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2013 Year of the Book Series3

Updated on April 1, 2015
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially on movies, and actors she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog


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Everything I was able to fit on one page I did, and what was not aloud ahem.. The actual reviews and notes I posted to my blog. the links to each Quest are noted on the lone Reading Quest Hub noted above

Viking Heat - Sandra Hill

Started= August 9

pages= 200+ (have to check again)

Finish= August 17

Banked= -2

apparently I have sadly slowed down on my reading, I guess I've got a bit of burn out.

Joy has 3 brothers, her older bro Matt died as a POW and she decides to meet the man to retrieved him. From there she decides to take Matt's place but she's in the navy WEALs program. (Women seals). ON her mission somerthing happens and she wakes up with vikings.... Talk about culture shock Oh yeah and Joy is a feminist and a psychologist so what will they do with her way back in the 900's!

Viking Heat (Berkley Sensation)
Viking Heat (Berkley Sensation)

This is one for the beach.. as if you did you just may finish by the time you leave!

This is a smoothly written book, with sprinkles of humor. The opening does not drag along nor does it stay in one place. It goes from present day to Viking age here & there. My only deal is once in the Viking era why doesn't the author have a scene where her brothers are worried about her or Seal team is looking for her. The scenes with Bandr and Joy are flirty fun, or her trying to right what in our times is 'wrongs' but for that time it's not. (So she has royaly got to be messing with something in the time space continum) Though I am behind It's a page turner once I start I don't want to put it down. Ok well complaint about the Seals or brothers was noted later on. and well enjoyed the book so I'd have to go with a B for this one, and there's others its a series I believe


Real Vampires series - Gerry Bartlett

Real Vampires Have Curves

So our character 'GLory' (to her friends) a vampire is moving from Vegas to Austin Texas and wants to open a vintage store. The Name "Vintage Vamp Emporium' yes supoed to be blending in, but here 'Vamp' means that of a siren or beautiful woman. Like the 'Vamps' of the Swinggin 20's

Started= August 20

pages= 300+

Finish= August 26

Banked= 1


*"Let me show you to my coffin' -Damien

*"If you weren't a freak prehstoric vampire, you'd probably kill to taste my triple mocha latte"-Diana

Real Vampires Don't Wear size six

Started= August 30

pages= 327

Finish= Sept 4

Banked= 1


Banked days Tracker

Current # Banked (as of Nov 23)= 15

Lamb- stopped -1

Dracula UN-dead -10

Autumn Whispers -2

A Dirty Job -10 (so far)

You Suck

banked total to date (Dec 15 ) = 0

books Read to Date= 31 1/2

#books earned= 6

Rewarded -4

Dracula: The Un-Dead
Dracula: The Un-Dead

UNdead was actually the orginal title of Dracula, only I forget whose decision it was to change it but it worked. (& I don't mean in the book but i think there is mention of that as well)

The story picks up 25 years after the night they killed Dracula. Un-dead sequel it may be Stoker & his co-author Ian Holt have great story with keeing true to the original but as well as fixing the story of which Bram originally wrote. (read the afterward throw to the end there were copyright problems within u.s. that aloud basically anyone to use the character etc at their own will (basically ruining Bram's original) Aside from some time revisals our co-authors to liberties to fit their story using the notes as well as Stoker's Prolog from the Iceland copies as to the ideas of how they would work their story. One of the things is They wanted to Bram to enjoy some limelight and he is written into the story with some non-fiction elements! Then there is the Jack the Ripper murderers as well as Elizabeth Bathory worked into the story. I love the tie ins of these and of how the ending starts to take place the mention of certain things that my mind drifted to thinking of a certain something which surprisingly I had the right hunch where they were going with it.

I greatly advise to read the afterword as well as the authors' notes that follow, it is an interesting story on how the co-authors put together the story.

If I had a nice deep cozy chair to sit in, I probably could have read half of it in a day that's how well it flows. The chapters are a good length not long but not too short. If you (like me at times) only want to read 1 or so chapters a day. There's characters that we meet again from the original book, as well as new ones not mentioned.


Dracula Sequel! Dracula The UN-Dead by Dacre Stoker - a true sequel from a direct decendent

Dracula the Un-Dead written by Bram Stoker's Great Grandnephew Dacre with noted Dracula expert and historian Ian holt brings us a true sequel. ' Un-Dead' takes place 25 years after Dracula is killed in his castle. Jonathan & Mina now have a son, Quincey who is in law school but wants to persdue acting and their relationship is (if not already) falling apart.

Our other characters like Dr. Seward is a morphine addict, Lucy's Finace Arthur Holmwood is basically a broken man who wishes to be with his dear Lucy, and can not get the visions of the horrid night out of his head.

Dracula homepage & research center

Started= October 1st -20th (Dracula Day! & Bela Lugosi's Birthday)

Dracula Day

Banked= -10


Around the time the book was to be or was released I had heard (& suppose this could just be a rumor but it was too long ago for me to remember right as I only did catch it in passing) Bram Stoker was planning his own sequel and had some notes already written down.

Dacre worked off notes left by Bram from his original book like his characters and research. Oh how I would love to just see one page (any page) of those notes written so long ago. My wish of that comes true, though not in person but in the last few pages of the book, to my surprise I found the notes. there's 3-4 pages, characters as well as information on the vampire are two of those).

The ending in the published version of Dracula is NOT the original. The version with the original ended was sold at auction at Christie's and supposed to end with a big explosion and the castle faling into lava (hope I didn't mix that up)

Dracula WAS originally supposed to be titled UN-Dead but whoever at least minute changed it to Dracula.

One name i came to be surprised to see in the book was Radu Florescu, seeing the name I thought isn't that Dracula's (the real one's) brother and in fact yes this Radu, a professor is Dracula's actually decendent! His research was the inspiration of Coppola's opening scene of his Dracula film.

Read the book (or even just the afterward & Author notes for more little known facts )

also see the other suggested lenses as there's a review for Bram's lost journals.

Original Tracker

Original # BANKED (from OK series) = 17

redeemed days~ - 3 =14

Banked from a prev. book ~ +1 =

total left (3/8) =15

NON-series read (redeemed) -8 = 7

Buffy Banked +2 = 9

Knights of the Blood +1 =10

Night World Book series +17 = 27

Necroscope +1

Vamphyri -3

Playing with Fire -4

Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon=0

Tracker 2

Total Banked start= 21

Dark Visions: The Dark Power +2

The possession +1

The Passion +3

Dark Gold -2

Dark Nights= -2 (finished day late & quit on the 2nd story)

Viking Heat= -2

Real vampires Have Curves= +1

"" "" Don't wear size 6= +1

Practical Demonkeeping +2

The Lust Lizard of Meloncholy Cove= +1

Lamb- stopped -1

Dracula UN-dead -10

Autumn Whispers -2

A dirty Job - 10+

You Suck

Banked=0 (December 15)

AUthor signing - guest book

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