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10 Worst X-Men Powers

Updated on July 18, 2011


Sorry for best fans out there but as I have read a lot of X-men comics, beast is the weakest X-men. I know his ape-like physical properties also gave him agility and strength but they were seldom used. He always stay on the lab and help Professor X create a plan to defeat the enemy. However, I love his character and how he acts as a disciplinarian to younger mutants. However, I'm really confused about his intellect because given he is an ape-man, he should not have too much IQ up on his sleeves. XD...Anyway, beast is a cool and lovable X-men but his powers suck but he can be handy if you plan to build your own computer. LOL


Do I need to explain why toad has the second place? Although his abilities are not that weak, he is useless in almost all cases. If he can hop and stick to walls like most frogs does, most X-men heroes can outrun and even beat him when it comes to jumping. He spits a saliva-like substance on his enemies eyes and that's it! Anyone can shake it off easily which makes it pretty useless. His tongue is a decent power but looking at other X-men characters, his tongue alone is not enough to match them. Imagine if he fights head on with wolverine. Goodbye long tongue? HAHAHA.


I know super strength is a pretty good power.However, blob don't have the speed and endurance. I look at his powers so weak because I can't help but compare him to Juggernaut. Let's say they both have equal strength. Juggernaut is an immortal, blob is just a plane wrestler. Juggernaut don't need to breathe or even eat, while blob needs both of them in large amounts. I know he can certainly beat a few X-men characters with his ugly powers but he is certainly one of the worst. By the way, he also reminds me of Rhino from the Spider-man series because he is pure strength with no brains at all.


Squidboy has a good heart and I really love his personality but sad to say, his powers are very limited. He can't directly control water which should have made his powers better. He can only swim really fast and communicate on marine creatures. These powers are definitely not enough for you to save someone from danger or fight super villains. Moreover, he is completely powerless in land and determining his weakness is pretty easy. Just grab and throw him out of the water and he's a goner. Despite being one of the weakest, I still love Squidboy. He loves nature specifically anything that lives on the sea.


Angel looks pretty good with those wings but definitely not strong. He can only fly and a small hit on his wings could impair his most priced ability leaving him useless. I know there are lots of angel fans out there but I prefer when he became Arcangel where his wings became steel. Although flight is such a handy power when it comes to transportation and avoiding enemies, I can't imagine it being used in battle. Remember that he don't have superhuman strength so flying and attacking the enemy from above is not a good idea especially if you are aiming for a giant like Juggernaut or one with superb agility like wolverine.

His wings made him look good but its not enough to make him effective both on defense and offense. In fact, it only gave enemies an idea about his weakness. Aim for his wings! HAHA


Gentle is a pretty good X-me character. He can increase his size and be bigger and stronger. Basically his powers came from the tattoos on his body. However, the only thing which made his powers suck so bad is that he can die if he choose to use them extensively. This limitation made him weak. Your powers should be the source of your confidence but risking your life just to use it is not a good idea. A superhero uses his power to protect himself and others so its pointless if he dies afterward. LOL


I know Cyclops is one of your favorites. However, despite being the team leader of our favorite X-men, I find his powers very useless. This is specifically evident if you place him between overpowered enemies like juggernaut, magneto and even Sabertooth. I can't forget how Juggernaut simply closed Cyclop's eyes with one hand and tosses him away. That episode really made me realize how ineffective Cyclops is when it comes to combat. He can't fly nor have super agility, strength or speed to cope with other mutants. There was also one seen in the X-men movie when Magneto snatched his eye gadget from him and trapped him to face Jean. He can't open his eyes because he will end up killing his lover. My only reaction was: "Why is the X-men leader so weak?". Nonetheless, he is a good team leader as he make sure everyone is safe and most importantly, he illustrates the true meaning of a real American soldier as he leaves no one behind. (Except on one occasion where he left Beast and Morph died as he ordered his teammates to retreat.)


If you are not an avid fan of the X-men series, you might not even know about Domino. Nonetheless, there is nothing so special about her because she is more like the lady version of The Punisher and her only power is to be lucky. Yes! That's it! This power can be very useful if you want to be rich. Imagine how much you can win in all sorts of gambling. LOL. Although he uses her power to shoot an enemy with her gun in incomparable accuracy, most mutant can dodge a bullet. There are even some who can take a missile and acts as if nothing happened after. Her power is cool but it's certainly not good for battle. You can't win a war just by pure luck.


