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11th February,2015

Updated on March 3, 2015

Enough is enough.

Enough is enough,who will win
Not the poor families,a corruptive sin.
Few weeks ago,story came to light
300 die,boat capsizes at night.
Traumatised immigrants flee a war torn state
As far as Italy,destiny sealed their fate.
Traffickers win again,£10,000 per head
Traffickers won this one,three hundred dead.
Can't imagine the trauma,sailing with their kids
Sea slashing round about them,life on the skids.
Small babies drowned,less than a year old
Nameless people ,stories will never be told.
When is enough enough?,when do we take up the fight?
Jail these traffickers,let's shine a light.
Bring them to justice,stop this horrible trade
Countries join together,deals should be made.
People needlessly died,desperation,fear of death
I stop to imagine,I can't catch a breath.
A story quickly forgotten,yesterday's news,
We all should join together,express our views.
Asylum is sometimes a necessary thing
People seek it passionately,wishing to bring.
Change the future of these families
Make it a story of hope
Show the traffickers no quarter
Show them we can cope.
No chance to extort money,no misery to be peddled
Countries laws to change,actions to be settled.
Let the glory of peace and kindness shine through
Give these people some hope,give them a view.
Let's speak of happier times,let new histories be made
Growing up without fear,let their views be said.

Death versus money.

On the date mentioned ,300 people died being illegally trafficked across the sea to Italy.Italy was not the destination originally,the Italian coastguard rescued them before their final destination.if they had not stepped in when they did,there might not have been any survivors at all. 300 dies at a price of £10,000 pounds per head,that's a lot of money.But as usual the immigrants don't make anything out of the deal,only the traffickers do.they get paid no matter what the result is,and in this case death was the reward for these poor desperate people.Africa is only one country in the mix here,there are more countries shipping these people out on boats that are not fit for purpose.Boats designed to hold fifty people,overloaded with three hundred.Countries struggle with this problem,but more needs to be done to combat it.Clearly these countries are failing their citizens,if they are trying to flee there home to begin with.Then they have the added trauma of having to travel, possibly to their death in these flimsy boats.

The Lucky Ones.

It's coming fast.

death comes fast,

death by the sea

death hangs over

both you and me.

death lurks in the wings,

death hunts the soul

death wins in the end

death knows it's own goal.

death captured all these lives

death filled up this night

death left very few

death left trauma that night.

death took away the names,

death made short work of the future

death took families a plenty,

death left them no future.

New life ,maybe!

Modern day.

these terrible acts should be a thing of the past.They should not exist in a modern civilised society. Why are these countries so far behind in the immigration race. Most countries seem to have a handle on the issue,but certain countries seem to fail misrably at controlling the trafficking of these people.The UK and Anerica try their best to minimiise the problem,budget cuts on the Border Control in the Uk have made it a lot easier for traffickers to peddle their misery more.I feel sorry for UK Border control staff,as their hands are tied.They can only do so much with the resources they have.They are fighting a losing battle.The governments of both countries need to sit up and take notice of the ever increasing problem.More money needs to be allocated to make the problem less of an issue,then maybe we can get a handle on the issue.Then maybe the tragedy of 11/02/2015 might become less of a reported news story.Maybe the 300 May not have died in vain.

Immigration Policy.

Last year the uk allowed 295,000 immigrants in the country.It sounds like a big dent in the fight against illegal people trafficking,but it's not.Britain looks good allowing a huge amount of people to settle in Britain ,but this is a drop in the ocean.The good stories fail to eclipse the bad ones as far as I can see.When we allow our immigration policy to flourish,it only takes the shine of off the tragedy for a very brief moment.I understand why the UK government go on about their policy so much,it's after all ,easier to bleet on about good stories rather than the bad ones.Its easier to brag about how many people come in ,from all different races and countries,rather than mention the many thousands we fail to save from death.The deaths of these people are a shame on the world as a whole,we all go on about the ,so called smaller countries failing to control immigration,but what are we doing to help the problem.


imagine a world without immigration,

happier faces, a prouder nation.

trafickers lose out on all the cash

refocus their efforts,change direction in a flash.

making millions each day, out of everyone's hardship

time to stop their hell,board a happier ship.

curb their activities,make it hard for them to run

curb evil empire,a new web is spun.

send them packing,send them to jail

a new world order,happier ships will sail.

Fear of death and exploitation.

fear of death and exploitation

sad story ,that shames a nation.

has to be stopped,has to cease

no more cash ,for trafickers to fleece.

people so scared ,to travel a normal way

boarding these deathtraps,death comes their way.

ever increasing total,more killed each day

when does it stop,take a stand and say

enough is enough,one life is too far

take up the cause,a rising star.

not a popular issue,on the political scene

wont win the votes,it has to be seen

who takes up the mantle,who defends their rights

its all out if control,horriffic and deadly sights.

Less than a quarter survive the trip.

A global issue.

Whether or not it affects you personally,it's clear immigration is a huge issue for every country on the planet.Each country tries to implement the law the way they think is the best way for their people.Imigration inevitably has an impact on services in that country.The NHS has struggled to cope with the influx of people coming in.Local Gps have seen a ten fold rise in demand for their services.I remember I could call my local Gp surgery and get a Doctors appointment within a day or so.Not anymore,I called a few days ago to book an appoitnment,the receptionist stated there were no available slots in the next two weeks.My only hope was to call first thing in the morning for an emergency appointment,ive tried this many times before.I could not get through,I tried for thirty minutes to get through,only to be greeted by an engaged tone constantly.Clearly the demand due to Imigration has a direct impact on every aspect of our daily lives.The issue won't go away,it's only going to get worse.


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