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1st Miracle: Harmony

Updated on January 14, 2010

The reasons are many why trees keep changing all around us. We walk as in a trance, preoccupied, stumbling along blindfolded, only to find that all is in order anyway. Nature organizes, restructures, and rebuilds itself for our enjoyment, its patience endless, forgiving of our transgressions. 

Come late Spring, the grand Cedars remained stoic with little notable change. The Honeycrisp trees were gaining bulk by the day, with some branches starting to hang down above the pathway. For those of us who hadn’t noticed yet, there would be plenty of low hanging fruit come Fall. "By all means," they would announce, "here are our delightful apples for your fulfillment." If that is what it takes to attract our attention, then by all means let us have it.

Months went by. Our immense appreciation was short-lived, the baskets emptying as our stomachs were filled. The Cedars made their comeback into our living room come Christmas, standing tall and stoic as ever. We felt this familiarity right away, sensing that maybe we had noticed them all year round. 

"Thank you for admiring us," we almost heard them say in a modest, subdued way, which reflected their polite affection towards the millions of trees standing unseen in remote places.


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