Cypher is probably the WEAKEST of all X-men characters. I mean it. He don't have super strength, speed, or agility. He can't control the weather, fire, water, ice or any other element. He can't shoot rays from his eyes or hands. So what can this poor guy do? Pretty simple actually, he can talk and translate any kind of language even from out of our planet. I know you might be thinking that his power is very handy if Marsians decide to invade earth and we need an interpreter. However, pair him with Juggernaut or Wolverine on a one on one and you'll have a batter which will end in seconds. His power is definitely one of the worst ever!


Sage is a fortune teller. That's it. Although there were some episodes where she used some sort of cosmic powers, her powers certainly belong to the weakest. However, she is one of my favorite because I see myself on her character and she dresses pretty well too. Sad to say, her powers are not good enough to match with other X-men mutants. I really don't want her to be a part of this shameful list but we just can't deny the fact that she suck if we speak of powers. But no matter how much her power made her one of the weakest characters, I am still looking forward in seeing her more both in comics and cartoons.

If you find this hub interesting, you will definitely love this as well.



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    • Projectlazy profile image

      Projectlazy 3 years ago

      Cypher is Amazing. He can even integrate in computer code. Beak should be on this list though.

    • profile image

      Seriously?? 3 years ago

      If you're going to post something like this on an open forum, first off...

      ... Learn to spell.

      Secondly, have done aptitude about your intended subject (Cyclops and Beast being on this list are just silly)

      And lastly, comparing A-class mutants to C-class is just dumb comparing mutants fighting abilities to those of magneto, who can rip your iron from your blood and kill you. Or, Juggernaut an invulnerable unstoppable force that has psychic shielding. Just dumb.

      1. Angel



      4. Snot


      6. Jubilee

      7. Gentle (which btw the tattoos don't give him powers they suppress them)

      8. Mystique

      9. Empathy

      10. Darwin

    • profile image

      Fez The Baron 4 years ago

      Hmm this list is interesting. Is true that some mutant have very lame powers, and there ar emutants with worst powerset than those presented. But i think this is in line with the mutants being, well, mutants. I always thought that the entire "homo superior" or "next step of evolution" was quite a flawed wish fulfillment theory than anything else, and that most mutant powers are quite the random dice roll. You can end with awesome powers , even reality bending powers, or you could end up with weak powers.

      And is ok...if you don't push those with weak powers against opponents they cannot deal with not even if they gang up in thousand.

      think about the standard enemies the mutant could likely face in their life. The Sentinel. Ya know the GIANT MURDER BOT whose technology is on par with Iron Man armors in most cases.

      Now Cyclop is good on long range fight, but should use some rpecautions in battle, at least i hope is costume is armored and padded otherwise he is in serious danger.

      But Toad, Beast , Angel and all those with animla like abilities? fighting unarmed, just with their kind of suicidal. Because as humankind we learned how to KILL TO NEAR EXTINCTION pretty muhc any animal walking on earth, be it lion, hawks, elephants or gorilla, already witout using GIANT MURDERBOT. This is important. Because Angel(whose transonic speed is somethign he has only when Metal wings got invovled by the way) is stupid to jump in battle without ANY weapons nor ARMOR(hell I never thought i would have said that but he REALLY should have learned something from Hawkman!) Unless he plan to fight muggers or bank robbers he is not going to scratch a Sentinel nor survive the plasm blast they shot from their hand(in some occasion shown to litterally melt tanks). Beast is just wise to stay in lab and build weapon he could use. In close battle with stronger opponents(and boy how many Xmen villains are stronger than him) he should use his brain(BTW i liked him more in his feline form...but that's only because i despise monkeys as life forms due some childhood trauma).

      Domino is better as thief and assassin that frontal fighter, but is wise enough to use weapons and any tool she need, she don't fly in battle hoping to take down GIANT MURDERBOT barehanded. Luck can help you only so much.

      Cypher I agree. Even if his power had been upped with some superhacker, body language reading, super genius, he is still too weak to face opponents all alone. He work better, like beast, in well assorted team, were the temmaetes more good at kicking ass can give him the time to come out with a plan.

