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365 Creative Writing Prompts to End the Year!

Updated on December 31, 2019
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A.P. Petty is a published poet and short story writer. She's currently working on her English.

Writing Prompts: the Whisper Edition


Whether they are funny, horrifying, introspective, or intriguing, find away to make these 100 confessions your own!

1. Got so drunk last night I ate a hamburger, and I'm a vegan.
2. If abortion isn't murder, then why is it considered a double homicide when a pregnant woman is killed?
3. I'm a white police officer. I often get called racist or asked why I kill Black people because of my job. It hurts me because I grew up with a Black foster family who looked after me and who I love.
4. My brother pretended to be my boyfriend and pretended to propose so our dinner would be free. The greatest actors are the cheap ones.
5. I married my husband for the medical insurance and everyone knows it.
6. The day before my grandma died, she and I had gotten into an argument. My last words to her were "drop dead."
7. My grandma has dementia and always asks me how I know her. I make up a new story every time.
8. I came out as asexual to my boyfriend and he expects me to continue having sex. I'm repulsed by it, but we have a great relationship. I don't want to ruin it.
9. I walked in on my aunt naked today.
10. I forged my dying father's name on his will leaving me his 128 million estate. He walked out on me when I was 9. I deserve it.
11. I don't like sex. I always feel awkward and bored.
12. I turned down a modeling contract to join the army.
13. I'm a cop. I'm more likely to pull over an expensive car for speeding than other cars because I know they can afford to pay the ticket.
14. I'm a divorce attorney. I make more money each year with the rate of divorce increasing. I never thought I would be disappointed by this.
15. Today is the day my dad passed away. I was raised by my grandparents. Just found out he was murdered, and my mother planned it all. She has gotten away with it for 21 years.
16. I'm a nurse and I work in the birthing ward. Last week a single mother died after birth. Down the hall a young couple lost their newborn to complications. I switched the babies.
17. I have a secret savings account that I put money into for my parents back for all they've done for me.
18. Gross confession: Just got off my period. Do you know how long it's been since I could scratch my bare vag without seriously regretting it?
19. I work in a hospice. I sometimes stay after my shift if someone is close to dying to make sure they don't die alone.
20. Every time I'm in a library, I hide notes in books for others to find.
I'm a woman and hate babies. And I would much rather blow my brains out than be pregnant.
21. I had breast cancer and a mastectomy at 22. I'm scared no man will find me beautiful once he sees my scars.
22. My wife thinks I'm having an affair with her sister. Wrong sibling.
23. My dad murdered my sister when I was little. I've lived my whole life feeling guilty. I know it's not my fault, but why couldn't I have been old enough to save her.
24. I was a test tube baby and don't feel human because of it.
25. Everyone in my family has been to jail on some form of violent charge.
26. My father murdered my mother when I was and until last year I thought she died in a car crash. I'm 32.
27. A woman complained to my manager because I told her she cut 5 people in line.
28. I had knee surgery when I was 12. I tell all the girls I meet it was a shark bite.
29. I'm a sexual assault survivor. My secret: I wish he had killed me that day.
30. My cousins and I once got kicked out of church camp for cursing too much.
31. I am pro-choice politically, but pro-life personally. I would never get an abortion myself, but I don't have the right to chose that for anyone else.
32. Blaring "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry. I wonder if my mom is taking the hint.
33. One time I switched out my sister's toothpaste for foot cream.
34. I paid my little brother to clean my room with monopoly money. He had no clue.
35. I wish my kids had never been born, because they ruined my marriage and I miss my husband.
36. I'm a nurse and, yes, we gossip about your private parts.
37. Musical theater is my passion, but I settled for stability in the medical field.
38. I've turned into the worst babysitter ever. Now I just steal their food and take naps.
39. My sister once put cheese spray in my mouth while I was sleeping. 8 years later, she still doesn't know I'm plotting my revenge.
40. I wish my mother would've taught me to be a better wife.
41. I'm going to a wedding and I have slept with all 6 groomsmen and the groom..
42. Girls are terrified to talk to me because I'm a 24 year guy with a 3-year-old son. Sorry it's the first thing I bring up, but he's the most important part of my life.
43. I'm only dating my boyfriend for food and rides.
44. I wish women knew how painful it is to get hit in the balls.
45. Just nearly gave my driving instructor whiplash. Lessons are obviously going well.
46. My wife doesn't know I made adult film to fund our wedding.
47. My boyfriend is into sex trafficking and has paid some police off.
48. Every time I order a pizza I secretly pray the delivery boy will be hot.
49. I'm a wedding planner, and I can always tell which marriages are going to last or fail.
50. I'm happy that I'm fat, otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd be a complete slut.
