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1000 things to write a story about (ideas)

Updated on January 26, 2014

Jump in and get warm.

I am not an experienced writer, but I do have a lot of experience with idea generation. I have written over 2000 of my own songs, loads of personal writing on paper, lyrics, blogs, articles, essays and general web content. Instead of trying to decide on one good idea for a novel, it's always best (especially when you're starting) to pick a random topic and take it up as a challenge. Only write a short story and set yourself a limit. Don't worry about anything at all, just be prolific. You don't have to show anyone your work until you're happy with it yourself. The best way is to just get the juices flowing, think like an athlete does when they practice on the track, they run complete races every day.

I'm not suggesting that you write a story every day (although you could), but don't get caught up in the idea that you have to write a full sized novel and that it has to be the best idea that anyone has ever thought of! Just write, don't be overly critical, this technique applies to everything. Don't over-think, just jump in and swim around.

You're a squid, after-all.

... and in the same fashion, I'm writing this lens with not much critical thought, I'm going for 1000 ideas so you might arrive to a couple of hundred because I'm going to add these over time.

Tip: You might like to find a 200 sided online dice (or something similar) to help you choose a random topic from this list. Don't argue with the decision, just get cracking and write!

Action (titles)

action ideas
action ideas

Everyone loves a bit of action, here are a few ideas that will hopefully get you kickstarted with a good action novel.

1. Run from the gun

2. The lonely hostage

3. The circle of credit (someone owes someone money, who owes someone money, the debt goes back to the original person)

4. The average cop

5. 1 hour

6. Save Bella

7. Long time China

8. Ravaged

9. Motorspeed

10. 100 feet below the atmosphere

11. Jump

12. Speedometer

13. Twisted Racers

14. Chasing the sky

15. Reverse Clock

16. Motion Ocean

17. An hour in prison

18. Chopper night

19. The Bureau

20. Angry Assassin

drama story ideas
drama story ideas


Drama queens are out, but drama as a writing genre, is in! Here are a few random drama topics or titles to get you on your way to writing the next greatest drama novel.

21. The girl who used to live next door

22. Made from love

23. They only just kissed

24. Talking with Dave

25. Stuff people like

26. Days of old

27. More than I can handle

28. My crazy mother

29. When I was a child

30. The narrow path

31. Blackwater travels

33. The girl who cried "fish"

34. Locket

35. Please save us

36. My teacher

37. The broken violin

38. Starvation Nation

39. People who love

40. The tied vote

41. Mr. Bus

42. Unspoken (story about a mute person)

43. Fallen

44. Take me with you

45. Just the 1 of me

46. Tiresome nights

47. One day at the little Italian cafe

48. Expectations

49. The perfect idea

50. Summersnow

Have you written Before?

Once upon a time
Once upon a time

Have you written any sort of story (20 pages or more) before?

See results
Horror Story Ideas
Horror Story Ideas


Here are a few ideas for a horror story, these can be used as a title, the opening line, or just as inspiration. I'm trying to keep this as clean as possible but just a warning for this section of the lens, it may contain graphic language.

51. Decapitation

52. Mass Slaughter

53. The blade

54. Psychochick

55. God of death

56. The Empty tomb

57. The Unholy Act

58. Deathwisher

59. The man who lived in the walls.

60. Look, behind you!

61. Clownlady

62. Razorclaws

63. Did you hear that?

64. Someone is outside my window

65. Kittycutter

Kids Book Ideas
Kids Book Ideas

Kids and Children's Book Ideas

Kids books are short and simple but that doesn't mean it's an easy task. You need a fantastic illustrator or artist and you need a good sense of what it's like to be a child. If you can't remember, then hang out with some children for a few days to remind yourself, I guarantee you'll learn something!

66. The Womble in the closet

67. Harry the Duck

68. Petra the Pink Pelican

69. The boy who ate worms

70. The talking washing machine

71. The boy who was not nice

72. Over the fence

73. Greenboy

74. The goat and the mouse

75. Magical Lollipops


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