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12 General Writing Prompts to Combat Writer's Block!

Updated on December 5, 2019
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A.P. Petty is a published poet and short story writer. She's currently working on her English.

Gettin' Started and Puttin' In the Work!

These prompts are dense and multilayered on purpose. Whether or not you find them uncomfortable, thought provoking, or fascinating, there are always angles to flesh out and other aspects to consider when using writing prompts. Use them to your advantage and don't be afraid to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone.


Write about the first car you owned. How old were you when you got it? What make and model was it? Did you like it? What made you proud about it? How did you get it? What was its color? When did you first see it? How long did you have it for? What problems did it have? Do you still have it?


Write about a hardship you've faced. When did it happen? What led up to it? Were you responsible for it? What skills or techniques did you use to get out of it? What did you learn from it? What did you see or smell? What were some physical, emotional, or mental reactions you experienced? What jogs your memory of it? What was your biggest takeaway from it?


Write about the first time you lived away from home. What's home to you? Did you live in another city of state? Were you nearby? What makes a home to you? Did you live with family or friends? Did you have a choice in the matter? How old were you when this happened? What did or didn't you like about it?


Write about a person (family, friend, neighbor, coworker, mentor, coach, manager, or celebrity) who you admire. What traits make them admirable? What have they faced? What do they look like? How do they talk or dress like? How do they carry themselves? What have they persevered through? If you know, where do you they draw strength from? What's their motivation?


Write about the first time you left the country. Where did you go? Did you travel alone? What drew you to this place? What are some notable monuments, fact about the country, or notable people who live there? What's the country's language? What's the currency there? Do you still go there? What were dishes you ate? What about you changed when you returned home? What perspectives of yours were challenged?


Write about your first family reunion. What did you know about your family prior? Where did it take place at? Who do you remember seeing first? What did you eat? Was it overwhelming for you? What didn't you like about it? Were you excited to see them? Were there any surprises? Did anything disastrous happen? What did you learn about yourself? Did you form any tight-knit relationships with anyone?


Write about a time you've felt self-conscious of anything. How did you learn to cope with it? What were you self conscious about? Where do you think it's rooted in or at?


Write about an opinion you've held about someone or something ten years ago. Do you still hold those same feelings? If so, why? If not, why? What contributed to the shift in your mindset? How has it made you grow as a person? If your thoughts and feelings remain the same, what has reinforced this for you?


Write about the first job you had. How old were you? Where did you work at? Where did you live at? Who did you live with? What were your responsibilities? What did you like about it? What did you dislike about it? Is the company still around? Do you still work at your first job?


Write about the first time you encountered someone of a different culture or religion than yourself. What was the first thing you noticed? Were you frightened or embracing? How were they dressed? How did they talk? What made you uncomfortable about them? What did you find peculiar about them? How did their physical traits differ from yours? What made you want to know more about them? What were your preconceived notions about them?


Write about a picture from the year you were born in. What's obvious about it? Who's in it? What was going on socially, culturally, or politically at the time? What were the fashions? What's an unknown fact about it? What do you like about it? What stands out to you?


Write about your first concert. Where was it? Who played there? Did you enjoy it? Was it free admission? What did you wear? What did you hear, see, or smell? Where you up close to the act or faraway? Were you there with anyone? What was the atmosphere like? Who took you to the concert? Did you meet anyone special there such as the musicians or a partner? What aspects now make you think about that concert?

© 2019 AP Petty


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