51. I'm happy being infertile. I don't want to bring another being into this painful, horrible world.
52. I used to work for the Navy. They pay people to hide the existence of mermaids.
53. I have been faithful to my wife for 8 years but I have thought of cheating everyday of it.
54. I'm a receptionist at my company. When everyone leaves for lunch, I sneak into the board room and make believe I'm the CEO.
55. I'm a flight attendant, i hope the passenger didn't know I farted a couple of times on his face while doing service.
56. I love going commando.
57. I make fake noises in my office so the other girls will think I'm doing something while i'm watching Game of Thrones on my phone.
58. Last week I openly announced my rape that occurred two years ago. I'm a male. My attacker was female. It does happen.
59. My husband is divorcing me because I refuse to be a stay at home mom.
60. I had sex with my college professor and I still failed the final exam.
61. My husband is divorcing me because my dad didn't leave me an inheritance.
62. My parents disowned me for trying to tell them about my sexual abuse. I still can't believe how poorly they treated me.
63. My wife and I have a beautiful daughter. My wife doesn't know that I found out she isn't mine. It doesn't matter, she's my daughter and nothing will change that.
64. I gave up my daughter for adoption. I can't help it, but it hurts a little that no one wishes me a Happy Mother's Day.
65. I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder today. Part of me is happy to finally have an idea of how to help myself, but part of me is terrified.
66. Sometimes my friends and I put on red polos, go to Target, and help people.
67. My worst birthday was when I was 10. My dad's parents showed up and during the trip they told me that my dad should have married someone besides my mom.
68. 4 a.m., last night, heard my son talking in his room. I open the door and he yells,"You scared Alex away!" I said,"Who's Alex?" He said it's his friend who's 6yo. I had a still born baby named 6 years ago named Alex.
69. Dear guy who picks on the 1 openly gay kid at school: I dare you to touch him. Sincerely the linebacker with the two amazing dads.
70. A guy came to my hotel weekly to cheat on his wife. So I mailed a card to his home addressed to her, thanking the two of them for being such loyal customers.
71. I run background checks on every guy before I start dating him.
72. She kicked my dog. I kicked her out of the house that very day.
73. I'm on my fourth child as a surrogate mother. I'm finally going to admit to myself that I'm addicted to being pregnant.
74. I started a company with my husband and I regret it. It may destroy us.
75. I hate how my family raised me to be so racist. I try and work on it, but it's so ingrained I fear the racist thoughts will never go away.
76. Nerd and gamer aren't synonymous. Nerds I can forgive. Gamers I can't.
77. I went on a blind date to a haunted house.My date was so creepy looking they offered him a job. Not joking.
78. I hate my daughter. She is so much like me that I can't stand her. There are days when I want to giver her away. She's 7.
79. I'm a dietitian. Fat people disgust me. I come on whisper to fat shame people just to get my frustrations out. If you don't like your body, change it. I'm telling you how to fix it, and you're making excuses. It's disgusting.
80. I had an abortion and didn't tell my boyfriend. We've only been dating for 4 months and don't think he needs to know.
81. I'm an atheist, and sometimes I wish I could believe in God so I could have somebody to turn to when things get hard.
82. Miss serving my country. PTSD sucks.
83. My boyfriend is a virgin and I secretly find it adorable.
84. Therapists are useless. All they do is enable bad behavior. If you have a problem you can solve it yourself or talking with a trusted friend who knows you.
85. Going to college was my new way of running away from home.
86. I'm a teacher and when they kids go out for recess, I watch porn.
87. Two years ago I walked up to a random guy and proposed as a joke. We're getting married in three days. But this time, I'm the one who said yes.
88. My parents disowned me because I denounced their toxic religion.
89. Just because I'm an atheist doesn't mean I don't respect your religion.
90. Whenever my dog stares at the wall, or an empty space, I automatically think he sees a ghost.
91.As a woman, I hate receiving oral sex. All my friends think I'm crazy, but I just can't get down with it. It never feels good to me.
92. I'm a tattoo artist. If a customer is being rude, I purposely make small mistakes or make sure I'm more heavier handed than usual, just so it hurts more.
93. My sister is pregnant. I hope she miscarries and dumps the father. They are the type of people who are going to have CPS removing the kid and who's going to have to take the kid in.
94. Sex is healthy and takes the stress away. I say yes to my husband even when I don't want to, because I need to stay in healthy mind and spirit.
95. All I want is for my wife to not take her stress out on me. I feel like I can't even say anything without her taking it the wrong way and me being yelled at.
96. Well, I can't have kids, so my dog is my kid.
97. I gave my dogs middle names so I'd have something to yell when they're in trouble.
98. Grew up with a single mom. She taught my brothers and I how to change our oil and tires.
99. He took me to his uncle's farm for our first date. I got to play with baby cows and actually saw one being born. It was the coolest thing ever.
100. When my roommates aren't home I have full length conversations with my cat.