      In the end it all come down to "some mutants have powers that put them just slightly above or in different category than human and should use teamwork and weapons if they hope to survive encounter with GIANT MURDERBOT...(or just run away)"

      In some way this is a mutant theme that is rarely explored(only Grant Morrison hinted it in his run): that some mutant powers S**ks. And not in small way. Instead we got now writer forcing down every possible stretched explanation why a given mutant should be "a total badass no really we meant that"(i've talked about the upgrade cypher 's powers get. As wella sthe enhanced strength of angel, a recent thing)

      Because apparently is not cool to admit that, is not good for potential movie pitch i presume

    • profile image

      hollowx 4 years ago

      1: Beast is one of the most well renowned scientists in mutant genetics and the x-gene. He's a powerful ally in any team, which is why the Avengers want him. He also has good regenerative capabilities and reflexes. His feet are also so sensitive they can detect bombs.

      2:Toad being on the list I agree with . He's always been a moron and his powers seem to complements him very well. That's probably why he's Wolverine's janitor in the Jean Grey School for Mutants.

      3: Blob- is not weak, he's taken down some X-Men before so I don't think he should be on this list.

      4: Squidboy- is good in the water so I wouldn't really call that weak.

      5: Angel- should be at the top of this list because even though he's a senior member of the X-Men, he always gets his butt kicked. He's a damn bird brain. Everyone tells him not to rush into battle, but he does anyways. Instead of Angel they should call him "Target". Archangel is rarely used, but Warren can barely control that ability.

      6: Gentle- has the worst powers I wouldn't wish upon anyone. Every time he uses, it he dies. They should just call him die gently because that's all he does. He cries and gets emo and powers up and dies because he runs out of room for his tattoos. A waste of an x-gene.

      7: Cyclops-he's seriously is on here? I had to laugh out loud. His optic blasts can destroy mountains. He never goes all out with it, only on occasion. He's powered by the damn sun with his own built in rechargeable battery in his freakn eyes.

      8: Domino-being lucky is one of the best powers along with an assassin skill set. She's hardcore and the only one "without powers" to join up with X-Force. I think she's proven herself already.

      9:Cypher- deciphering futuristic sentinel computer language from an alternate timeline, saving the mutant race from a genocide that would ultimately lead to extinction isn't what I would call weak.

      10: Sage- she's a precog (sometimes see the future) with mad tech skills. I think this list needs some remodeling.

    • profile image

      spencerman 4 years ago

      Gentle is not a weak hero the very fact that using his powers to save a life and loosing his own makes him more of a hero than the rest.

    • Spongy0llama profile image

      Jake Brannen 5 years ago from Canada

      I love lists like this. I've somewhat fallen out of X-Men since I got into my 20s, but it will always hold a special place in my heart. I like that you orient your list based on the specific criteria of application in battle. However, as an aspiring linguist, I would take Cypher's ability over all others :P

      If I may squeeze in a smidgeon of constructive criticism. You may want to give this a quick proofread. I noticed a few very avoidable grammar and spelling errors.

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 5 years ago from Philippines

      @Comic Fox.. So would you want to look like beast? LOL Though he has the potential to be on the X-men front line, he chose not to. He lacks fighting experience compared to Wolverine, Rogue, and other X-men members who are assigned on the field. I'm an avid comic fan so I know who beast was and what his powers are. You obviously haven't read my hub thoroughly. By the way, I'm not a guy.

    • profile image

      Comic Fox 5 years ago

      This guy obviously hasn't studied the Beast and his capabilities.

    • profile image

      Bearishcub 5 years ago

      Okay, I can't totally agree with your list. Beast is my favorite X-Man, and you must not have read the early issues. The original team consisting of Cyclops, Beast, Angel, Iceman and Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) Beast has enhanced strength, agility and is great in hand to hand combat. I don't like cyclops, but don't think he belongs on this list. Angel does have enhanced agility in the air, is actually stronger than most normal men and can fly at near sonic speeds. So, I don't see him as useless, try Icarus. Who flies (slower than him) and only has a boyish choir boy voice. The Blob has enhanced strength, durability and can remain stationary and become unmovable. You are saying he is weakest only basing him against Juggernaut, who is not a mutant at all, he gained his powers magically. There are so many more useless powers than some on this list. Slipstream or Maggot would be better replacements.

