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My superhero:Reasons Why We Love Superheroes

Updated on November 6, 2015


spiderman adorable figure.
spiderman adorable figure. | Source

Fictional superheroes are just fictions but we do love them. Let us see why the idea of superhero is one of popularity.

10 : The costumes are so attractive

Everyone loves to cosplay spiderman or superman.Its just that their costumes are so awesome.Right?

You got to love the effort and imagination of great artists that imagines up such an awesome piece of art.

The costumes give you sense of courage and purpose , a sense of justice and self confidence.

Their costumes hide their weaknesses and bring out their true potential.

9: They are common people with a higher calling

Under the masks the superheros (except iron man maybe) are common people.

They are like us and we can relate to them.

But even in their ordinary state they have a higher calling and they have committed themselves to their calling.

They are the people who do great things for the society despite being ordinary (remember kickass).

8:They do it for the greater good

All superheroes put others needs before their own. They need to care for their own needs too, but in all stories they are showcased as sacrificing their own needs for others.

Isn’t that the greatest of human qualities? That is why everyone loves superheroes.

7:They have gone through tragic life experiences

Another reason why everyone loves superheroes is because we feel empathy for them.

The greatest example is that of spiderman. Who doesn’t feel sorry for him when his uncle Ben Parker die due to his mistake.

It is from our sympathy for them that we begin to love and worship these characters.

Superman statue.
Superman statue. | Source

6:The mystery behind the mask

In most superhero stories the hero chooses to keep his identity a secret from others.

Anyone who seeks fame would never do such a stupidity.

So we can surely say that it’s their humbleness that makes us love them.

Here the case of Tony Stark is exempted.

5:The secret behind their powers

Another fascinating thing about superheroes is the secret behind their powers.

We can check this point by considering these examples.

Spiderman gets his superpowers from being bitten by a genetically bred spider while superman is an alien who is born with superpowers.

Batman and iron man uses their own resources and finance to become superheroes while the green lantern is chosen for greatness.

Captain America obtained his powers by being a lab rat while wolverine and others such as Storm, professor Charles were born with their mutant powers that were later trained by them.

Hence by looking at these examples we see that all the superheroes have their own tale to tell. It is this variety and science fiction that makes them superheroes.

4:They care for common people

All superheroes care for the poor and weak.

They like to help common people in their day to day lives.

They not only help save the world from destruction but also helps the old lady across the street that is why I love them

They do not lead a very glamorous life but also finds time for their family and friends.

3:”With great power comes great responsibility” and they know it.

We all very much like this sentence from spiderman movie.

It is amazing how Peter comprehends this sentence and decides to use his power for the greater good.

It is also truly touching how he decides to stay away from Mary Jane to keep her safe.

The superheroes shoulder the great common responsibility as their own and they even sacrifice their personal life for it.

Almost all the comic superheroes has a similar storyline in which they sacrifice their needs for other people.

It is due to this act of selfishness that we all love them and adore them.

2:They are a symbol of justice and goodness.

All superheroes stand for justice.

They also represent the common mindset of all humans-the desire for goodness.

Even those people who indulge in evil ways have a natural inclination to lead a noble and good life. This fact cannot be ignored as it is a part of human nature and we cannot deny it.

Everyone desires to help others but most of us hold onto our pride and refuses to lend a helping hand because we hold the erroneous belief that lending a helping hand undermines our own value.

This is of course a false notion and superheroes are the example for just that.

They stand for justice, for peace, for brotherhood and the common good of mankind. These are all ideals that we wish to achieve or live by and hence we adore superheroes or idea of a superhero.

1:We need an inspiration to do good.

Above all superheroes are an inspiration for us all to follow the path of righteousness. We need to follow their examples (though its fictional) and become heroes. We all wish to be heroes someone who everyone looks up to and that is why we adore heroes. Isn't it?

Photo Credits

Thank you to the following photographers for the photos on this Hub, which are published under Creative Commons Licence 2.0 for photo of superman statue andCreative Commons NoDerivs for photo of spiderman figure .

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