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15 Years Long

Updated on November 9, 2015

Day not forgotten.

horrible,sick,tragic,gut wrenching.just some words I would use to describe that fateful day.i think I walked about in a trance for a good few hours of that day.saw people but couldn't hear their words,their faces were just a blur.could see traffic,every car seemed to pass me in slow motion.i don't think I ate for a week,it's a day I endured that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

15 years long.
17 th June 2006,date in my head that definitely sticks
15 years after my mother had died,we scattered her ashes,but no one cried
Like going through the trauma,all over again
Double the grief,double the pain.
For whatever reason,the decision was made
It was the correct decision,nothing more was said.
My mums now at peace,of this I am sure
My sisters decision,from her heart,it was pure.
She did the right thing,it took her a while
She knows deep in herself,think of mum with a smile
I'm happy at last,can visit my families grave
All memories I treasure,all thoughts I save.
Now mums with her kin,they can meet once more
A happier family,it's no longer sore
I sleep better at night,I feel happier by day
This is my legacy,I'm pleased to say.

Family is not complete.missing one.

One Mum.

its a good thing to have only one Mum.losing someone so special,who was such a huge influence in my life.i could not imagine going through the same trauma need to treasure your mum whilst she is alive,it's a horrific feeling when you know she's gone and not coming back again.

She is missing all this.

Treat her well.

she's so special,try and treat her well

she's always in your life,a protective shell

there in good times,also in bad

she'll make you laugh when your feeling sad.

always there with love and adoration

a constant helper,to help with your frustration,

at the end of a phone,or closer in your heart

treat her well,then she will never depart.

Small proportion.

every day in the news you hear the exception to the hear a terrible story of a Mum neglecting her child and ultimately the child scares me that some women as well as men can be so clearly devoid of any emotional connection to a child they gave birth to.they put the kid through the most horrific abuse and they seem to think this is an acceptable way of life for this wee heart skips a beat each time it hits the news screen.i imagine the torment the child suffered at the hands of these monsters,it would bring the coldest person to tears.i think I am a lucky person with the parent who raised me.

Fun times.

Mentally capable?

I seen a judge being lifted in to court many years ago to hear a case of someone I knew.he pretty much slept for the duration of the trial.the guy must have been at least seventy years old.should this guy be trusted with such an important responsibility as deciding on someone's freedom.i think like certain jobs,judges should be tested mentally at a certain age to ensure they are able to perform the job they've been trusted to do.normal members of the public are tested in some jobs at a certain age,why not Judges as well?

Heavier Sentences.

When a child dies at the hands of it's parents ,the sentence is clear.Life in prison with no parole.I've seen sentences given out that beggar belief.because of certain circumstances,the sentence is more lenient.the biggest insult to a child dying of physical abuse in the UK,happened a few years ago.due to the mother and fathers alcoholism and drug abuse,they received sentences that equated to less than three years each in prison,for killing a helpless,defenceless child that trusted them to nurture and raise her with love.the Judge who passed the sickening sentence is so out of touch with reality that they shouldn't be preciding over a tin of biscuits let alone a murder case.

Scary Scenario.

imagine being on trial for something ,and the Judge can only stay awake long enough to pass sentence on you for a crime he only heard ten percent of the evidence of ,due to sleeping through most of it.doesn't fill you with confidence about the British Justice system.

In General.

I've seen both sides of the Justice bench,I've been a good boy as a witness,but many years before I wasn't so good and seen it from the other side.i generally think we have one of the best and most respected Court and Justice systems in the world,but like most organisations that have existed for generations,it's not does have its flaws,but generally I think it gets things right more often than it gets it wrong.


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    • bigj1969 profile imageAUTHOR

      John Marshall 

      3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks for the lovely comments (Dream on) .ive been told by a lot of friends I should do a book about my life,might do it eventually.thanks again.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 

      3 years ago

      I lost my mom two years ago and every day that goes by I think how much I miss her. I think of your loss and your wonderful tribute. I am very lucky I had a good relationship with my mom. I feel sad for so many that don't. Thank you for sharing. Have you made a hub about your journey in writing ?I would love to read about all the books you have published and your success? Thank you for finding my hubs.


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