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 5 years ago from Philippines


      Totally agree with you. Wolverine is way hotter in every perspective. Thank you for commenting on my hub.



    • Crazzykylex profile image

      Crazzykylex 5 years ago from Incredible India!

      Yes Cyclops is really not even worth a shot. His appearance itself will make you turn off. Strange, that Jean loves him and not Wolverine. After all, (most) girls fall in love with stupid boys.

    • profile image

      spaider-man 5 years ago

      oh and another thing, you should read about eye-scream. his is probably the worst and deserves the spot better than cyclops.

    • Nefarious_Misery profile image

      Nefarious_Misery 6 years ago from on the move

      I guess I'm not an "avid x-men fan" as I have only heard of half of the characters on your list.

      Those are some pretty weak powers though. I was actually kind of expecting Wolverine to be on the list. I mean other then the fact that he is almost indestructible; he gets his butt kicked pretty often.

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 6 years ago from Philippines


      The fact that he(batman) is 100% human makes it really impressive.

      Thank you for liking my hub.



    • profile image

      will345davis 6 years ago

      I have to say I'm impressed with your list. I would've had Jubilee on there as well, though, but that's just me. although the beast was always my second favorite x-men, you're right, he just stays in the lab mostly. I'm just grateful Gambit didn't make an appearance.

      @ Count and Alma - Batman is the greatest superhero ever. Hands down. He single-handedly beat the entire justice league in that series of comics

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 6 years ago from Philippines


      Batman is a very realistic superhero which made him very cool.

    • Count Alucard profile image

      Count Alucard 6 years ago

      Batman could destroy every mutant ever

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 6 years ago from Philippines

      @jared Thank you very much for liking my hub!

      Take care.



    • jaredbangerter profile image

      jaredbangerter 6 years ago from New York City

      Voted up and awesome. :] haha, i wasn't even aware some of these x-men existed. I was more of a spawn fan boy when I was growing up. Hahah, but some of them made me laugh. like blob? are you serious? i wasn't aware eating twinkies could give anyone super powers. :] great article and great picture choices. was a fun read.

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 6 years ago from Philippines

      @ Simone

      True. He looks really cute with those wings but I can't imagine how a burden they are. Oh.. He can use some of his feathers to make a nice pillow. XD

      Thanks for the comment.



    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      I think Toad is definitely the worst off. I wouldn't mind having the ability to translate anything, and being super lucky sounds good to me! And huh- I always thought Angel was super lucky, but now that you bring him up... the whole wings thing must be a total drag. Clothing shopping would be a nightmare, and feathers would get EVERYWHERE. And showering?? How is THAT done?

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 6 years ago from Philippines


      LOL..I forgot about beak....beast's partener...XD

      Thanks for those cool ideas.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 6 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Man, you want some real bad ones?

      Let's try Glob Herman, a living ball of wax with a human skeleton floating in the center.

      Or Mortis who kills anyone she touches.

      There's Beak, who is just.... a deformed bird. He can't even fly, poor thing.

      Maggott. Who, uh, got superpowers from the two maggots that live in his stomach.

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 6 years ago from Philippines


      OMG! A comic fan like me! Well, I have read a lot of X-men comic pages where Cyclops was down from a single shot and he is most likely to be hostage as well. XD And yes, I do base them on how they can be effective in battle.

      I also love spiderman like you do especially the 90's animation series with Peter's uberly cheezy lines. HAHA. And the character I love most is Rhyno. He is too dumb I can't stop from having a smile on my face once spidy tricks him.

      Thank you for appreciating my hub.



    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 6 years ago

      Pretty impressive list. Although I'm not sure I can agree about Cyclops, as I've been told by a lot of people that he's supposedly one of the strongest x-men out there. then again, I never followed the x-men, as I'm merely saying what others have told me. Besides, im more of a spider-man type guy myself. lol.

      anyways, from looking at your list, I guess your going by who would be the weakest in a combat situation, so i guess i can't recommend Rogue to you. although her powers would be pretty useful in combat because she can drain people's powers, and memories by touching them. But, she also has all the powers of Marvel Girl like flight and super strength that would be handy. However, i would think it sucks since she can never have any physical human contact. then again, i think based on the criteria of how well these powers would be in a combat situation, then it does make sense why you'd leave her off then. lol. anyways, thanks for writing this, as i voted up and interesting.