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10 YA/ Teen to read

Updated on March 22, 2016

I love books. and if you are reading this, you probably do too. I don't know about you, but for me I can hardly ever find books I want to read from online reviews, book suggestions, ect. When I try to search for books to read, but always come up with the most popular choice that I most likely have already read. These will include the typical books being made into movies like 5th Wave, and The Hunger Games, followed by about every single John Green book. Don't get me wrong, those are all great books but you have probably already read them. So, here are ten amazing YA/ Teen books you most likely haven't read:

# 10 Stolen, by Lucy Christopher

Caution: This book does include a kidnapping.

If you love those slightly twisted romantic books with a unpredictable ending, this might be a perfect book for you. The story follows a young teenage girl named Gemma as a letter to her captor, Ty. It is not the horrible situation you would imagine, by the end of this book your heart will be twisted and confused not knowing what is wrong or right.

# 9 The Falconer, by Elizabeth May

This story is placed in 1844, following a young girl named Aileana. This book is a fantasy with our main character being a headstrong, confident girl. Though she may have her faults, you will learn to love her. The Falconer, in all its chaos has a lovely string of romance entwined into the story.

# 8 The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, by Holly Black

Following the main character Tana, this story shows a whole other side to the typical vampire novel. It shows Tana grow and make sacrifices, as you learn to love her. Along with her love interest.

# 7 Forbidden, by Tabitha Suzuma

Caution: This novel includes insect.

In this novel you see the perspectives of two characters, Maya, and Lochan. While this novel has adult content, the story line is amazing. It has a unique perspective and will leave you heart broken. You will cry.

# 6 Reborn, by C.C. Hunter

Another vampire book, but with a lovely plot full of mystery, danger and love. The main character, Della, will make your head spin as she tries to choose between two amazing guys, while trying to also save everyone she cares for. This is a capturing supernatural story filled with vampires, werewolfs, shape shifters, and just a hint of ghosts.

# 5 Shatter Me series, by Tahereh Mafi

While all the other books on this list have not been series I could not leave this one out. The last book in the trilogy is my favorite book of all time. I have read it over ten times!! While he first two books are very good as well, the third will change your life. That is all i can say. Just go read them. ;)

# 4 Flawed, by Kate Avelynn

Caution: Sensitive content. Includes suicide, abusive parent, drug use, and sex.

No book will make you cry as hard as this one. While it does have sensitive content, you will love our main character, and feel a heart break like no other, I highly recommend it, because of how amazing and moving the writing and plot line is.

# 3 Ugly Love, by Colleen Hover

As you can probably guess this is a romance story. My only words to you about this book are: go read it.

# 2 Throne of Glass, by Sarah J. Maas

This story follows a female assassin who is forced in compete in a compaction to become the king's assassin to save her life. While her romantic life will always keep you guessing. This is an empowering story full of sacrifice and triumph.

# 1 Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver

Honestly, you will hate our main character, Samantha, at the beginning of this book, but as the story goes on you will grow to love her as she grows, to become a selfless savior. A truly moving story that will leave you thinking and frustrated in tears.


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