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10 Simplified Ways to Create Thousands of Articles Online

Updated on October 15, 2013
article writing techniques
article writing techniques | Source

Article Writing Techniques Simplified

Are you an article writer? And you are having challenges and problems meeting your article writing goals that is creating and writing thousands of valuable, relevant and unique articles? Then this article is definitely for you. Most article writers always complain of not knowing what methods and techniques to create quality articles on the web, and always come up with quality article ideas that will always generate human interest and attract high pageviews to your article pages.

In this article, i have suggested several ways you can always generate quality article ideas so, you can easily increase your income especially when you write for sites like HubPages that pays you based on pageviews:

1. Increase Your Understanding on Different Subjects Online: Despite how good and knowledgable you are in a particular topic or subject, you will not be able to write tons of quality and unique articles. So the best way to increase your ability to write hundreds and even thousands of articles that are unique, full of quality and value to your readers is to begin to increase your knowledge on either related areas of your expertise or entirely new subjects. For example, if you are knowledgable on Internet marketing, you can learn about other related topics under Internet marketing such as: blogging, WordPress, WordPress themes and plugins, etc or you can learn entirely new subjects such as sports, gardening, journalism or fashion.

Doing this increases your capacity to create a lot of quality articles and helps improve your writing skills and appeal to a wide range of readers and can land you a lot of freelancewriting gigs as a freelancewriter.

2. Research on The Web and Write Review Articles: The Internet is full of interesting websites that a lot of people want to know about in various niche markets online. All you need to do is to research all over the Internet and look for websites you feel offer some sort of cool and interesting features and services or products that is worth talking about and that will interest people online, write short articles about these sites teaching about their products and services and publish them on Triond.

These type of articles are easy to write, all you need to do is to send about one or two hours reading about everything and section on the site, try to sign up on the site if it offers a membership option and get to know about it’s membership benefits and all, summarize everything you have gathered and learn’t about the website in a 500 – 1,500 word article. There are millions of sites that offer interesting products, services and features to the web community in different niche markets/industries that you can write thousands of articles on. You can write your first review article now, don’t go too far, check out sites in your niche market or topic of specialization on Google search engine, spend some time studying each website and summarize all you have learn’t about the site in an article, then you have your review article written. You can review as many websites as you can possibly research on.

3. Personal Experiences: What are your personal experiences in life whether good or bad experiences? You can offer some form of knowledge or advice to other people from your personal experiences in life, love, family, religion, relationship with the opposite sex, job or business.

Writing does not have to be all that complicated, write about your personal experiences and you will be amazed how many people want to learn a few things about your experiences as an individual even your personal mistakes can be an article teaching people how to avoid your mistakes. I am about to publish an article on Triond based on my personal experiences on my search on earning a living online.

4. Your Hobbies: A Hobby is an activity you do at your spare time both consciously and unconsciously. You can write an article (or articles) based on your hobby because to a great extent you have some things to share on your hobby that you may not know at the moment. All you need to do is to ask yourself reasons why you choose that particular hobby and what are the benefits you have derived from your hobby, list them and explain on paper, there you have article in the making, you get the picture? Your hobby can be an activity non-related to your area of profession, career or business, so you see that will be an nice angle to create new, fresh, quality and unique articles that will interest a new group of readers.

5. Other People’s Mistakes and Experiences: What mistakes do people around you and close relatives have made? What moral or personal lessons did you draw from those mistakes or experiences of other people? You can also write them as articles but don’t write the names of those people involved. you can also write articles on mistakes you have made as well in life.

Listen to people when they speak about their mistakes and experiences whether good or bad experiences and write articles offering some form of advice on how to avoid those experiences and mistakes especially it caused those people so much pain, regret, anger and financial loss. as a result of being around several people who have made relationship mistakes, am about to start a new article series on relationship advice and problems.

6. Re-write Junk Content on Other Websites: The best way to find junk articles with bad sentence formation, wrong spellings, grammatical errors, wrong presentation of article ideas and article structures is mainly on Article directories and guest post submission sites, under my niche categories, I look for articles that are poorly written, lack concrete facts about the knowledge or information they are sharing with their readers. I print these articles and re-write them and do some keyword research and brainstorm on what information or knowledge the authors were trying to communicate with their readers, then I research on the web on more concrete and solid facts to add to the article to make it more unique and quality, then I rewrite the articles and submit on either HubPages or other paid site I write for online.

If this process looks clear and understandable to you, you can follow it to create a lot of articles. Why I like this article writing technique is because I don’t have to generate new article ideas, all I do is re-write the junk articles in a unique, smarter, better way and with a proper structure with a more professional and catchy title that is keyword optimized.

7. Question and Answer Sites: There are a lot of question-and-answer websites online where people go to ask unique questions that relates to their various needs. Some of the popular Q&A sites millions of people visit everyday to ask questions that they need experts to answer those questions. Such Sites are Yahoo Answers, AnswerBag, Mahalo, ExpertBee and Answers and

Visit those websites, register with them. To locate the questions people ask in their niche market or area of specialization, Type in your target niche keyword on the search bar of the website. When questions asked by members of the site appears on the results pages, search for the questions you know you can answer, write an article, publish it on Triond and then submit the article link on the answer site so that members who asked the question can read your article on the topic of their questions. This method can also be used to promote your Triond articles.

8. Keyword Research: As a professional article writer, keyword research is your “Crystal Ball” to discover hidden and profitable markets or keyword sectors or niches that you are not meeting their needs with your articles. This technique is needed by HubPages writers, bloggers and freelance writers to find related topics in the area of their expertise or specialization where they can create more and unique articles that are useful and relevant to their readers. Use the Google Keyword Tool to carry out your keyword research online. When you open the tool, type in the particular keyword phrase in the search bar and it will give exact and broad terms related to your keyword niche. When you run out of new article ideas to write in your niche market, use the tool to generate new article ideas without stress. Also, use, MarketSamurai and Micro Niche Finder Softwares to carry out keyword research on new keyword niches.

9. Use an Article Series Strategy: There are times you have one big article idea that you will not be able to explain in a single article, what you need to do is to create a series for that article idea. This type of article writing technique has the potential to turn your single article idea to tons of uniquely written articles. All you need to do to create an article series, is to think up a general article idea, divide your idea with the following words: What, How, Where and From into sections and sub-ideas, list your sub-ideas under these words and start providing unique and separate information under each article idea. Then you have created several articles under one article idea.

10. Google Hot Trends: This is just a tool / service by Google to display the top keyword terms a lot of people usually in thousands and even tens of thousands are using to search for a particular information. This is an event based keyword research tool that tells you what thousands of people are searching for at a particular time.

All you need to do is to find out what keywords are trending high (usually events, movies and celebrities), research on the keywords and write articles on them and submit your article on Triond.

When you use these techniques above, I believe you will always come up with new ideas to create unique, relevant and quality articles for your Triond readers. Share this article with your friends and bookmark it for future reference if you find useful and helpful. Share your ideas by making comments.


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    • Gina145 profile image


      7 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks for some great ideas. I particularly like number 6.


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