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10 Ways Writers Can Use SQUIDOO Now

Updated on August 30, 2017

SQUIDOO - A publishing platform for writers

Squidoo can be a great tool for writers. For the past two weeks I've been swimming around this vast cyber-ocean and found it fascinating. The more I read about Squidoo and the more I swam around, the more I realized how useful the publishing platform might be for writers. It's easy to do with a small learning curve. There are plenty of easy-to-read guides and helpful people known as Giant Squids and Angels who are more than willing to offer help and guidance.

If you're a writer interested in publishing or self-promotion or sharing your passion, this site is for you. And it's no small wonder, after all, Squidoo is the brainchild of marketing guru Seth Godin..

10 Ways Writers Can Use Squidoo

For play, practice, publishing and promotion

  1. For new writers who want or need to practice their craft, creating a "lens" is perfect. By its nature a lens is organized and has a tightened focus, plus you have the reward of publishing a finished lens.

  2. For writers who look for other writers, Squidoo is designed to foster community. You are encouraged to read, to comment and to learn from others. The communal spirit and willingness to help is phenomenal.

  3. For writers who seek ways to gain attention for their online work, creating lenses can help with cross-promotion, backlinks and all that other handy stuff needed.

  4. For writers who work on other projects but want a quick change of pace, creating a lens is a playful and productive way to free the mind and let it spin.

  5. For writers who are deep in research, creating a lens about a particular place, event, person or topic may be a productive way to deepen your thinking about the subject, gather your thoughts together, and, in the process, produce and publish a lens.

  6. For writers who have out-of-print nonfiction work, creating lenses by re-purposing content may be a quick way to revive old material.

  7. For writers who want multiple ways to promote their books, creating lenses that focus on the book, the topic, or an aspect of the story or relate their writing process might lead to new readers.

  8. For writers who are in search of some extra income-and who among us isn't?-creating lenses may, over time, help fill a writer's piggybank.

  9. For writers whose minds are stuck and who can't turn on the writing engine, creating a lens might ignite the subconscious, trigger an epiphany and get that writer over the blank page hump.

  10. For writers who like to practice their skills but insist on a productive and useful way of doing so, creating a lens may provide a way to keep the keyboard clicking and their mind ticking.

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Wisdom for the web writer and Squidoo writer

Seth Godin founded Squidoo so he's probably a good one to read if you want to understand the ideas behind this virtual writing community. Susan52 shares her Squidoo writing tidbits in her online blog, too.

The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?
The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?
Seth Godin, Squidoo's founder, challenges his readers once again to push boundaries and do the extraordinary.
Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
Are you part of the Squidoo tribe? What exactly is Seth Godin talking about when he talks tribes?

More Ways Writers Can Use SQUIDOO

  1. For writers who like to diversify and write for more than one publishing platform, create lenses that work in tandem with other sites and set them up as couplets. For instance, I do a Bucket List lens for a type of person here and then a Gift Ideas for the same type of person on another platform and cross-link.

Is SQUIDOO a Good Tool for Writers?

Would you add SQUIDOO to your writer's tool box?

Writers and Writing

Visit the rest of my Squidoo pages below. Also, visit my websites and join me online for future updates and info.

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