100 Words!

1. Apply, splash, card, disposition, and doggone.
2. Atmosphere, jog, sanguine, dirty, and rogue.
3. Disclosure, person, flag, escape, and medical.
4. Palace, plump, session, paddles, and distress.
5. Flashlight, details, reduction, annoys, and snobbish.
6. Critique, delicate, hanger, visual, and corny.
7. Treeline, verbiage, current, disavow, and trite.
8. Guarantee, tedious, table, raid, and wobble.
9. Conversely, shaped, ocean, seat, and bracket.
10. Basket, ladybug, shudder, lease, and ant.
11. Drivel, slope, everything, meet, and tuck.
12. Years, county, solo, pickle, and civilian.
13. Trace, fornicate, adverse, beet, and masticate.
14. Cancer, wellness, domesticate, sow, and hopeful.
15. Ability, shone, conquer, arrogate, and resume.
16. Atlantic, droppings, comestible, possible, and backbone.
17. Hospitality, deck, dome, organs, and biting.
18. Registration, airplane, noodle, skulls, and prime.
19. Besides, stew, quail, whiten, and scammed.
20. Community, postage, sewer, solid, and lash.


What's In a Name?

1. Drew Farmer.
2. Devon Washington.
3. Jalen Stevens.
4. Joelle Murphy.
5. Shannon Lovall.
6. Owen Bradford.
7. Kendall P. Jackson.
8. Kellie Ellison.
9. Lawrence Eliot.
10. Rina Taylor.
11. Petra Wright.
12. Crystal Allen.
13. Alivia Castro.
14. Austen King.
15. Delia Roberts.
16. Iman Jeffries.
17. Oliver McMichaels.
18. Alexia Bell.
19. Marty Donalds.
20. Calvin Laurens.
21. Vivian Cumberbatch.
22. Roman Harrison.
23. Joseph H. Blake.
24. Mabel Matthews.
25. Delores Stone.
26. Frazier Whitman.
27. Lillian Pryor.
28. Michael Davidson.
29. Jory Anderson.
30. Earl Gaines.
31. Adam Stein.
32. Greyson Fox.
33. Harley Benoit.
34. Shelby Collins.
35. Mark Pritchard.
36. Emmanuel Rhodes.
37. Tawny Wilson.
38. Sherman Yancy.
39. Penelope Troncoso.
40. Ashley Northrop.
41. Laurie Clarke.
42. Francesca Jordan.
43. Talia Perez.
44. Priscilla Oglesby.
45. Carolyn Weaver.
46. Zachariah Patterson.
47. Josephine Winston.
48. Tabitha Hall.
49. Artemis Sanders.
50. Rufus McLean.


