--with the same-old, same-old on the television Monday through Friday and when I got involved with writing on HubPages, I have something delightful to look forward to each day. I have, thanks to HubPages, found a small degree of independence and a measure of peace of mind.

3.) WRITER FRIENDS - are always on HubPages. Writer’s both pro and amateur are all alike. “We” search high and low for “just” the right story idea and sometimes they hit at 2 a.m., and sometimes at midnight. At any rate, if you sign-up (which is free), for HubPages, in no time you will have “followers,” good people who follow your work and you can follow their works and then something magical happens: a friendship is born. One that is lasting. I wouldn’t joke about a thing like friendship.

4.) NO PRESSURE - from the HubPages editors and staff. You can write one hub a week or three a month. But I have this sneaking suspicion that when you publish your first hub, you will be hooked. Like I was. And want to write a hub, maybe two, each day. You might be surprised at what ideas you have stored away in your early childhood memories or in your giggly teenage years and other people love to read such stories. Trust me.

5.) GREAT ATMOSPHERE - is found on HubPages. Why? Because HubPages adheres to a strict code of behavior and text subjects. No stories, photos, or graphic artworks of drugs, killings, porno, firearms or anything deemed socially-destructive. I like that. I can sit my three grandchildren, Alexis, 11; Gabriel, 9, and Annabeth, 6, down and read them all of the hubs I have published without one red face being seen.

6.) GOOD FRIENDS - are always found on HubPages, both on the comment boxes below your hubs and on the various forums where we can congregate and share writing ideas and research. If you are like me, you will love your followers to the point of taking time to wish them all a happy holiday when one arises. That’s close-knit friends. No other kind. Only on HubPages.

7.) NO DRAMA TO DREAD - on HubPages like you find on Facebook, My Space and Twitter. I hate to be this blunt, but Facebook, supposedly “the biggest” social network of all-time, is all-time banning people right and left for dramatic-discussions, cursing, scamming, and even conning innocent people out of their money. HubPages has strict policies against such low-scale events, and moderators who monitor the hubs to make sure that all policies are being honored.

8.) HUBPAGES IS A GREAT WAY - to combat feeling “blue.” When I am alone, which is most of the time, Monday through Friday, I really get depressed at the fact that my physical ailments will never be mended and I will never work at a job again, so I open up a new hub title and before I can say, “Publish Now,” I am deeply-involved with a story that I pray will be of help to someone, somewhere on the vast avenues of HubPages. And when only a handful of readers comment on a certain story, I feel so good. Not that “I” a super-talent or another Hemmingway, but at the thought of something that “I” produced gave another person a laugh, smile or a few minutes away from their worries.

9.) EXTRA CASH - if you want to earn some extra money, you can do that too on HubPages. But you have to work for it. HubPages is not a “get-rich-internet-scheme,” where you sit idly all day and money literally rolls-in to your wallet. The more hubs you write, the more money you are liable to make. This isn’t “rocket science,” but a great way to do what you love and get something in return. Some cash. And who in today's economy, doesn't need extra cash?

10.) LAUGHS - are always evident when you take a tour of HubPages and find yourself mesmerized with someone’s account of an escaped cow or a beautiful bride falling down on her way down to the altar on her wedding day. Of course there are serious-minded hubs to off-set the humorous. You can say, and be correct, that there is something for almost everyone on HubPages.

And now with all of this talk about writing hubs, I think I will start a new one.

A hub that is.

Thanks for reading this and live in peace.


PS: Have a good day, Simone.


you have your trusty PC, your notes from the researh you did, and now you get to write your hub for everyone to read.
you have your trusty PC, your notes from the researh you did, and now you get to write your hub for everyone to read. | Source

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