50 Phrases!

1. "She tasted like..."
2. "His muscles..."
3. "Crazy as this may seem..."
4. "You know what?"
5. "...and we ate alone."
6. "When it comes..."
7. " so he thought."
8. " look over further."
9. "...with their concerns."
10. "...the perfect addition."
11. "Helping them find..."
12. "Last night's concert..."
13. "...level of experience."
14. "During the week..."
15. "Hiking and biking trails..."
16. "Discover new ways..."
17. "...half of my plate."
18. "...will stay with you..."
19. "...signs and symptoms..."
20. "Before they decided..."
21. "...know the benefits..."
22. "...who told you..."
23. "...all sides of her..."
24. "....both past and present..."
25. "...that ensure resources..."
26. "...the entire story..."
27. "...demanding attention and change..."
28. " I was told..."
29. "The real unrest came after his death..."
30. " in pink and black."
31. "This is untrue."
32. "...important to understand..."
33. " the university..."
34. " and generosity."
35. "Refine my resume..."
36. "...urgent needs and care."
37. "Double down on the..."
38. "...jingles my keys."
39. "...and don't look down."
40. " ...beady-eyed fucker..."
41. "He only supports..."
42. "...jog at the park."
43."...and told me...
44. "Of course you'd agree..."
45. "By following Nathan..."
46. "He snarled..."
47. " the glass."
48. "Trust and believe..."
49. "So timeless, so classic."
50. "...on the shoulders..."



1. Student.
2. Musician.
3. Plastic surgeon.
4. Supervisor.
5. Funeral director.
6. CEO.
7. Dean.
8. Baker.
9. Chef.
10. Dentist.
11. Therapist.
12. Mechanic.
13. Photographer.
14. Electrician.
15. Plumber.
16. Hair dresser.
17. Shoe maker.
18. Actor/Actress.
19. Veterinarian.
20. Garbage person.
21. Personal trainer.
22. Weight lifter.
23. Sales associate.
24. School teacher.
25. Pediatric nurse.
26. Foot model.
27. Journalist.
28. Optometrist.
29. Fortune teller.
30. Librarian.
31. Architect.
32. Graphic designer.
33. Pilot.
34. Real estate broker.
35. Camera person.
36. Secretary.
37. Farmer.
38. Podiatrist.
39. Translator.
40. Bricklayer.

General Writing Prompts

1. Take a nap, wake up, and write what comes to mind.
2. Your character drives a car with a New York license plate.
3. Integrate the last thing you ate into a story.
4. Write about a character who stops in Fort Worth, Texas.
5. Write a story set 150 years ago in the state or city you live in.
6. Write a story with a character who is kidnapped, but doesn't know or remember it.
7. Write a story about a family in Witness Protection.
8. Integrate your favorite smells into a story.
9. Write a story with a character who shares the same initials as someone you admire.
10. Use the title of the last book you read into your short story.
11. Write a story about a missing bracelet that turns up on the other side of the world.
12. Write a story called "The Honorable Danielle Larsen."
13. Write a story that includes a woman named Emily Owens, a teen with braces, and a sinking boat.
14. Write a story that includes a pair of scissors, toilet bowl cleaner, and a collage of unidentified pictures.
15. Write a story about a character who has a job or career that you've wanted.
16. Use the word drifter in the title.
17. Repeat the word render five times in your story.
18. Use the words yellow, rain, essential, vulnerable, and backwards as they appear.
19. Use the words receiver and draining in your title.
20.Use the last sentence in the last book you read as a starter for your story.
21. Make sure your title contains a number, a body part, and an adverb.
22.Use the words stolen, record, night, crease, and island as they appear.
23. Use the words finger and financial in your title.
24. Create a story title by using the letters of your name,
25. Use the words track, marrying, trope, wait, and pubic as they appear.

© 2019 AP Petty


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